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Updated: 06/15/2005 19:24
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In the second issue of our e-zine we were talking about HYIP forums, gave short testimonials to each of them. Though we only gave skin-deep attention to this, the thing is that every forum has its "soul", if we can say like that. The unique essence. Besides we were talking about TalkGold, Gold-Horizons, Web Life e-Business Forum and finally about promising The Cycler Forum, and there are more than 30 forums in our catalogue now!
Moreover, there's a number of subjects, we are going to recur and "forums" - one of them. forums are changing - that is the first reason, newbies appear - that is the second reason. And we are the navigator in the HYIP sphere and by no means we want you to straggle. Besides, our guest today is Brian, the admin of the best HYIP forum, TalkGold, so, our talk about forums is quite timely.

So, we are not going to talk about TalkGold. Very few people know nothing about it, and practically everyone knows that it's the most interesting forum on the net. It excels practicing the "open view" policy from its very beginning. Besides, it allows giving ads in signatures. Truth to tell, advertising around the forum itself is rather evident.

HotHYIP (http://www.hothyips.com/forum/) has recently originated its forum. It doesn't have many members so far, though looks very attractive. First of all because there's a little of advertising there. To the left and to the right everything is clear, it looks very placatory. Though there're are not enough members on the forum, that's why its actuality seems doubtful to us. The forum will hardly be helpful in everyday use.

By the way, one of the most useful is Web Life e-Business Forum (http://www.web-life.org/vb/), however, by right it can be called "mess-forum", because there is too much of various information there and being a newbie it may seem like lumped everything together. By the way it's worth saying that we named The Cycler Forum (http://s7.invisionfree.com/TheCyclerForum/index.php) among the leading ones rather hastily. TalkGold, Gold-Horizons, Web Life e-Business Forum, HYIPDiscussions, GoldenTalk, GPTForum, MyHyip Forum, that's the way the leaders' list looks like, nothing else.

Previously we didn't mention HYIPDiscussions (http://www.hyipdiscussion.com/forum), patent leader among the forums, which is a constituent part of the project HYIPInvestments (interview with Steve is on its way). What is the distinguishing feature of this forum? Order. Really, within a couple of days, spent on the forum, you realize - disciplined public lives here. Under the competent direction of its moderators Rabbit, Loretta , one can have lots of useful materials.

Despite its popularity GoldenTalk (http://www.goldentalk.com/) turned out to be rather quiet forum, nevertheless uniting its constant members to rather promising and useful society, where you can solve your questions.

Hope this brief, updated excursus will make it possible for you to find the bearings, what to expect from each of these integral attributes of investor's life. Further on we'll keep on our constant work, analyzing forums on our own forum.

To finish with we'd like to invite you to another interactive resource in the Internet, which has surely absorbed the advantages of every forum mentioned above, and we are sure it left out all their disadvantages. So, just like we promised as early as at the end of the previous year, the updated, sterling Invest Navigator forum is OPENED!

So, what is the concept of Invest Navigator forum? First of all, this is investment forum, it's the platform for communicating between different people, not just dealing with HYIP investment, it's for anyone involved into investment business.

Second - this forum is a part of HyipNews project, and on its basis we want to create a separate interactive hyip investors' society, who will always find topical, useful and all-embracing information here. Established employees will be constantly working on our forum, not just watching the way its rules are observed, they are really going to WORK on forum.

What do we mean? We mean that under the cover of Invest Navigator you will find ANYTHING YOU WANT. You want new programs? No problem. You want qualified reviews? No problem. Everything is here. The main thing is - we understand perfectly well that every investor has its likes. But how can we deprive the persons, not going to other forums, with information. Right, we can't! That's why all the important information that appears anywhere else will immediately be shown on our forum! We want to create the news forum, the information forum, the experience forum, and... the forum of forums. And we'll do it.

The rules of our forum are simple enough: accordance with the section subjects, normative, and vocabulary, maximum useful, open and easily understood information. Our moderators will be watching the order maintenance thoroughly. But it doesn't mean any restrictions. It's simplicity and convenience. Yopu don't like mess in your room? There won't be any mess on our forum. There won't be any endless thread reiteration and ads in the sections where it's prohibited (these guys must have plagued you vi e-mail as well).

Our staff will post the most useful things here and we are sure, you won't feel sad, and find ALL the answers to your questions. But... it's not a dump, where there's everything, and nothing can be found. Everything is going to be regulated and laid out perfectly. "It will be presented in the best possible way", cause we know what you need. Of course - endless discussing, surveys' participation opportunities and many others. :)

The forum is designed in such a way to make each of the sections maximum clear and organic. We studied the schemes of more than 30 forums on hyip and other investments, we considered al the results of this design. Our forum meets the requirements of convenience and utility to its maximum. It has been designed on the basis of the latest version of the engine Invision Power Board, combining technological perfection and usage convenience.

Why did we choose it? Because we think of it as the best forum solution. Besides, we enable the special section for forum discussing, where you can post your opinions and without a doubt they will be taken into consideration.
Well then... we are off! This is just the first word of ours, not the last one.
Good luck!

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