Investments as a Lifestyle

Updated: 08/11/2005 15:42
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We make investments all our life long. The investments are various. We deposit, receive profit, not even thinking about that. You don't believe it? Read this article till the very end and you'll understand why we think so.

First of all, answer the question: what is investments"? I think that investments – is material or non-material means of some certain value, using which you can gain profit. Of course this definition is far from economic or mathematical one, but do we have professional economists here? Except for me? Joke. So this question is clear.

So, now you want to say that your job is investing your resources with the purpose of getting profit? So, you want to say that birthday present to your boss is not an investment to your future professional growth, and so getting extra profit? So, you may try to say so!

Now you just think it over. All our life we do nothing but investing. And common principles work here: deposit amount, profit interest. We choose where to invest our money and invest in a better way of course, without even thinking that we make investments, nothing more! What else can be more amusing than discovering, we come across every day.

And when you cam to the investment world, when you took your money and decided to make it work, you definitely paid no attention to what you were doing, what you did before, now you are just farther from the process of money making. You sit at home, drink tea, eat chocolate and your investment is working.

Investment philosophy makes it possible not just to derive maximum benefit from your deposits; it also permits to earn more, in a simple way, acting toward your investments (monetary and those you make In your everyday life) more weighted, wisely and subtly. You should analyze the income rate, risks' degree, and chances to lose these investments. If you knowingly agree with the high percent, exceeding 10%, why then you are surprised that you have been scammed!

Now imagine, you have several programs, the risk degree is different, they offer different income and other features you know perfectly well. You just need to choose a strategy. We can make a prompt, what strategy is going to be the best here. It's the strategy of ideal balancing between the real and investment worlds. Meanwhile, what do you use around here? It looks simple in money – your real money and virtual money on your account in any program.

When you take a decision to deposit somewhere, first of all you should realize that risk degree only warrants the income rate, and if you receive your profit, you should value it according to the risk degree. It should be like that: losing some amount, you should be able to compensate it somewhere else. You already have one constituent part – time. And if you calculate it properly, even the whole month of losses will be compensated with the month of successes!

You should realize – any money you don't need fro your everyday needs are simply gone, in case they don't work. You can purchase some rarity, and hence you'll receive profit, selling it in a few years! Everything is simple. You have free money – invest it! Purchase houses, invest to banks, invest to HYIP, make it work, cause if you don't – YOU will have to work on it!

Keep in mind, life is not eternal, and if you may save money in a bank from inflation, from devaluation, you may earn pretty well in some other spheres. What else does a mere mortal need? Of course this! And this is real - you just need to realize that money is in your hands – this is investment. Even 10$, of course if it's not the last money of your family!

Do you know what is the safe strategy? This is depositing some amount at a bank in store", in case anything happens with you or some relatives of your own; buying a house, you really want to buy; educating your kids; leaving some money for a normal life. The rest of money should grow with the GEOMETRIC series!

Wait to buy the car, wait to buy your private air jet. You deposit money and in a year you will be able to buy two cars and two air jets! You just need to use this money wisely and properly – this will be enough. The future belongs this life, these people.

To finish with we are going to quote the words of one famous investor: And the last thing. If you invested and received income, don't forget – this is not money that makes you rich; the number of your investments makes that. Don't waste money – they should work, buying new investments for you, better ones, with new prospects." Well then, have happy investments!

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