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Updated: 01/11/2005 01:07
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Money. We can talk and talk and talk about it, without end. From the philosophic, morale and other point of views. Today, we'll talk about it, being Internet users. Indeed, it`s been not too much time since Internet appeared, still money can be found here as well. Of course, they are all sustained with real currencies and can exist in such a way only, though, it doesn't detract from the value of this phenomenon.

Being investors, businessmen of future, we just can't imagine our life without "virtual" money, to be exact e-money. And it would be impossible! This type of money, namely, will be the topic of our today's discussion. Probably, everyone heard of the currencies that exist, we'll try not just to survey, but to point the moments, You learn about, with experience - how to avoid problems, what is better, what is more convenient and many others.
All e-currencies are subdivided into several different classes. Those, sustained with different valuables, those, sustained with real currencies, those, using remote client for their transactions and those, working via a special site. That's all. As a matter of principle, that's all. Besides, some of them are popular in one geographical area of the world and some of them - in another. That is why, more often, every Internet businessman, uses different currencies simultaneously.

It's good that, there's enough of exchangers, they all work on the same principle, practically without bugs (though we still recommend You automatic systems, working on the principle of sending the invoice, and, please, avoid those telling of delays, having no documents available, in particular documents-certificates from the payment systems, this organization is exchanging with). Namely, because of that, we'll survey all the currencies, telling of the ways to work with them, of their advantages and we'll give You some advices. We'll start with the most popular and famous systems online - E-gold and WebMoney.


E-gold system appeared about 8 years ago and is the leader in money transfer (1996, in Canada). The main advantage of this system is its convenience and reliability. Besides, it allows automatic money transferring with small commission fee. So, there are systems, where the immediate presence of the deal' participants is required - here it's not necessary. Maybe this is the reason, why many HYIP choose E-gold as their main currency.

The second important factor is that this currency is sustained not with some other currency, but with valuable metals: gold, platinum, silver, palladium and others. We wrote about this in our previous issues, so You should understand the value of acquiring of such a sustain, hence the stability. Usually, 1 E-gold unit amounts to 1$.

E-gold system works via its own site. You don't have to set up any clients, i.e. wallets. It's simple, and at the same time it's convenient. Being wherever You want, You may log into the site and work with Your account. On the other hand, all the information is stored on E-gold server and the access is only secured with Your password and E-gold system protection itself. If, for instance, to launch the wallet WebMoney, hacker needs a key more, here it's enough just to know Your password, which is much easier, taking into account that there is a mass of viruses, copying the information, You enter. Set up the antivirus software on Your PC.

As for the password, it should as complex and long as it's possible, about 10 symbols. And, please, try to change it at least once in 2 months. And of course, don't write Your password on a piece of paper or save it on Your PC. In such a way, sooner or later - You will meet the problems. Though it will never be a drawback, the main is - don't forget about this, keeping Your funds in E-gold, it's extremely important.

The registration is also simple in use in E-gold system. You log onto the site, fill the form in and get the information about Your personal account to Your mailbox. Sometimes it happens that a customer doesn't think of safe keeping of the account information, after receiving it (it's not confidential).

"Stagers", we met with, while preparing this article, advice not to make a show of this information. What of it! Moreover, somehow or other, but it can be used, lust like any other information. After reading the mail, You may access Your personal account. You should follow instructions further on, there's nothing complex about it. "Turing number" - is a constantly changing code, which serves to protect Your account.

Now, You are a happy E-gold account holder. All the info, immediately concerning Your account, transactions history and other data is stored here.

We have already mentioned about the password importance in E-gold system. Now, we'd like to tell You of some protection frame, allowing avoiding troubles. Anyway, keeping them, You will increase chances that Your funds will be safe.

So, since password - is the main protection for Your account, hackers chase namely after it. How they do it. First of all, there are multiple harmful programs (Trojans) on different sites, sending all the info entered on Your PC, passwords included, to their owners. That's why, as we have already mentioned - install the antivirus software on Your PC. The Trojans are mostly found on the sites of scam HYIP or any other outside, suspicious resources. But, in particular, "fake" HYIP sites are intended for the audience, having accounts in the payment systems like E-gold.

Unfortunately, modern software is not without errors, so it's quite possible that trespassers will get into Your PC via Internet Explorer, for example. That's why, use not so widely popular browsers. Trespassers don't know them as good as the previous one (Opera, Netscape Navigator).

Sometimes, hackers redirect You to a fake E-gold site, looking absolutely the same, but serving just to get the passwords. Pay attention to where You are. The site should be http://www.e-gold.com, not http://www.e-gold.org, http://www.e-gold.net, or http://www.egold.com. Be careful.

There is another protection, prompted by one of experienced customers of E-gold system. In the settings of Your personal account You can set up a tie to IP address or a certain browser type. If Your address is stationary, this protection is perfect, but even if not - You can try it. In case of changing Your IP address or browser, a special PIN-code is sent to Your mailbox, it should be activated within 15 minutes.

Another advice - if necessary, resort to creation of several E-gold accounts. Then, in case of losing one of them (Lord forbid!), You will not lose all of Your funds. To create several accounts, it's just enough to fabricate the customers' information and set up separate mailboxes.

If WebMoney system (see below) makes possible somehow to fight against stealing, then E-gold - doesn't. I.e. if Your money were stolen, You will not have them back, that's for sure. The authorities are not responsible for the safety of Your funds, even if they try to track the thieves, having facility, existing nowadays, it's rather simple cover up the traces.


