The Pricliples of Rating Functioning

Updated: 03/15/2005 03:11
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In the previous articles we wrote how much ratings can be trusted. However, we discovered that many people don`t even understand the principles of rating functioning, so we took a decision to go on with the topic, explaining the principles, according to which all monitoring sites function, to solve answer any possible questions. Besides, by the next issue we`ll try to get information about real scams, some ratings earn money on. But, so far... the principles.

Most of the programs want to be noticed. To the minority we will refer those, knowing nothing about HYIP market or meaningly doesn't want to achieve success. Marketing system is rather simple - You want to be sold, be recognizable. There are two ways for it advertising and ... advertising.

Unfortunately, there's no way to avoid this word, no matter how we name monitoring sites, ratings and things like that. Yes, absolutely - advertising. Certainly, it's not usual for us, though there's only one aim about it - to show that this or that program exists, the way it works.

How to do this? The sense is that programs, listed in ratings, more often "invest" thei- money to themselves, and ratings just receive rates and, in such a way, they can monitor effectiveness and opportunities of a program. Whether it pays or not. We can't say that because of that monitoring sites become biased. By no means - no. In this case they just start to be an interested in servicing the programs further on, with the purpose to get their income.

If ratings invested their own money, they would probably be more unmerciful to HYIP monitored. That's why in particular, become aware of our drawback, we decided to offer a small surprise to our visitors, combining two forms of work, figuring out those, "afraid" of official acknowledgement.

Besides, ratings have many other means to promote different HYIP. Here it's all about ads. Each "candidate" can purchase banners or invest money to opt in Premium listing (it's a separate list, which actually means nothing at all, for You to know). All the rest - bribes. We'd like to tell You about it in the nearest time. But, they do exist.

But, it's worth taking into account that not all ratings are identical, despite one and the same financial scheme. Our rating, for example, is not 100% automatic. Human factor means a lot. Hence the difference between ratings does as well. For instance, we will never monitor a HYIP, not looking like a "reliable program" in outward appearance.

We try to get in touch with the authorities, watch the feedback and reports. Moreover, in the process of providing the service we are guided by what is going on around the specific HYIP, whether there are some negative investors' reports or some script problems.

Certainly, nowadays HYIP market can't provide us with a large number of real, 100% reliable programs. That's why it's risky. That's why we have scammers, cheating investors. But, the most important is what the rating's priorities are - money or investors. Ours - investors. That's the way our portal works. Maximum information, analysis and accurate data.

What kind of honesty are we going to talk about if a rating or a monitoring site sets the money at the head? Let's remain the question unanswered. We wish there would be more gamblers of that kind on the market.

We are trying to help our investors, that's the purpose of ours, and, if we rate scammers, we can only "help" them to go bankrupt.

In such a way, analyzing the market opportunities, a conclusion can be made: despite similar scheme, all the ratings are quite similar in essence. Here one can fall into a trap, or otherwise, see some really great monitoring.

We understand it perfectly well, so decided to make such a "unique" offer. In case most of monitoring sites change the principles of their work, it will be much easier for investors to avoid risks more effectively and achieve success.

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