How to Start Online Investing. Guide for Newbies

Updated: 05/12/2005 21:02
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Day by new investors appear. Day by day the forums are flooded with subjects, "where to invest", "how to invest", "is it possible to earn money" etc. further on we'll try to answer these questions. Now we`d like to go back to the sources, recollect first steps and tell the newbies how to start actually.

So, your way in the investment activity started... no matter how it happened, whether your were invited by a friend of yours (experienced investor), or you just came across the ads on-line, or just got to the site of a program by chance - you are with us.

Of course the most suitable way for education is when a person searches for earning opportunities on-line in a single-minded way, but anyway a question arises and you can't act without answering. The same question ask both those WILLING to earn and those WHO DON'T MIND to earn. The question is clear - HOW TO START?

Nowadays, many investors unfortunately start with... investing money. I.e. they just take and invest it. Of course it sounds strange, you just need to take the money somewhere on-line, however the moves of this category can't be called nothing but strange. These people just invest money.

They haven't got used to the word HYIP itself, but they have already invested money. it may sound somewhat unexpectedly or not true, though there are thousands of such cases... scammers live at their expense! Warning! It's a WRONG WAY. It's the way of constant losses, right up to bankrupt status.

What does wise investor do? First of all, one should start with clearing up the question, how to make money working on-line? You have some certain amount on the banking account or under the mattress. You need to be sure - it's not the last money you own - before starting investment activity.

Make sure - you can allow losing it. This condition is obligatory, cause HYIP market is extremely risky way of earning money. now let's think of what can we do with it. The most current and widespread currencies in HYIP are Perfect Money and EgoPay.

You can exchange any currency to any other afterwards. Besides, the very fact of having e-currency account is beneficial. So the answer is clear - you need an e-currency account. You can open it for free. There are lots of tutorials on the web showing you how to open any e-currency account.

Most of exchange resources on-line exchange "normal" money to e-money. But you need to open the e-currency account first. We published whole articles on this account, and you can find them on the corresponding page.

So, now you have an account, and money is there. It's the means of earning for you. Now you need to work out earning methods. Let's start with studying as many educating HYIP materials as it is possible. Our resource is at your service first of all, and then you can find different materials, looking for them on search engine systems.

Sit and read. And please, when you come across messages like "I earned a million with them...", don't be in a hurry to invest your money there as well. Earning opportunities are eternal, HYIP will not die, and you risk acting rashly that may lead to financial collapse.

The next step recommended is starting your public life. :) It's not necessary to become a public person, however "living" on the resources where public people gather, is simply necessary. Of course you understand it's about forums, different communities, even chats (though chat is not quite a popular communication means with investors).

Here you will gain unmatched experience and will be able to learn something. A month, two, better half a year - that's the time you need to settle down in the world of investments and investors.

You will see the newbies' hopes crushed, programs to appear and to disappear. You will see on stream the principles of HYIP, not theoretically - in practice. You remember the reason of an unaccustomed person to die in jungles?

That's right... he doesn't live according to the laws of the jungles. He doesn't know the laws. So, can you achieve success, without being aware of these laws? I guess not.

Moreover, you can make new friends. Those writing "where to invest", are most likely to receive referral links, not more. Experienced, wise investors will certainly give some piece of good advices, but they are most likely to be lost in the stream of flood. And you will mark out these wise, experienced investors, talk to them, learn something.

Doing all this, not earlier, you will know for sure, WHERE and HOW to invest. You will have a clear idea of the market, You will remember the names of programs, their features, when interest is real, and when it's a pure scam. Of course you can get the same experience in a different way - time and again falling and falling and falling down. But... do you need it? I guess - no!

Even after clarifying yourself, you should try. Try with a small amount, choose a strategy. Just try to invest. You will see: some programs fund the account immediately; other put it to a special balance.

You will see different programs allowing initial capital withdrawal at different periods; you will understand HOW to withdraw... these are all the particulars, grasped via thorough investigation and analysis and we offer you this way, the way of access.

Loretta, experienced investor, admin of the forum Hyip discussion and just a nice lady and a good person:
"The best advice I can give is, before you begin, you must always remember that High Yield Investment Programs are High RISK Investment Programs.

Do not be in a hurry to spend your money. Do a indepth study of the program, ask questions, know what you are investing in, before letting go of the money."

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