Earning with High-yield Games?

Updated: 06/15/2005 21:36
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earning with high yield games
High Yield Games as an absolutely independent type of "programs" different from virtual casinos, different financial institutes etc. their pros and cons and difference from ordinary HYIPs.
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Today we decided to touch upon another important subject, which is real for investors. On the one hand, there are virtual casinos, different financial institutes, on the other - there's absolutely independent type of the "programs", which on the one hand look like a game, on the other - it's just program. That's the kind of games, we are going to talk about today.

To understand the essence of such a game, you may imagine the following. There's a small window on the site where you make a bid. And it says - "bet". You just enter the number of your account and make payment. On the top there's a name of the game with capital letters.

That's enough. "Advanced" variant certainly includes various opportunities. For instance "1 chance of 10 – 10 USD", "5 chances of 10 – 100 USD". Looks attractive, isn't it? Moreover, now we are probably going to say some pleasant news for you, the point is that it's a simple truth – you can win.

But, let's look into the technology of this action and talk about the game in fact, what events can it be fraught with for the client, and is it worth getting involved with it.

First of all – the game is a real one (that means, you can win), but it doesn't mean that it's 100% honest, and you should invest money to the first one window with the title "golden game", you come across. There are scams here as well, and here they are even more successful than whenever else.

Judge for yourself. Can you control and trace the way your money goes? Absolutely not. You invested money, paid the account and… lost. But how can you know you are lost, if you don't even see the turning roll or roulette wheel?

If you can't even be sure that your money is working, how can you figure on proper using of this money, as they promise on the site? Of course not. Absolutely not. Your money can be out of use at all and may just be put to someone's pocket. They take it – spend it.

They say – "you are lost" and it's in the bag. Is it interesting? I don't think so. Though many investors don't pay attention to their senses and put their money to the games like that like a lamb, hoping to win. That's why a simple rule can be taken out of all this. The game should not be at least an absolute scam.

Don't give your money to "golden games", which promote their service, resorting to spam or through unfamiliar people to you. The best thing here is to use reliable sources, or games, which are lucky for you.

Particularly you can use separately qualified catalogues, which are not simply earning money, and made a good showing on the market. But to use all these advices, one needs at least to agree with the second important clause.

Secondly, you should understand – this kind of game is a pure program. Mentioning about on-line casinos, we have already said that casino is just an algorithm, managed by the admin, and nothing more.

So, can we hope for the fortune to come here, if you can't even see the eyes of a croupier in front of you?! It's much more prosaically here. Nobody keeps back from you that figures, shown on the screen is the same program, and nothing more.

It's good if decisions are taken with the help of a randomizer. But it happens quite seldom, why does admin need to take risk if he just can pretend as if he is losing to "someone". Do you know the stories about thimble-men, having the group of different actors working with them, "winning" heaps of money, "instigating" the next victim to raise the stakes?

Don't even think to believe messages saying of fantastic winnings in this program, the winnings more than thousands of dollars. It's lies. Believe your eyes and hands. If you want to lose 20$, you can do it where people used to win, maybe you will have some sort of the moral pleasure. Otherwise – it's just empty pockets.

Third – dear inventors, you should remember, no argues possible with the automatic machine. Usually you can choose one of two or one of a set of the stakes. The quality of the game itself doesn't depend on the simplicity or, vice versa, width of choice. It's always the same, everything is solved similarly, and the chances are the same. So, don't think you are cleverer than those, trying to make money on you.

But, what is the sense? The sense is that more often the programs lose to maintain constant clients' inflow. But how do they lose? That's the most important question. Let's take the script of the game. Set up the winners-losers correlation: 8 via 2. 8 people lose, 2 get their prize absolutely fair.

The admins gave them 400 dollars, and took 600. Are you well at math? BUT INVESTOR CAN WIN AS WELL. Whatever you do, meeting conditions the game becomes "real", "honest"; it's definitely possible to win. Sometimes pretty penny. But if you try to win back your money if you are losing, you will more likely fail.

Don't forget - you deal with the automatic machine, ruled by man, who is not going to lose. So, always keep yourself under control and never bet more than you can afford to lose.
Still… good luck to you!

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