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Updated: 12/19/2004 23:53
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Dear readers, we'd like to talk of one of the ways to earn money in the investment world, gold games. We think, sooner or later every person tries his luck. If it hasn't become the rule, lots of people still relax in a kind of online casino. So, let's hope, this topic will be of a great interest for You.

So, fortune seemed to take an important place not merely in the real life, in the cities like Las Vegas, but in the Internet as well. For quite a long period of Internet development it became its integral part, cause gambling is everywhere. If it was possible just to fight some virtual card-players before, now virtual casinos can provide anything found in the real life at your service. Brilliantly and glamorously!

Perhaps, the only difference is that playing this or that game, you will never feel the power of triumph, confirmed by the audience behind you. That's all. However, we'll better damp the gamble lovers, cause we should warn, no matter how the site is beautifully designed, how well the environment of a real casino is depicted, still, any Internet casino is just a program.

And if you have enough funds and willing, you can become the owner of such an establishment yourself, buying the script from the programmers, making the designs for them (e.g., then we need just to put the graphics into it, get ready for answering a large number of questions from the customers and start your own business.

But it's not so easy. The power of the project lies in customers, without them even the most beautiful casino won't work. So all your efforts and maybe the rest of money will be spent to solve this problem (not taking into consideration that you wish to order some sort of an individual script). Ads, PR, it costs a lot and takes too much of your time, so before doing this let's plan everything.

Today, lots of HYIP investors take the road of creating their own programs, so let us suppose that lots of casino gamblers take the road of creating their own establishments. OK then. Still, the number of gamblers is always more. What can we say if you are a gambler or just want to become the one, to have rest, possibly to earn extra money. So, let's start with the fact that any online casino is nothing but a program. The main difference with the real casino is to the fore.

First of all, you don't have to walk away from PC. But, at the same time it's bad, the game system in the online casino differs greatly from the real scheme. Anyway (both virtual and real casinos), casino wins. Three of every ten gamblers win, however, the losses of the remained seven often covers the winnings of those three. Though in the real life these ten gamblers sit at one table and more often they play is against other gamblers, it's practically impossible in online casino.

Certainly, it's technically possible to make several persons play at on virtual table, what is more, it's hard to check who your opponent is and it' makes difficulties for the casino. As for the rest, everything is easy; here we have black jack and poker etc. But the game is played face to face with casino. To be more exact - with the program. And it's rather hard to beat the program if it is aimed at beating you.

To tell the truth there are different strategies. Let's stop here. The first one and the most popular is the Martingale strategy. It lies in doubling the bids' amounts when losing and bidding equally (red/black, odd/even, more/less). According to the theory of probability it's impossible to have the same figures more than 5 times in a row, so it's enough to roll the roulette wheel before it falls to black and bid on the red one.

Since it's an online casino, so any disappointing accident can happen. For example, runs of one number - unreal for the run according to the theory of probability. Many casinos don't permit to roll the wheel idle.

Experienced gamblers advice to bid 30 - 40 USD at first just to win something without trying to win more than 10 - 15% from the deposit. Besides, such programs as Video Poker Coach and Calculator can be used in some games GambleCraft. They can also be in use. Of course it's better not to to take the risk of your winnings. If you win, you'd better go away. Otherwise, casino won't give their to you. However casinos have their own systems. They offer discounts, offer to double the amount deposited (put 10 USD, get 10 USD more, but you should gamble and not withdraw) etc.

The ultimate and important component of the process is legal matter. Per se, the gambler has NO rights in online casinos. That means if you lose and think that owner is manipulating with the results, you can leave these thoughts with you. Moreover, most of these casinos are illegal and what can you say against luck? Don't trust any documents. you can be given a large number of credentials, more often, if it's not trickery, they simply don't operate.

That's why, gambling in online casino - is for foolhardy persons. No! it's better to say for those who understands perfectly well all the facts, mentioned above. By no means we are trying to say that it makes no sense to gamble with gold. There are thousands of people, who did earned money on that. However, there are millions of people, who lost their money and you should be ready to keep the money with you.

So, we believe that it's possible to win. Because winning is the investments of casino holders to into clients referring. If people always lose in a casino, no one will come and gamble with them. The main thing is - never think that casino is a way to earn money. HYIP can be a way to earn money, and casino - is a place to relax, it's just a game.

So if you are tired, you have an extra 100$ and you won't feel disappointed to lose them, online casino is right for you! Take a risk, feel the pleasant chill of excitement. But if you wish to earn and put your last money to a casino, counting on success, our advice is to read more carefully our materials on HYIP investment, consider them carefully and deposit your money intelligently. It will be right...

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