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StrictPay ( is a payment processor. It started working in the beginning of 2008. Its main idea is creation of a convenient tool for secure worldwide money transfers. They have affiliate program, issue debit cards and have a basic set of security. They are registered in Panama. Generally nothing unusual. They haven't won much popularity for over 2 years of work in HYIP market. StrictPay is still used by some few HYIPs and GPTs.

One of the reasons this payment processor remains unpopular is its weak promotion. This weakness starts with the site which can hardly be called neat. Performance and design are horrible. But the work of public relationship department of the company disturbs the most. Everything you can hear about StrictPay - is that they are scamers and fraudsters. They are sometimes associated with SolidTrustPay ( Though the latter has more credibility.

Anyway, neither SolidTrustPay nor StrictPay can be called trustworthy. Naturally there are no certain proofs that these two projects are scams. However there are plenty of claims and they can't be neglected. Recently we've got one of those claims. Beware: Please note Strictpay is scamming now. Do not use!

Merylin Lorenzini,

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