Outward Appearance is the Key Point! Part One

Updated: 07/11/2005 15:27
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Strange headline for the article? Don't be at a loss. We'll explain everything. Nearly every investor knows, good site - is a certain guaranty of a working program. It should bring profit for the repayment of the money spent, right?

So, high cost of a site - is a kind of the guaranty. Though, for the newbie in the investment world it's hard to understand what site is an example of original design, and what is the pattern that costs 100 USD. Well, experts also often act, following the outward features, without paying attention to the real cost of this "turkish" gold. So, we invite you to the fascinating world of WEB clothes.
Though there's another rule. Sometimes even really original, expensive sites turn out to be scams. So, you shouldn't rely upon the external characteristic. It happens that scammers resort to the following actions: they create the site, looking expensive in outward appearance and leave it, registering in rating catalogues.

Paying attention to the attractive design, without going into particulars, investors deposit money, and the resource doesn't even start working, being recompensed from the first deposits, without any current expenses!

Here it's important to rely upon the first payouts, upon the feedback from the admin, and not let your intuition push yourself around. Though it's not the main thing. In our articles we give special information that lets orientating yourself in the variety of the situations that may occur in life. Let's proceed to this information.

So - the outward appearance starts with the general site design. It's called - script. Script may contain both the inner infrastructure (so called member area, which is called financial area or something of that kind, depending on the area) and the outer one.

You can see the inner one, as soon as you register on the site, and the outer is to the fore. For sure you have your own "usual" and "unusual" outward appearances. -Usual- is always bad. It's worth than "unusual". Because it's always cheaper.

The script actually means much more, the price for it is always fixed, there's also detailed information, saying what they are. The subject deserves separate article to be issued and we are going to write it in the next e-zine issue of ours.

So, outward design is based on some specific basis -" script that can be free or not free, original and standard. In the next issue we'll talk how to define one from another. Now it's important to realize what is valuable and what is not.

So, the simplest construction -" is the site, where all the elements are laid out table-like. I.e. visually you can see the "headline", menu line on top of the site. To the left (right) general info is laid out, catalogues, monitoring the HYIP given etc. In the centre, in the widest area there's a general info, for instance, investment terms.

All this is familiar to nearly every customer. Such a design particularly is the simplest, and as the result -" is the cheapest one. It is made up by improvised means and it is nothing for a good web-designer to make such a design for several days.

By the way, the site of the famous Prime Fund was designed following such a principle, and following that example you may look at the order all the elements are formed up, and actually HOW they are formed up. Besides, Prime Fund site had IMAGES, that's why let's pay attention to them as well.

So, images can also be original and"� free of charge. Of course, everyone is sick and tired of images, showing dollars, expensive cars, men and women from different perspectives. It's a habit in a way when we come across a grey-haired man in years, smiling, happy 32-teeth smile, or different kinds of businessmen.

The value of such pictures can be seen from their quality. Usually the quality of free images has corresponding. They are muddy"� besides these pictures are often repeated! :) It's simply enough to be attentive. And of course, one should appreciate the designer's taste.

Showing business or happy people, showing money and gold does not mean that program is a cheap stuff. One just can see often that the number of these people, money and gold is so MUCH that buttons are even lost on the background. Here we can easily define -" amateur work.

Speaking about the site of Prime Fund that disappeared, the professional hand can be seen. The same people are laid out where they should be and the quality is high enough. Here is the guaranty that the site, designed standard-like, looks rather expensive. Indeed the site was working for a long time, many clients gained solid income.

Another thing that sometimes appears even earlier than the site itself -" banner. Cheap banner is created with the help of simple program software, available to nearly everyone. Such a banner includes: inscriptions (rotating), logo of a program, "base plate". More often the "base plate" is the same low-quality image, similar to the one on the site. It's the easiest. Inscriptions, rotating one after another are also not perfect, it's hard.

But if you see that a colorful image is a base plate for a banner, or even made-up by a designer, it can be worth attention. Besides, various effects on a banner are also valued. Anything, happening on it may have different cost, varied from two-digit to three-digit numbers. Keep in mind -" banner is a marketing success of a program. It won't have enough money if it has no clients. And if it has now clients, will you receive your receive? I doubt.

The most expensive are the banners, made up on the basis of flash-technology. These banners are very colored; lots of information can be given there. Moreover, not all the sites are able to show such banners! Hence, it's a VIP class. And of course, the same condition with the site is applicable to banners. If it's a designer's hand -" the banner is nice to look at. You want to click it. You just be attentive, pay attention to these things. It's also important.

And of course, look at the texts closer. Form what you expect to see on the site, you will see kitco graphs, the signs of e-currencies accepted, rating statuses. You can also see "100% guaranty" and things like that. It's usual. Though the text of every program should be original.

Journalists, copywriters need to be paid as well. And from the first lines one may see whether the content is original. In case you have a feeling that you read this before after the second paragraph, everything is bad. Besides, wee have already written in one of the articles -" you should surf the site with your "eyes widely open", it's really worth that! If you don't pay attention to the details, then who will?

Take a closer look at the menu. If the buttons are square and looks like a simple list -" this is one thing, and if it's a colored pulldown -" it's completely another. The pulldown costs much higher! If there's an ordinary square in the support section, you deal with a cheap site, and if the feedback form is highly colored, there's a pulldown there -" it's a serious work that takes time, attention and money.

And you should notice immediately when you are on site with the buttons, "simulating" expensive menu, though looking too clumsy. Some programs want to slave serious sites, though it happens only worse. They can be seen at once, there's no need to give examples. You will understand immediately that this is "not beautiful", and if it's "not beautiful" than it's -" cheap.

Of course in such a short article we couldn't tell you about everything properly. Unfortunately, this knowledge won't help you to insure yourself 100% from a scam: they are rather laconic, though you may apply it in various situations.

You just should be more attentive, accurate and certainly your money will be safer. Besides, in the nearest time we will certainly go back to this topic, in the nearest issue we'll tell you about scripts. So, I don't say good-bye.

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