Investment Programs Minimum - What Does it mean?

Updated: 08/21/2005 18:56
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One of the main purposes of our being is the desire to cover all the spheres of HYIP so that professional could put his knowledge in good order, optimize it for the greater effect, and accordingly so that a newbie could learn what he doesn't know yet or widen his horizons that would allow him earning more and guarding himself against unnecessary losses.

We have already discussed many different questions. We were talking about payout "terms", quality of the sites, the script, what are the kinds, and what should they be like. And we have much to talk about. And today we'll discuss HYIP minimum, what's that, what does it mean, and what IT can be.

So, every program that we know has its minimum. By the way it also has its maximum, but for the majority of investors it's not necessary to know about that so far, so we are going to give some attention to it in the end of this article. Minimum deposit - the smallest amount, depositing which you may participate in a program. If you don't have money, or you don't want to risk such the amount, most likely you won't get the pass to the investment world... of you will have to try your luck somewhere else.

Minimums of different programs vary between the smallest and very large amounts. The smallest deposits are basically 1$, and the largest are up to 1000 USD (there can be even more). Of course there can be deposits less than 1$, which sounds funny and interesting in itself. Not to say it's suspicious, because the main thing for every program is of course the amount of money.

Reasoning from particularly this axiom one may judge about this or that program, this or that offer, these or those principles, waiting for you, in case you decide to participate in this program. Let's think together.

So, the most popular "normal" amount nowadays is 10$. If you have 10 e-dollars you can start you investment career. All that is less can be considered as "small" minimum, all that is more - "large" one. It's obviously, programs offering small minimum hunt for the quantity, and those, having large one - for the quality. I.e. the first programs need 30 investors to gather 300$, the second ones need one investor, but they will have to find him.

In many respects such investment terms have been made up historically. High program risk and constant investment programs' defeats will rarely let somebody trusting some large amounts. There's an inverse effect in the generic space. High risk is overcome with the help of investment to a larger number of programs, which in itself is not possible having high minimum. In such a way, small minimum is an attempt to fight the quality. Nothing more.

Of course it sound strange (usually everything is done in order to increase quality), though low quality HYIP and abundance of scammers give rise to low quality service. Actually it doesn't even depend on the admin, cause at a certain point exclusive circle appears: to increase the programs' quality you need larger fund, to have larger fund you need more investors, and this forces to gamble on the market as the "mass", low-quality program.

But, despite all this low minimum programs are lower than those offering high minimum. All is because a serious trader will never work with small amounts, and serious investor will never be satisfied with a couple of dollars. Here it can be calculated upon: "it won't be a pity", if such amount will be stolen.

Besides, program can easily declare it as the desire to be "open" for everyone, which is surely very praiseworthy, though looks rather suspicious than useful. So any minimums smaller than 10$ are not good signs. What about more? The next step of a program is more often 25$, then - 50, 100, 300, 500 etc. These amounts will mean a lot if you take a look at the sites.

Now there are several basic programs that have minimum of more than 200$, so their site corresponds to their "demands" absolutely. It's not a standard engine, there's a multi-language support etc. And if there's a simple engine and demand to invest nearly 50$, be sure - they will try to cheat you. The speculation in the "authority" of large numbers is also present here. That's why think twice every time, if not - then ask.

Some programs declare rising the minimum while changing the plans or being updated. The reasons for this increase can be different. The most often is simplifying of the operating control. But it means nothing at all. Anyway, program that changes the plan in the middle of its work is more likely to be a fraudster, cause there are no any wise explanations for this change.

Except for - "they wanted more..." If program started with such a minimum - so it figured upon something. If it is popular - the number of transactions won't be less. Most likely the circulating assets are not enough... remember American Unites Trust.

Maximum of investment program immediately tells you about program's opportunities. Of course very often you may see it written "no maximum", but it's a rather rash statement. However, if you wish to invest even 1 000 000$, tomorrow you will get your 3% from that amount. And if you are told - 5000$ and not a cent more, then they possibly mean some alternative source... or they just don't want to deal with high liability.

Maybe these guys can't handle larger amounts for the transactions on other markets. What is "more honest" and more reliable here, it's hard to judge. In every individual case one should think individually. But thinking is necessary. :)
Now we hope this sphere of HYIP is clear for you and it's become more sensible, hence, easy to fund your bearings and... achieve success. Good luck to you! Stay with us.

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