One of the most popular is, undoubtedly, the interest transfer system WebMoney. The transaction instruments in the system are title signs of different types WebMoney (WM) that are stored on e-wallets of their holders: WM-R - equivalent to RUR - on R-wallets, WM-Z - equivalent to USD - on Z-wallets, WM-C and WM-D - equivalent to USD credit transactions - on C- and D-wallets. While transferring the funds, the single-type wallets are used, and while exchanging WM-R for WM-Z is made at exchangers'.

The system is widely extended and allows putting the funds into use via banks and special cards, making payments via Internet, on banking accounts, the integration of WebMoney wallets with the account on VISA credit card.

Working with WM, unlike E-gold, allows working with the help of a special client. It can be easily downloaded from the site of the program. Let's speak about this in details.

WM Keeper Classic - is a program, You should download and install on Your PC. WM Keeper Light - is a size of a "wallet", installed on Your PC, but allocated in the net, not on the site. As a matter of principle, it's also safe (works via SSL connection), though not convenient enough and is less functional. Choosing this variant, everything is clear. After registering You gain an access and can enter Your wallet on the site. Choosing the second variant, You download first, then install the wallet on Your PC, following the instructions.

WM Keeper Classic has its own interface (which, can be changed by the way). The functions include not just the wallet control, but also the comfortable system of making transactions, getting different information, as well as WebMoney page itself, installed into wallet, where the main system functions and opportunities, one can use clicking once. The wallet itself periodically updates information of the status of Your account, connecting to the certification server. Being launched it can be accurately placed on Your control panel.

However, the fact of receiving the wallet, doesn't mean that You are a system participant. Now we are going to tell in brief of the main points of its work, and You will learn the details on the technical support site itself.

So, next step (or the first one) is receiving of the personal identification code - WM ID. It serves for accessing the wallet (and the account as well) and is public. You choose a password for it. After registration and obeying all the procedures, You will discover 2 wallets in Your WM Keeper Classic or WM Keeper Light. For example, WMZ and WMD. The thing is that WebMoney system is international in usage convenience, as well as in currency conversion; the funds, sustained with specific currencies, are stored in every wallet

. WMZ - dollars, WMD - marks. Everything depends on whether there are representatives in a country. Each of these wallets is assigned with a unique number. Each of these wallets is tied to Your ID. To work with the wallets of other customers and other transactions, it's enough to know the number of a wallet namely. ID is rarely required in the transactions.

As for recharge. Of course, You can start with exchanging from E-gold. But WebMoney is very open and that's why there are lots of exchange services. You should just find them in Your country. The special recharge cards are also sold. You can also recharge the account bank wire. However, in that case You should wait. By the way, maybe because the system is open, it's not so popular. Not many HYIP use it.

This system requires such a very important thing as passport. That is, You receive the certificate of a certain level, testifying of the confidence level You can earn. You give Your real documents, serving as a kind of a guarantee. It's the background for 9organizations. Besides, if You try to cheat smb., this information will be reflected in Your personal file, that's why it's not an easy way to follow for fraudsters.

Now, a couple of words of the system work itself. Or the work with other customers. For You to know maximum to make the ultimate choice. So, money transfer from wallet to wallet cost money. Commission fee is about 0.8%. There are practically no problems with withdrawals. Concerning transferring the funds to another person or organization, to another wallet all in all, it's possible to send the money to a wallet directly. You indicate the number and pay the commission fee.

You can protect Yourself, creating the protection code. This is the code, the recipient should enter, for money transferring. On the expiry of protection term or 8-time errors, entering the code, Your money are automatically come back to You. You can also, present and pay the bills. The bill comes to Your wallet, You pay for it, pushing the "pay" button. Or, receive the bill payment.

There is another system WM Merchant, serving for automatic funds' turnover. The function is rather comfortable and quite intelligible - automatic money withdrawal etc., though it's better to learn it in practice.

So, You receive in use WebMoney wallet and even have some funds on it. However, we'll give You some pieces of advice to avoid some possible troubles and we strongly recommend You to obey to them.

To begin with, follow the safety system requirement and do keep Your keys in a separate place. The key - is an access to Your funds. If the key is lost - the money is lost, don't even doubt about that. The only chance to retrieve the access is when You have the highest-level certificate. The system of working with WebMoney sores 2 key files: history and key.

We told You of the key before. Its extension is *.kwm. As for the history, it can be neglected in a way. The main - is the key. If You have it stored, Your money is save. You can reinstall the wallet, restore the history (to create the new one, to be exact), and then to attach Your key and start working.

Two warnings, the safety system has also notified, are also important here: don't name You file, like "a key to a wallet", and make it be of as bigger size as it is possible. Maximum is 100 Mb. Key - is a file with a cipher. If it is small, the cipher is small as well, this is roughly speaking. If it is big - then big as well.

Downloading of the key file can be exclusively thieves' aim. As we said before, i.e. if You have a key, You have everything and You may not doubt that Your money can not be stolen straight away. That's why make it bigger, because there are special programs, scanning Your PC, in order to find the WebMoney wallet key. It's not so easy to steal 100 Mb, even if Your traffic is perfect.

And of course, the password. No matter what You do, do'nt make them easy. It's really dangerous, if Your password has simple symbols only. Remember this, please. And, of course, don't store them on Your PC.

Unfortunately, we can't tell You about all the existing currencies in one issue. Thoug, we'll continue our talk next time.
Stay with us.

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