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Updated: 08/11/2005 18:59
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information collecting methods
Investment strategy and tactics. Applied methods of collecting information before investing to HYIP. Things to check if you do not trust a resource
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In the age of information, possessing it means actually to rule the world. Practically everything in the environment of ours makes up informative canvas, which can be ruled, controlled, and corrected in accordance with your needs. It's enough to possess information and be able to handle it. In today's article we'll try to tell you, what it means to possess information in the HYIP world, namely - how to get it, where to get it and how to use it.

Unfortunately just like in the majority of our issues, we warn you that in such little volume we can't expound all the knowledge we have on this topic. So we'll just try to expound the essence that will help you to move further on independently, and of course - to get the minimum required.

So, this article is about they way how to collect information about HYIP programs in a better way, what to do with it and how to estimate. First of all, as soon as you are going to invest, we strongly recommend you to consult the Who Is service to know the registration data of your program. As soon as you are through with the Who Is test you will have extremely important data such as - registrar, admin address, his mail address etc.

In case the domain is registered anonymously, you can also draw a certain conclusion - whether these guys are worth trusting or not. If this information is indicated, you can check it via Internet, just mentioning the address o telephone in the search line, maybe you will become aware that telephone code, indicated in the registration data is a telephone code of Antarctica which by the way really exists.

Then we recommend you to go to your favorite HYIP resource, where the catalogue of the programs, blacklist and forum should be. Of course we strongly recommend you to take into account that not all the catalogues and not all the forums are what we want. Several times we have told about that in our articles, devoted especially to catalogues and we are not going to repeat that again.

If you don't trust a resource, you see that his work is low quality, we advice you not tot trust what it does. I.e. some honest programs may be put to the blacklist, just because it was added there automatically, or by admin's request.

As an example we'll give the resource of ours, cause it's the best of all we know. :) So, it's better to start with the search, in the search line enter the ADDRESS of the program and the result is easily seen. Immediately you will get the detailed information concerning whether this program has ever been mentioned in the daily updates of ours, if not then in the e-zines of ours or whether it's listed in our catalogue or on the forum.

It's quite simple. We have a catalogue, black list, forum, news line, and magazine. This program could get into magazine as some interesting offer or not, it can be listed in the catalogue as the one we invested our money to, in the black list it can be listed as a SCAM, we are trying to add maximum possible amount of new programs to the forum and for sure you may find lots of interesting details in discussing its activity.

You should make a separate search in the topic: WARNING LISTING: - all the programs investors used to experience trouble with are published in this topic. Close to the names we try to indicate why exactly the program was listed here. Whether it's not paying out the funds or it's offline - everything is here.

The list is updated daily and hardly ever any of interesting programs will be missed. Actually if a program is not listed on HYIPNews - it can be suspicious. By the way, the fact program is presented in this listing of ours, doesn't mean anything yet. If the site of the program you study is offline now so it's used to be there sometimes ago and now it's back.

This information is valuable by itself, cause judging from experience, such programs may have troubles in future.
So you collected as much information as possible from your favorite resource. Where are going now? Here we can choose. If you don't wish to do all that, choose one of the variants and take your decision, if you definitely want to save your money or at least not to feel sorry afterwards when you miss something.

So the variants are Google, Forums, Catalogues. The last one - you will certainly have to examine some other catalogues fro receiving as much information as possible. Then? move on! Make a list and check, though keep in mind that while preparing the news, collecting information for the forum of ours we do all this. :)

Forums now. Enter any of the famous forums, you are using in addition to the "basic" one, submit the name of the program in the search field. Keep in mind that the name where "hyip" goes for a separate word would not likely give enormous results - cause the result will be stunning. Nearly every forum database comes within this request.

Of course after the unsuccessful attempt one may use the quotation marks. But the best is to write in the domain name and you will see that the result is unique, cause there are no identical domain names. But, not all forum members call their subjects as necessary, they don't always give links to the program under discussion, well then you'll have to experiment then.

Now let's proceed to the third, the most powerful, and at the same time common tool, namely -searching via the search system. The only rock may trap you here - incorrectly made up request. As for the rest, all search engines work approximately the same well, and it won't be a problem for sure. :)

So, what are you searching for? Submitting the name of the program you can find too many coincidences, submitting the address - very few, or just the site of the program. All this makes the task harder, though it's worth trying both variants. As for the rest you can make use of habitual tools, use the quotation marks, type the word HYIP or SCAM near, you may try to use your fantasy, typing the word "paying" next to the name of the program.

As soon as you are through with all the manipulations in a separate file you will have the complete picture to take the right decision. You can be sure - now you are protected much more than earlier, success is not far from your wallet as it used to be.

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