How to Recognize Scam on the Outer Features

Updated: 01/11/2005 01:36
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Many investors, on our forum in particular, ask a question how to recognize a scam program on outward features. Indeed, it's right and convenient. Especially since it can be hard for young investors to cope with some more complex and advanced testing methods.

Namely because of this, in this article we will tell how to distinguish a scam program from others.
From the very beginning we should say that more advanced testing methods (even "whois" for example) are definitely effective.

That's why, if You have an opportunity, don't give them up in view of the comfort of those, we are going to talk about today. Besides, we don't give advices, guaranteeing conviction of the criminals and avoiding the danger to be caught.

We are just going to give publicity to the main methods, used by scammers, in the hope You will make the right use of them.One of the most widespread and "reliable" for the trespassers is creation of copycut scam sites, in outward appearance looking the same any other programs or having the similar design.

The sense of resorting to these tricks is rather prosy. First, the outward similarity with a program, show itself well enough, influence positively on the willing of a prospect investor to deposit money.
Second, it may happen that You make a mistake and, either try to log into Your personal account, entering the password and the data, or just register to a program, deposit money and will look like a fool. Things like that happen to payment systems (the copycut scam site is created with the purpose to get the passwords to customers' accounts).

In this case, the only advice we can give is - be careful. There's enough of idlers online, this means of cheating is counted on them, but we do hope, You are not among of them.

There is another system, having the similar principle. The fraudsters register their scam programs on the domains, looking similar to the domains of famous programs. Sometimes, even the investors make mistakes, entering the URLs.

Not to mention, when on a banner they see uppercase letters: HYIPNEWS and lowercase - ".biz" or and things like that. But again, be more than careful and You will be saved from an inexcusable foolishness.

Sometimes it happens that a program has been closed for a long time, and domain is getting free, and, as the result… it becomes the purpose of fraudsters. They buy it, make a site, often similar to the previous one. It also may happen that they have the cheek to say that the program "so-and-so" is back.

Usually, when a program is closed according to objective evidence, it reappears in another form, with the same admin. Thanks God, HYIP market is not too tense, to hold to one line. And that's why, things like that are almost impossible and is interesting only for those, trying to cheat You.

Besides, admins of the program, You participated happily, will surely inform You of their new projects, they won't restart working insensibly and quietly on their old domain.

The experience of Internet existence proved that spam - is a malignant growth, and practically every Internet user hates it (though masochists are uncommon). Namely because of this, honest programs and multiple services avoid using such mailing lists and merely, decently they can make a use of direct mail.

For the fraudsters it is customary to blast everyone with the messages of the new "mega profit HYIP", allowing to become rich within a few days. Our advice is - don't just pay attention to such senseless offers, try to oppose them, cause it's not just an attempt to cheat that should be convicted; the spam itself is prohibited legislatively in some countries and should be punished.

Hope that everyone remembers the case of long-term conviction of an experienced spammer in the USA. In every issue of ours we emphasize on the fact that, working with HYIP, You should possess the security facilities, saving You from the trespassers, whose main strategy for a long time has been viruses.

A couple of good antivirus programs on Your PC, will greatly decrease the chance for them to reach Your confidential information. Remember - You are a HYIP prospect (if You visit these sites, forums and dwell in this sphere), that means You should possess certain electronic devices, access rights to the accounts in existing programs.

In general terms, You certainly think of earning in the Internet, You have store smth. Up on Your PC… namely because of that You are a possible thieves' aim. Namely because of that, HYIP arena gets dangerous, namely because of that You need a double protection.

Namely because of that, creation of resources, crammed with Trojans has become popular recently (in the worst sense of the word). Trojans - spyware, installed on Your PC, gathering information and sending it to the owner and providing access to Your data. It is also popular on porno sites, where the rich audience is also present.

The infection happens very easy. You download a page, and the Trojan - a file with a special cipher code - is downloaded on Your PC. That's all, it's in the bag! Your PC is infected and information is in danger.

Passwords' pickup (all the information, entered via keyboard), PC scanning in order to discover log files of different interesting (profitable) programs, or just a banal keys' download, for example WebMoney - all this is in the sphere of fraudsters' interests.

The only means of fight - antivirus, it is desirable to be specialized in Trojans. Firewall, controlling the traffic and not letting anyone to hack into Your PC, would be good as well. And of course, if You manage to catch any of these "hunters" - immediately report of a SCAM.

And, please, try to inform other customers about that. Some of them don't have antivirus programs installed or they don't just pay attention to that, and, as the result, they become victims. Constant communication (blessing, there are lots of forums) allows effective neutralizing of such "projects".

Finally, we'd like to say that scammers are always trying to promote their programs to the first ranks. Most likely they won't succeed earning for a long time, as they planned it to be, that's why they try to refer maximum possible clients and then disappear.

That's why, be more than careful with programs, having millions of votes on monitoring sites, and bulk of positive comments on forums for a very short period of time.

Besides, fraudsters don't usually shrink from giving some "good comments" about other programs, don't shrink from telling all around that their program is so good. As a rule, they suddenly disappear from HYIP arena, and they never come back. Hope - without Your money.

Unfortunately, in such a short article we can't covers the online experience and advices, given by our readers broadly, but we are sure - the examples given will also be instructive. They are the most widespread and important. Please, never forget about them.

In future, we'll try to investigate this topic in a more detailed way, maybe there'll be some new information. Though… I'd better think - there won't be any bad information.

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