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Updated: 12/29/2004 00:21
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We were talking about different deposit terms as well as what these terms can influence in one of the previous issues. Then we were examining daily paying, weekly paying, and monthly paying programs. Today we'd like to discuss this problem again and try to learn it in a more profound way, without going into detailed differentiation (according to the types of paying out the funds), just to discuss to groups: short-term and long-term projects.

Of course, from the start, you should determine your position concerning what kind of projects to consider as the short-term ones, and what - as the long-term ones. The first ones are such projects, paying out the profit to investor's account every hour, every day, every week or every month. The second ones are programs paying out the profit in a month or even more. I.e. monthly paying programs and programs, paying more rarely.

Now we are going to view different programs, offering both the first and the second variants to invest money, afterwards, we'll analyze the basic principles of the difference between them which will be in use for you to choose the most appropriate variant, hence, to review the information, we expounded in the previous issues. And we should say right now that, speaking of investment terms, we are not taking into account a fact, well-known to any investor - HYIP market is a field of dangerous yield. Receiving your profit, you risk a lot, so we hope that you pay attention to the programs and whether from your bitter experience, or knowing some useful information, you try to analyze them, if they are scam or not, you look yourself how real it is to receive the profit. In our analysis we are not going to talk about this, and, by default, will consider all the programs really working and honest schemes.

Let's start with the main principles. What is a term for investors? It's a period of time between investing funds and having the interest payout from an admin. Investor may receive interests daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the terms of the program - nothing more. What is a term for admins? In fact, term for admins - is the most convenient form of paying out the profit to investors, and it depends solely on his/her will… and opportunities. No matter how strange it is, but any admin of any program depends a little bit on some terms. As you know, foreign exchange market, gold market, equity market work every day. That's why your admin can make profit DAILY. Moreover - HOURLY! Moreover - EVERY MINUTE! It's real. However, agreeing upon paying the interest in time with the investors, admin undertakes to deduct a certain amount of the profit or from the resources owned at a certain time. Admin of the program may have a series of considerations as for this.

First of all, he is guided by the real opportunity to "pay the bills". If the terms of a program declare payouts every minute, and at the same time with a fairly good percent, none of the admins will be able to make a reality of a dream from the very beginning. What for? Resources should sustain promises. If your admin offers paying out the profit hourly, so he must have (!) resources, allowing to pay the promised interests out even when there are any difficulties on the market or harms in any other sphere. Investor doesn't care how the admin feels today, good or bad. In accordance with the terms, investor receives his interests irrespective of whether it is raining or snowing today and it's worth keeping in mind. That's why, dealing with the programs, charging themselves greatly, be more than sure, these guys are able to sustain their promises with real funds or activities. The fatalists are not welcome on the HYIP market, that's why beggary admins, offering payouts hourly - are most likely cheaters. How can we know? First of all, site - is a face of a program. It needs money. Secondly, hosting. Thirdly, feedback! Let them introduce themselves and show the letter of introduction. Anything, confirming that admins are not just talkers. you should be careful.

Now we are through with the peculiarities of short-term programs. Long-term programs are a little bit different. Taking into account the fact that admins are going to handle your money for a month and more doesn't mean that he is poor and has nothing to sustain the promises with. One month is enough to go bankrupt, just like in one minute, but we don't speak of scam, so a program should pay for at least several months, and taking into account much higher interests, you can be rewarded with interest. So, by default, we can rely upon the fact these guys have some money for these several months. And if they are real traders or work in the real business, if they have money supply and act right, they can more or less provide you with a steady income and, as the result, to turn into a long-term program with a real percent. Speaking about the risk. On the one hand, there is a risk, just like any other business, just like any other HYIP program. Ant we can't say for sure that short-term programs are more dangerous. your daily payouts can just be under the threat because of any fluctuations on the market, which can be "played back" in long-term programs. We mentioned this phenomenon in our previous article and validated it earlier. But, at the same time, the losses from such kind of problems are often less notable.

While we were preparing this article, we were analyzing the tendency of programs' survival, correlating them with the terms of interest payouts. It turned out that the most stable are programs on the basis of weekly payouts, though some of them pay daily as well. We can say - it's the optimum alternative. The number of old-timers is less among short-term programs. And still less the number of programs paying low interests weekly and monthly and at the end they promise 900% per month (they will probably disappear at all soon, when the time comes). This is all concerning the terms.

Now let's talk of the percents. We are not going to discuss this topic in a very detailed way. We did it in the previous article of ours. Now let's review the basic milestones.

The lesser the term of a program is, the lesser the interest is? the more the term is - the more the interest is. It makes sense. The initial deposit makes up great difference in these programs. It can influence your choice on account of various conditions. As we mentioned in the previous article, the minimum investment amount for the programs, paying on the monthly basis in contrast to daily programs, can reach 500$, being from 1$ to 10$ in the second ones.

The important constituent of the programs and their analysis is opportunity to withdraw funds. If it is fully automated, you won't have any chance to withdraw your funds, for example, in a program on the basis of monthly payouts, if you have some bad news on the interval between the scheduled payouts. As the experience shows, more often short-term programs give opportunity to withdraw funds any time. But if there is a chance to do it in long-term programs - that's nice! Pay attention to this!

Hope that our advices will be in use for you.
P.S. We advice you to look through the previous issue of ours to get some additional information.

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