Long-age Programs. How to Define?

Updated: 03/27/2005 03:18
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programs with the long age
Investment strategy and tactics. See how to determine the reality of long-term investment in a HYIP program.
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In one of our former issues we wrote of different types of pyramids, MLM and Ponzi in particular, besides we analyzed the correlation of short-term and long-term programs. However, now we`d like to supplement the conclusions with the final chord, devoting all the article to "long-term" programs, explaining the principles of their work, and the main thing is how to define them.

"Defining" is certainly rather doubtful statement, the more so as not all the programs can be exclusively referred to this or that type. Everything is very doubtful and unreliable, to rely upon with 100% confidence, though investor working experience and feeling can show who is who and You really can rely upon it.

First of all let's decide what programs can claim to be called long-term ones, on the simple reason - the payback time won't be earlier. Pyramids - is the first thing that comes to mind, and it's absolutely right. Pyramids, by definition, are high yield programs with the long age.

Of course we are talking about right, competent pyramids, not about using this principle with the purpose of fast enrichment. Nothing prevents You from immediate losing, though these are exceptional cases; so - here are the basic distinctions.

The first one - the terms declared by programs. The programs, counting upon short-term are originally striving for investing maximum money from the part of investors for the maximum term. That's the main term. They just can't stay longer and intensify their work, just like a snowball.

200% per 2 weeks, some sort of plans, saying the terms "week", "day" etc. (that is the boundary term You can withdraw the money) are the character features of short-term programs. And the site, of course. Their site can't be good. Either the engine is free, or it's the clone of any other site.

Of course, one can earn here as well... but we'll speak about this in our article about short-term programs. Though You should remember, the interest offered is insane. Is it worth investing?

The terms offered in pyramids are more prolonged. Here we are not talking about pure scam. Different investors work different, and these programs are really aimed at more qualitative work (to be exact - more qualitative build-up of a pyramid). That's why look - a month or two mean something.

You can find this information not only in plans. If they have been working for a month already, though they are having good potential, being a definite pyramid, You can try it. If the term allows taking a risk - try it. If everything is good, in a month already You will be able to recompense Your deposit, getting solid per cent. Besides, You can get additional bonuses from referrals.

Of course one more important thing is... the site. Yes. The site in the Internet is like an office, the face of a program. Pay attention to its quality, design, the way their content is organized, what technologies are in use. One more thing of no small importance, we were not mentioning yet, is... banal SECURITY.

Serious program takes care of this, cause modern technologies allow not just blocking the work of the site, but also... stealing money, and destroying anything violator wants. The site, designed manually, bought, is a claim for SECURITY.

That's why, taking into account the fact whether the site is designed manually or You received it for free, You can not just rate the "paying capacity" of a program, You also rate the way, authorities can keep Your money. And...; can they do it at all.

Pay attention to entering passwords, to the connection with the site. Of course, the best variant is a private program, or the one, working through the system of offers, though it can just be nominal means to control popularity.

And low percent of course. Programs that are going to work for a long time (pyramids in particular) don't declare any kind of high interest rate in their offers because they have nowhere to "run", and if the business is real - then double income means double danger.

If everything is OK, but You understand - these guys are not working on the market, You deal with a long-term pyramid. It's possible to earn with them - go ahead! The main thing - as You already know - is to be as much watchful as it's possible.
Good luck!

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