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Updated: 02/02/2005 01:52
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e currencies exchange services
Ecurrency exchange service as the way to cashout the money earned from business online Kinds of exchange services Ways to define reliable ones
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As we have already mentioned, e-currency - is one of the most important notions in the life of any e-investor. It's actually, the major notion. Nowadays, despite the maturity of e-commerce infrastructure, it`s impossible to talk neither of the only one, universal, and using the only one, universal. Changing the currency - to be exact its exchange is the main topic of our article. Where to exchange, how, what kind of exchangers exist - this is what we are going to talk about.

Moreover! Even to obtain the currency or its withdrawal one has to go straight to exchange services. Exchange services virtually remind of banks. A certain amount of different currencies is stored there. Sometimes, the currencies are in a bank or exchange service is a branch of some bank. But, availability of a certain amount of different currencies (to be exact the currencies, this or that service exchanges) is the primary condition. Of course, it is desirable to have these funds backed up by real valuables, however, it`s not necessary, mostly to insure the exchange service itself. That`s all. Then the direct work goes. Exchange services earn from the percents, only percents. Of course, they can provide additional services, but earning from percents - is the principal income source of a service.

What are the kinds of exchange services? They can be automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. The difference is exclusively in the level of human interference to the service functioning. If the service is an automatic one - the interference is minimum. All the processes are carried out independently, in accordance with the scheme, set up once. Speaking about the semi-automatic service, we mean, the ones, accepting order, and the funds are transferred by operator. And the last ones - manual exchange services. In actual fact these services are difficult to imagine, but following the logic, it should be defined. As a matter of fact there are services, automatized in the functioning of a site only. A human makes the rest. Services like that can be considered as manual ones.

It's hard to differentiate services by type. As a matter of fact, they are all the same in principle. Even the fact, whether a person takes part in the service functioning, is not important at all. However, what we can come across with, analyzing different exchange services, is, of course??¦ different currencies, possible to exchange. The prevalence of one-type currencies, has certainly created a stable demand for, owing to this 70% of exchange services exchange the standard set: Liberty Reserve (till recent shutdown), Perfect Money, SolidTrustpay, Payza, EgoPay, PexPay, OKPAY, NetPay, WebMoney, Pecunix in different variations. Actually, some time of surfing Internet allows finding exchangers for any e-currencies. The truth is that some exchange services specialize on a certain type of currencies. I.e. they offer a certain service. So, IceGold (http://www.icegold.com) for instance exchanges those currencies only, backed up with gold. Some of them seem to widen the framework of the service provided and not only "golden" currencies can be exchanged now. There are services, specialized in spreading WebMoney in the eastern part of the world.

Now let's try to exchange the currency. Let's choose better service. First of all, with a view of convenience and security, it's better to search for the services, exchanging the funds in a fast way. For example, fully automatic service RoboExchange (https://www.roboxchange.com/). The thing is that some currencies don't let to complete exchange fast enough. You should necessarily fill the forms in, pay the bills, orders, and WebMoney, for instance, allows making it automatically. Forms frighten sometimes, some exchangers want to know so much information of the client and You become sick and tired of making so much work, when filling the form in. Some of them are more decent. It's the matter of interests and You can't be 100% sure that the fastest ones are automatic ones. First of all, pay attention to the speed of service processing. The main for the exchanger is - reputation.

By the way, it's worth paying attention to the notorious percents. Some exchange services have no conscience at all and declare improbable amounts. That's why, being professionals, you should necessarily ask about this feature, seeing that services often lay them out to front page and it won't take too much time to search for them.

Judging from experience, design is of least importance, dealing with exchanging currencies. Sometimes it can be simpler, sometimes - more complex. It's a business style mostly, anyway.

It's also worth paying attention to the signs, usually allocated on the front page of these sites. They look like medals and they are to mix them up with something. These are the registration certifications, security seals. It's not so easy to get them and lay them out to your site. They are totally entrusted. However, now there's enough of them and you should just click them (they are not banners) and learn immediately, what they mean. Some of them are ordinary signs, saying that some rating monitors this or that site, and some of them prove the site to be the best of the best, the most secure, the most honest.

To finish with. I'd like to dwell upon the saddest thing for any investor. And the most common (unfortunately). Upon the danger. As a matter of fact, as you perfectly know, it's easy to fake the design of exchangers and simply receive money to your account. It's hard enough to catch the wheeler-dealers like that. To define in outward appearance? Yes, but not always. To make a fraud it's just enough to fake the outward appearance and design it like a famous, proved exchange service. That's why always take a look at the address bar, so that to enter the site you intend to. And of course, keep up with the news (ours as well :).

Don't exchange with shady services, all the more the market is full of them. Reputation is extremely important for an exchange service. That's why use the proved, famous services only. For instance, here rating is good enough: http://www.gdcaonline.org/ and they are totally entrusted. Exchange services, being the integral part of investor's life, are not HYIP, and a service that made a good showing once, will hardly become a fraud, so there's no need to change them all the time. If the owners of the service are good in what they do, they can earn much more, working honestly. In case of emergency, insure yourself, and not exchange the big amounts at once.

Hope, our short review will guide You through exchange services and You won`t feel discomfort and difficulties, searching for a good one. Good luck!

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