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Updated: 08/01/2005 07:38
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Many young investors coming to high yield investors sooner or later definitely run into forming clear beliefs in their minds. This belief sounds like this approximately: "whay am I doing here? All HYIPs are scams, their admins are scammers, they scam other people, ho don't understand it's IMPOSSIBLE to work here..."

Have you ever run into such beliefs? Though, no matter how strange it may sound, EACH of these beliefs is absolutely ambiguous. Each of them can be denied, and it will be another bullshit. These are the facts proving themselves. You don't believe it? Go on reading.

Despite the fact we don't want to persuade you how profitable it is to participate in HYIPs, we will tell a couple of words about this, because first clauses of our made-up "belief" sound exactly like that. So, you come to the high yield investments world and immediately you decide, it's not for you. You invest once, then again and despairingly you abandon everything and leave as far as possible.

If you decide that high incomes and high risk is not for you, then it's the right decision. Here you need to be able to risk and... calculate. You won't believe it, though only those, having nice insight, able to calculate and analyze may win in such an unpredictable HYIP world. Amateurishness won't go here. Many investors start investing at once, being attracted by interesting opportunities and... they lose.

But as we wrote in many articles before, the first thing to do is to study the market, enrich your knowledge with the information, otherwise HYIP will be another casino for you - whether you are lucky or not. Can you understand what we mean? Of course not! Those, analyzing and acting right... earn money! You understand such accumulation of people and funds wouldn't take place if it wasn't real!

So, it really is. Earning is real. The first ones earn money, those, investing a lot earn money, those investing often and wisely earn money. Enough categories? It's not so difficult to get into any of them; one just needs to look into them.

Speaking about the second belief "all are scammers" - we don't even want to focus attention on it, cause it's totally baseless. The world of virtual business is to young and sensible to exist soundly from many liability, which may destroy it! Even a simple server stop or its update can kill a program easily! No need to speak about investors, traders, falling short on the markets.

Anything may happen and among the so-called "scammers" there are many honest guys, trying to do their job. But sooner or later some of rocks traps them and no argues here at all. If they are trying to work honestly, then rivals appear, trying to get more income - they are called fraudsters for offering high interest... as you can see, it's a double-edged weapon, and guiding by the fact many investors always earn money on such programs, you never should draw well-defined conclusions.

Now, let's proceed to the third belief, which is the most interesting and important from our point of view. This belief particularly is the main part of our article and the reason to publish it. So, nearly everyone thinks that SCAM is not punishable. I.e. if person is aimed at scamming others, he is just hiding and we only have to be indignant.

It's not true. Sword of Damocles hangs over everyone trying to scam investors. And as soon as Internet develops, the means to fight scam become more and more reliable and accurate. You don't believe it? Let's see the facts.

Many investors think that "somewhere on the East" everything is not like it should be. That's why constant feeling of danger from online investors in this part of the world sometimes spikes groundless horror. Though everything seems not so simple here as well.

I mean not with impunity! Among god guys willing to earn themselves, giving opportunity for the rest to earn, one guy appeared, you should really be afraid of - the scammer named Alexander Zhdanov.

This guy originated several HYIP projects, which used to be scams, not hard to guess. He was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for stealing in total around 4 million dollars! Plus, it should be mentioned that Alex was also hacking computer systems, and it resulted in the arrest finally.

Of course it's just the beginning of clearing HYIP sphere from "negative" elements. Everyone remembers like confrontation to scams in the USA, originated by Charles Ponzi, continued with a famous case of Reed Slatkin (we'll do our best to tell you about it in future).

This guy could cheat more than 800 exclusive investors, depositing more than $500 mln. USD! The sentence didn't keep waiting - 14 years imprisonment.

James Edwards, 73, and his son, David Edwards, 49, both of Washington State became ?is followers this year, they managed to make a fortune of $78 mln. USD and 27 years imprisonment - the longest term that can ever be given for such kind of crimes!

Approximately at the same time in April during a trial in federal court in Milwaukee Leslie John Hamilton, 53, of Mount Charleston, Nev. was condemned, he scammed hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars.

Hamilton operated a pyramid scheme in which he convinced about 300 Wisconsin residents that they were investing in rare coins. But instead of buying the coins and reselling them at a profit, Hamilton used the money from new investors to pay off the old ones, prosecutors said. Along with him his girlfriend was also imprisoned. She was helping him with mail delivery... over the Internet!

And please, don't think that fighting the "bad guys " only takes place in this sphere. May 2004, Howard Carmack, who sent 850 million junk e-mails, from Buffalo, is imprisoned for 7 years. Just recently in April this year, the man, named Jeremy Jaynes, is the first one who is sentenced for spam mailing! And it's not just an ordinary term! He is imprisoned for 9 years!

Looks like it was one of the most sensational cases, concerned with the activity in the Internet. Look like now spam and online scams take honorary place after the hacking.
Sooner or later we'll be protected against spam, scams, other acts, aimed at losing our money. Remember it, and follow the rules, given at the beginning of this article.

Justice wins.

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