How to Double Your Capital with Doublers

Updated: 08/01/2005 07:33
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Each of us dear investors may definitely name a dozen of different tools for earning money online, without even thinking, and each of them will be profitable and convenient in its own way. And certainly among this dozen in the section "investment" you will pronounce: MLM, Ponzi and - Doubler. And today we would like to speak about the last one.

We should say in advance, each of the technologies named actually comes from the Ponzi scheme and has no fundamental differences. Though, if you study the work of every system, you will easily make sure they are all different in scheme BUILDING UP, organizing the capital flow (its additional flow). As we mentioned, today we are going to speak about Doublers.

Of course experienced investor may think this article will be boring for him, though we are sure - even the old veteran should reconsider the basics so that not to stop growing. Besides, we are not going to tell the common truth here. :)

So, doubler - program, offering to double your deposit within a certain period of time. I.e. you get 100% of profit for the certain period of time. Terms may be different. Some programs make it within 20 days, others - longer.

What is the principle of these programs? Very simple - it's called PYRAMID. Yes it's a simple scheme, as all the rest on our market of high yield investments. By the way, have you ever thought about such a philosophic question that even on the "usual" civilized market, many transactions are carried out via the same schemes!? :)

It's just compared to other forms of Ponzi there's a gamble element in this scheme. But actually there's nothing in common with investing in doublers (of course sometimes the doubler's motto may be used for attracting especially large amounts with their further "legal" use on the markets). You play with doublers - you invest your own money and wait till somebody else invests again.

In case somebody invests, you get the money back, and next person gets the money of the guy who invested after him and so on, in chain, simple, convenient and profitable. And who pays for all? Those at the bottom of the pyramid - as usually.

The main question - why do doublers lose? Cause sooner or later the number of people on the market is not enough to pay for the deposits of those, being higher in the pyramid. If there are 100 people there, and 100 more invest, the system is working, if only 99 invest - there's one person scammed and everything starts to collapse. This scammed investor complains to other investors and nobody else invests to a program.

The second question - what is the benefit? There always profit. Finally, depending on the investment width and deposit minimums (it's not a large amount for a doubler from 1 to 5 USD), pretty penny remains on the accounts of the owners - that's at the worst.

More simple means of making money is deduction of a certain amount from the transactions, which gives admins opportunity to earn money. And investors as well, those who "manage to do that".

Two large groups of such programs make up two types of doublers. The first type - public one, the second type - "hidden" one. :). I think you have already made up your mind concerning the difference we are talking about. So that to realize what group a program belongs to, it's not necessary to have some sort of experience. It's a logical task.

So, the first type - programs announcing in public, they are doublers and they officially put forward the term sof their existence and earning opportunity for the customers.

Everything is absolutely open. You know at once what to do and how to do, what should we expect and what can we lose. The second group avoids public acknowledgement of its status, hiding its "genuine" face from the public. Here we can just help you defining how to reveal hidden doublers, to understand what kind of program you are working with - just very simple.

You just need to pay attention to the interest (it should be 100% fro the certain term), though it can be paid not once, but in sequence, the main point is the same. After getting you funds back plus 100% of the income you can only deposit your amount back.

I guess, it's not necessary to name other programs, which are possibly working on the same principle, though paying other interests or prolonging the term - the core of a doubler changes here, nothing more.

By the way, it's worth mentioning that taking into account market terms, doubler's existence in pure form without communication seems to be rather doubtful.
The following quality is peculiar for doublers. Since every program is made up according to the principles of a simple pyramid, you should secure yourself ASAP to be sure it will be working.

I mean new investors will be referred, paying extra money. Finally, you will find the "pre-launch" project presentation on forums and in ad campaigns, telling about basic terms, agreements before starting to work, the strategy got acclimatized here a lot.

Now let's talk about things everyone is talking about in the section "ALL TRUTH ABOUT DOUBLERS". Of course Charles Ponzi originated the scheme of this mechanism of enrichment. We told about that earlier and it really scares lots of people away. He made up the scheme; he originated the rest of the schemes.

By the way it's worth mentioning that doubler is a close relative of such names as "Triplers', 'Bubbles', 'Cyclers', 'Gifting' and other variations. Though we don't want to pay your attention to them here, because despite all the similarity, they changed as time went by, their working principles and characteristics changed, they obviously make it different from doublers.

The first deadly sin - illegality. Similar schemes are prohibited in most of the countries, so please, remember that. Though you should also realize that gambling fro instance is allowed in the same countries. No matter how cynical it may sound, state - is the most cynical institution, you can find on the Earth. It turns around money.

State forbids murdering, though introduces capital punishment, it gives "fair" look to different earnings, calling animals' murder hunting etc. if a person is aware that his earnings in doublers is just a matter of case, why not to refuse right to risk to him? Of course we mean people who read this article, where we open easily the basic mechanisms that should make person choose: to risk or not to risk.

You can find one very widespread opinion about doublers in many sources: IT'S IMMORAL. The point is that this way of YOUR earning brings financial losses to somebody. And it's a simple truth. As we said above, we confirm - things like that are immoral.

IF YOU DON'T TRY TO EXPLAIN YOUR COLLEAGUE, WHAT HE PARTICIPATES IN. If he doesn't realize what he is doing, if he doesn't know he may lose - then it's your fault, if he knows about it - nobody's fault.

Please, think of this earning opportunity as if it's a game. If pure HYIP is quite another matter, then pure Doubler - is a game, nothing more (if we don't mean program that just doubles your capital). Whether you are lucky or not. But there is just one snag to it.

Many HYIP rules work in this game as well. Success guarantee - new customers inflow. So, bad site - lack of advertising - is an obvious hidden motive for the program to collapse. If everything is the other way round - maybe you should try it.

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