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Updated: 04/17/2005 02:07
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In one of the previous issues we told You in details about rating system, the way it works, what are the bases. However that article was not an ordinary fixation of what's going on for us. Conclusions came after it was published and they spurred us to actions, we are going to tell You about in this article.

Of course, if it wasn't so fundamentally for us, we wouldn't draw your attention to internal affairs in such a way, though we do hope our outlook to the problem (we are apt to call it a problem) will lead to changes, improving the situation. So, please, read attentively.

Rating, monitoring or catalog – here are the 3 widespread names for describing a single service, created with the purpose to help investors to gain an understanding of the great number of investment opportunities, appearing daily on HYIP arena.

They are all working on a simple scheme. The list with the names of the programs, their basic terms and status - paid, not paid, on hold, waiting, scam.

That's an outer side. The inner one, as we described earlier is that programs invest funds "to themselves" with the purpose to get listed in the monitoring. In such a way, there's an absolutely safe situation for both HYIPs and catalogs. It's a promotion for a HYIP.

Especially since the place in a popular catalog will be much more profitable than an ads space on the most popular web site. you have to realize all the principle benefits from being listed in program search catalog – targeted audience (investors visit catalogs especially to search for the programs, they can invest their funds into), comparative cheapness (you can use minimum deposit, not more), and no risk at all.

It's a 100% benefit for a catalog, because programs pay % to them, they pay referral commissions, and as soon they shut down – they go home, being called SCAM.

What does it mean for an investor? Of course, it's hard to make a right choice for an investor. Very often it happens that investors don't have enough experience to make an independent analysis. So, they constantly have to appeal to monitoring services to be well informed. What can we say about things going on, if they invest to the first comer program that seems good for them, the program that turns out to be a scam at the end?

After all many monitoring sites choose the extensive growth principle – the more programs, the better chance to gain benefit at least from the only one. I'm afraid it's often very hard for an investor to learn something new, relying on the materials we present, for instance…

We talked about fraud in another article of ours (when it's possible to buy top places in prestigious catalogs for the price of 200$). So, let's not pay attention to this here. Though it's worth mentioning that this problem exists.

A popular rating places a program to the top places after taking a bribe, it takes the referral commissions, and as soon as this program abandoners the market – they move it to the black list with no remorse.

"Well, then, HYIP market – is a risky market…" and quite often we notice that programs having unoriginal design, offering 50% daily are listed on top places… of course, the newcomer, knowing nothing about investments, can invest to this program, RELYING on the authority. It can't be helped. But is it right? Of course, not.

Of course, we have to admit that nowadays there are lots of good guys on the market., doing their job really well. They are worth praising. We are glad to call this category of catalogs – our colleagues, but if we notice a rating sign of any famous rating on the site of notorious scammers… we are feeling blue.

So that's why we started to talk of the necessity to change everything. Tha'ts why you you were the first to hear the name Spring Deposit Campaign from us. Yes, it's symbolic. Spring – is the moment of changes, when it's possible to start it once again.. that's why we started the campaign in spring.

What's it all about? We decided not to wait till somebody invests his own money for us to watch it. We decided to refuse from gratifications, obliging monitoring sites to bend to the whims of those, "paying money". We simply became independent investors.

We achieved certain experience for the time operating on HYIP market, and we have certain opinions, we are glad to share with you via our resource. Isn't it logical that we know ourselves, where it's better to invest and where it's better to stay aside?

Can we allow any scammers being added to the catalog of ours, and attracting investors, placing our button? Our resource is aimed at helping to earn, the hot news section as well as other means of communication are available for you.

So, can we allow one and all using our catalog as the means of cheating? Of course, not. That's why we have a number of unbreakable credos. First of all, no automation at all. If somebody adds the site to our catalog it's being tested properly. In case it looks like a scam at least remotely, it leaves our rating. It can be elsewhere, not at HYIPNews.

Secondly - maximum publicity. We are investors. So, we are trying to establish communication with a company, we dig up all the bad things possible about them and we present it to you.

Our money is there, so lust like you, we try not to lose it. Thirdly, maximum information for investors. Everything happening between a program and us should be known to you, that's the reason why such an interactive resource was created.

If a program is listed in our catalog, we are responsible in a way, cause it's a kind of recommendation. "These guys are worth entrusting," and we try not just to lose our money, but your as well.

And to finish with… of course, no "extra" money. We have ads, we have monitoring. To pay for the scammers, who escaped, funds are needed as well, otherwise the resource will close. But there's no money to buy your favor. No matter how much a resource pays for the ads.

Rather openly we offer different ways of promotion. In case HYIP meets certain requirements and can win the profit, we can take the liberty of calling it an INTERESTING OFFER. But it's a conclusion that is exclusively the opinion of ours and cannot be considered as the program promotion on the market. There's no programs, being our prote'ge's.

Let's hope, our undertaking will expand, that's why we told you about it in details. We think ratings should work like that. We are working like that.

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