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Updated: 02/14/2005 02:15
Hyip Monitor
HYIP arena is various and multifarious. It looks like a bumpy ground, having lots of danger, heavenly lagoons and adventures. And of course, just like in a fairy tale, map is necessary, without map it would be impossible to find one's bearings in the diversity of offers of the investment world.

Different monitors help with that in a most exact way. We'd better call them - HYIP ratings. Today we'll place emphasis on this important and inseparable navigation means in the HYIP world, without which it's simply impossible to manage, and take up the most famous ratings.

So, rating or catalogue - is such a resource, having inside information about HYIP. Why do we call it rating? The thing is that resources like that have not been just listing the market offers for a very long time. Today, each program, listed in catalogues is subjected to a detailed test and its status is always monitored.

You should have known about that: remember the statuses (paid, not paid, problematic). Most often the life of e-investor starts with ratings like that. All for nothing! As a matter of fact, information on them doesn't represent the facts, that leads to losing investors' funds. But who cares about this nowadays?

We'll speak of "dishonest" ratings' deeds below. So, there are catalogues and ratings. How can we differentiate them? It's very easy. There are no "superiorities" in catalogues. No "places" at all. All is one.

HotHyips is a very popular, colorful, and convenient catalogue. Investing the funds for seeing the result is widely used in it. The significant disadvantage of this catalogue is lack of operative system update. Instead, there is no lack of update in Games and hyip rating.

"New" programs demonstration is realized quite successfully here. Though, design is poor the attendance too. Certainly, how can we speak of some sort of normal rating?! Mintmachine offers rather interesting rating format.

There is no "flood" of different programs, instead those, being listed are monitored in the most detailed way. Similarly, appear ratings of investors-individualists, professionals, deciding to watch others' work.

Interesting rating is HYIPInvestment, however, the site can hardly be called "rating". The thing is that You can place any program in the "top-list" of the rating paying only 120$. Not very nice, agree? One more popular, partly paid, partly free is HotHYIP. You can list a program here both, paying money and free of charge.

The sites like HYIP Rating Site, HYIPtop and others have special approach to HYIP monitoring business. The prices for listing programs are given on the front page of the site. You can practice in listing programs and rating increasing, paying certain amounts of money on the sites like that. As a matter of fact this practice is rather widespread.

We wrote a letter from InvestNavigator with the purpose to find out about the ways "to take" the first place. To no effect then we tried to gain information in some other way however, the results gave us some food for thought that cannot go in the limits of the given article, so we'll revert to this further on.

Hyip.ORG rating works in a rather interesting way - the list is organized graphically, i.e., instead of links there are - pictures-banners. The guys also have a sort of statistics - clicking the program. Hence, they are targeted first of all at the HYIPs ads.

In the upshot we took into consideration all the disadvantages of ratings, mentioned above and created the rating of our own. We tried to include maximum opportunities in it and provide the users with as much information as it is possible on each of the programs listed. That is, combine all the merits and exclude maximum demerits of other ratings and catalogues.

So, for example, there is a special forum system, placed close to the rating itself, which allows getting information, without redirecting to another site. The engine itself carries out constant HYIP operability-test (every couple of minutes), and paying capacity of the programs is determined exclusively according to our personal experience, one can be listed in the "recommended" section in such a way only, not "gratifying", as it often happens.

We are really not interested in "going bankrupt", listing a scam program to the "recommended" section. But if a program deserves it, why do we need to invent some additional difficulties. On the other hand, we eliminated the opportunity of "chaotic" HYIP adding.

Each of the programs added is tested by the admin, if possible - contacting to a program authority, estimating the real paying capacity. In such a way, universal service - at your service. As You see, we are not unsubstantiated.

Of course, it's hard to cover the huge number of ratings and catalogues, existing on-line in such a short summary. Their number is unfortunately much more than, let's say, high-quality informational resources. Basically, it's well-taken, cause informative resource spurs on thoughts, and both catalogue and rating define a leader, who should be given credence immediately.

But is it so? Should it really be given credence to? No one can answer this question in a simple way. On the one hand, ratings show actual state of affairs. However, why are the same programs listed in a different way on different resources? Why do some of them have programs listed, and others - don't?

This problem lies in excessively mercantile relation to one's tasks, overcoming the real mission. Nevertheless, everyone can see that so-called "premium" listings are created on the ratings, and it's only possible to be listed there, paying some certain amount of money.

Starting with that, I presume, we shall talk of the "black" reverse of the medal. In fact, things, we were talking about, - paying lists, some jugging, are, actually, possibly the top of an iceberg., the real state of affairs. In actual fact, it often happens that the WHOLE rating, owned by one admin - is totally paying service.

You pay - You gain the place. But there is just one snag to it, saving investors from complete distrust - in reality only single persons will rush to earnings like that. Admin of the rating can choose, whether to earn authority and earn on the authority afterwards, or try to succeed by the "mass".

Besides, sometimes the blackmail accidents occur on the market! For instance, a letter from admin, saying: "If You don't place my program to the first place - You hosting will be down tomorow". It's real!

One more widespread phenomenon - bought votes. One thing is to assign with a certain rating level on monitoring sites, corrupt ones, with the bad authority, the other thing is to gain high voting rating on the resources, whose admins lend credence. The ones, made a good showing. How do to that? Very easy. A letter comes to Your address of this type:

I am Den and I would like to offer you my service. It is very simple. Every day I will vote for your program. You can choose the amount of my votes:
from 1 to 100 votes every day It depends only on you.
But you must remember that:
1 vote = 0.33 $ if you choose less than 5 votes every day.
1 vote = 0.30 $ if you choose within 6 - 15 votes every day.
1 vote = 0.28 $ if you choose within 16 v 30 votes.
1 vote = 0.25 $ if you choose more than 31 votes.
If you agree to my conditions my account number is 891700 (I will see how much you pay, divide into the price of the vote and I will do for you the amount of votes you pay. But It will be better you send me a letter to my e-mail because I will know how many votes you want, but I will not know the amount of votes you want to get every day.

You see, how easy it is. Some people react it! What kind of real state of affairs can be expected if 50% of the facts are - bought. Not solely the positive ones! Of course, no one is going to purchase negative votes, but competitors can even write some scurrilous things about rivals of their own.

The only way out, per se is: first, watch the monitoring authority, and second, communicate independently and take part in monitoring, always express Your opinion. Interactive - one of the most reliable tests, on forums, mailings, the main is - always be in the know, or be the reader of ours.

Good luck and be watchful!

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