8571% on the Iraqi Dinar?

Updated: 08/21/2005 17:26
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Lately there have been many discussions concerning oil that achieved all-time high price, and Iraqi Dinar, which is the most interesting currency to buy. Though, these words will obviously seem as buzzing, too far from the real life to an ordinary investor, not working on big markets, the life where the word "scam" is used much more often than the word "profit" - and this is nearly the most important thing.

So, we decided to discuss these things in our article. Of course, we should say right now that Dinar popularity boom falls at the middle of the year 2004, though in the heat of the recent events, the situation is repeated again and again and the talk suggests itself.

Of course, it's not the oil that will be the main topic of our article. This notion is too vast to devote just a part of the whole material to it. The main topic of today's discussion is Iraqi Dinar. What's your attitude towards it? First of all, many HYIPs trade on FOREX, so your money is related to this currency. In case somebody purchases and has opportunity to sell it.

Secondly, this currency can be easily purchased; hence, it's possible to make money on it, if all the terms are going to be fulfilled, though this all depends on the high and mighty. But, everything should be step by step.

So, Iraqi Dinar appeared on October 15th 2003. At that time, being famous as ???new Iraqi dinar' it began replacing the ???old Iraqi dinar'. Besides, it replaced the currency used in the North of Iraq, the ???swiss Iraqi dinar'. As they say on one of the sites, selling dinars: "The new Iraqi dinar created a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq.

Since the production of the new Iraq dinar, the international demand for the new Iraqi dinar has continued to rise." Right after that (hence after the events in the world), its price decreased greatly, making the precedent in the history of currency trades, allowing us hoping to get back the "status quo" status.

So, the only fact, the only word is the key one in this situation. And the word is OIL. Iraq takes the position of the second greatest oil holders in the world, and oil makes up 95% of the total country's income! The "all-time low" of the Iraqi dinar appeals to sophisticated investors. Many Investors are aware that they are buying the Iraqi dinar at a postwar level; therefore, it has captivated a broader spectrum. Anyone can afford buying the dinars, regardless if they are big or small investors. Everything is clear and easy. Though both simple words and princes fade in the face of numbers, we are going to tell you about now.

Would you like to hear some concrete and very interesting numbers? If you take a look at the historical table of the dinar growth for the period from 1932 to 1990, one may see that price per one dinar goes between 5$ and 3$. In the year 2003, the rate was already 3000 dinars per 1$ (1 dinar costs 0.00035$)! In the year 2004, the price went down to 1500 dinars, so 1$ = 0.00007 dinars! Can you imagine at least how profitable it would be to purchase at least some dinars at this price?

Hope you understand that currency value doesn't only depend on foreign policy situation. Not of less importance is what the currency is backed up with. And speaking about Iraqi dinar, what is it backed up with first of all? OIL. The value of the depths, state values... and if the old times come back sometimes and previous year you bought a couple of thousands of dinars, you income will be 8571%!!!

Does it attract you? Then think please of investing to the Turkish lira that cost $0.0000007 in the year 2004! Fact is, it's the economic prospects for a country that determine the future value of its currency, not the price it trades at now or the price it traded at in the past. And no matter how low a value a currency reaches, it can always go lower.

Do you know the answer from an expert, asked the question if it is profitable to purchase the Iraqi dinar? "And when it comes to buying and selling the fledgling currency of a fledgling government in one of the most chaotic parts of the world, that goes beyond mere speculation. I'd call it gambling.
The main argument for buying the dinar, of course, is that Iraq has vast oil and natural gas reserves at a time when energy prices are climbing. If the country gets its political act together, it could profit in a big way. I hope things work out that way, but it's a big, big if."

In the upshot investor has various alternatives. In case everything is going on according to the scenario described above, then at the same time with the values investor may lose some guarantees that in this country (we mean Iraq specifically in its today's situation) the inflation level can be held. Of course along with the risk there's an opportunity to earn, though then everyone should decide for himself.

The final important detail is direct organization of the dinar trade market, buying opportunities etc. Of course we can't post any concrete links or information here, though now there appeared many ways enough of the direct buying of dinars. After the massive investors' pilgrimages to the exchangers surpassed any possible limits, the currency became scarce. Now everything seems to be settling around, and it's practically open to buy.

Though, it's worth taking into account the number of very important features. Investors' beliefs that everything will be like it used to are really justified, though one shouldn't forget that about some stronger gamblers governments and circumstances for instance. Nobody is sure today whether the USA is not going to try taking control of the situation to such an extent in order to get maximum profit. Nobody is sure today that things will develop like they should, and the prices will really GO UP.

Transcendental numbers, true numbers - these are real opportunities given by investing. However, this is not LIKE IT will be, so, taking into account the success from such kind of investment, taking into account awareness of this process, stay beyond the line, crossing which you may regret of the things done. Nowadays there are too many scammers, bulling the numbers, we gave you here, though all these numbers is nothing but numbers and the purpose for issuing this article is first of all the desire to guard against rash steps.

Keep your eyes open. Now we hope you understand what it's all about, and why. What is worth buying and what is not - it's personal. But now you at least know the matter it concerns. You may turn to us anytime - of course we couldn't tell about everything in such a short article.

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