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Reliable and professional financial management. High, up to 2.5% daily interest. Safe and convenient investment interface. Highly experienced staff of professionals. Diversified investment plans.




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Company Overview

Our company, "Revendor Management Inc.", was formed in the end of 2009, by merging of several companies aiming to create more advantageous and productive business by joining efforts, experience and the existing resources. Soon a trademark ReProFinance was registered. For today our company is the most successful and perspective corporation in its field of activity. Since our company has united several stable and successful companies it consists of three basic departments:

  • Securities and Stocks Department
  • Department dealing with foreign exchange market (Forex department)
  • Consulting, marketing and financial investments risks estimation department

Our team

Our staff consists of highly skilled professionals interested in their work and prosperity of the company. During many years our employees have got not only a great experience but also have developed unique strategies, technologies and know-hows that allow ReProFinance to be favorably different from the competitors.

Investment fields

The most attractive for our investments are the companies working in such fields as:
Research, development and implementation of the newest technology in the field of medicine, public health services, nanotech, biology, microelectronics, materials technology, chemistry, ecology.
The mining operations, valuable metals and power resources.
Software developments and Communications.

Investment criteria

In evaluating and selecting companies for investing, we look for the following investment criteria:

  • Market Position. How large is the market? Is the company a leader in its industry or market niche? Does it have the potential to become one?
  • Management. What are the management's strengths and weaknesses? Are their incentives aligned with those of investors?
  • Growth Potential. Does the company have a clear competitive edge sufficient to scale up rapidly in its target market?
  • Cash Flow and Profitability. Is the company at or near positive cash flow, and does it have an attractive level of profitability?
  • Control. Will the investment secure control of the company or a significant minority interest, with adequate protective covenants for investors?
  • Identifiable Exit Prospects. Are there multiple exit opportunities for the proposed investment, either through sale to domestic or international buyers, strategic buyers, or on public securities markets?
  • Internal Rate of Return. Is the potential return commensurate with the risk in the context of the Fund's overall portfolio of investments?

Our partners

We are always open for mutual advantage cooperation and are very interested as in our present partners and clients, and in new investors. Primary direction of our business is attraction of private investors for which our company gives the most favorable conditions of cooperation. Moreover today we cooperate with more than thirty large companies and banks worldwide that allow us to occupy one of the leading positions on the market of investment management.



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