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Updated: 08/31/2005 15:47
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Have you ever thought why HYIP are often compared to gaming and why the words "luck", "chance" and others always go close to this kind of earning? Of course the secret is that quite often "playing" investments may become an unpredictable pastime if you have wrong attitude towards the question.

The thing is that for all that many investors think of HYIP as a serious business, not many focus proper attention to achieving real experience, real strategy... cause even in such a gambling game as HYIP (!) there are such notions as "experience", "strategy" etc. And if these notions really mean a lot in the sport game, here everything depends on the cards. No my friends, everything is not so easy. And now we are going to investigate this problem.

Poker game principally (to give an example we can use other famous card games) reminds of HYIP a lot, and hence it can give us some valuable and very interesting experience to us, that's for certain. The only thing make these tow occupations, aimed at getting high income, related – high opportunity of losing.

But, no matter what you do, even if you play on the slot machine you can always make out a strategy, which will allow defeating casino or another gambler. And the talks about poker championships, various trainings and strongest thought, analytical process that accompanies a serious poker game are not for nothing. Don't you start to think that we gradually start talking about HYIP? Exactly. They are quite similar.

Let's approach to this process from the mathematical point of view (economics and HYIP deserve attention of mathematic sciences). So, first of all let's define our unknown. In all the cases the unknown is the number of cards or, in case of a HYIP… TERM. Why particularly the term? Let's take a look at our game table.

We have cards and we can choose them (we can choose programs), we have bank and we can choose the stake (minimal interests), we can choose the terms of payouts (daily, weekly, two weeks or a month) we can choose all this. And of course we will chose both the term, long or short-term withdrawal program, though the only problem will remain: HYIP is extremely dangerous.

So much risk accounts for HYIP, that doesn't account for any of known kinds of high yield earning (if not mentioning the gambling earning opportunities). It's dangerous. But if program starts to pay, you start to receive your money back. And now you only need that program would last for a certain term. If program is paying 2% daily, then the term is… 50 days.

In such a way you will get 100% and be able to receive profit. Until that period of time your money is in the risk zone. Until then you are in minus. And hence, until then you lose if program disappears. That's why the term is the only unknown in HYIP sphere as the hidden card in poker. Now let's try to control this unknown. :)

Can we somehow guess the card? No. That's why we can't mean influencing the terms of the program work by "controlling the unknown". Of course we have some certain set of methods, we are going to discuss next time, and we have already mentioned them in the previous articles of ours. These methods are aimed at defining how LONG can a program work, hence to estimate, how profitable it can be for you, and vice versa – how dangerous it is for your funds.

But unfortunately we can't change something inside. So, what shall we do with these terms? Clever reader has already guessed. We'll try to SECURE your funds against this term. Here is the aim of the strategy. Though of course there are strategies that pursue other objects – for instance, quick return of the capital invested. But both you and we just like playing poker and we are going to try not to lose our bank first of all, and to gain constant income from it.

Why? Because the basic strategy among the variety of them is the "protective" one. The rest ones are aggressive and imply maximum ability and skills, as well as increased portion of risk making mistakes. So, your mistake, while using aggressive strategies will cost you more than using the "protective" one.

One of the first rules of a skilled strategy is BANK determination. You sit at the card table and you have a bank. Maybe it's a part of your salary, or something else. You are not afraid to lose it and it's specially prepared for this opportunity. You are determined not to take any extra and not invest it. :) Take a thousand or a couple of thousands dollars to start with for instance. Make a document you will need for keeping information about the way you passed and for correcting the way you are going to move further on.

Now let's determine the stake. Let it be equal to 25$. We are not going to stake less than this amount. Then the chances are equalized and if you lose 25$ in some place, then you will receive interests particularly from this amount.

Let's start gambling. Staking on one resource is not good for us. One should disperse them, though don't forget about our variable – the term and always control it. On average you need that all the programs you invest into could last for 50 days. Some of them less, some –more. Though their risk is also higher. So the chances are equal. If you invest this amount, then you will get 5$ daily from 10 programs.

That is, in 5 days you will get back the money invested into 1 program. That's ideally. :) You'd better not invest this money anywhere. Now you have one program on hand. Remember our variable – terms. Now you can remove one bad card, though you have one move in stock. In 5 days you will have 2 moves in stock.

Then losing 2 programs will not be terrible for you. Keep on saving the money. Now we fight for keeping your funds, not to multiply them. If we succeed with the first one, we could proceed to the second aim, adding the risk degree. Don't forget to take the money from the program accounts.

By the end of the month, if nothing happens you will have the return from 5 programs. If anything goes wrong, the process will slow down. If the worst thing happens – more slower, or you will lose all your money, then you should reconsider the basics – choosing programs with definite terms. It means that you invested to absolutely hopeless variants. You should re-read our articles more THOROUGHLY.

Let's go on. After you return your money we don't recommend spending or investing it. Like any other poker player you should have a number of accurate and invariable rules. First of all – the BANK amount. Secondly – STAKE amount. Thirdly – you should know for sure that by the end of the month some certain amount will remain and this amount should be invariable. That's all actually. These simple rules and skilful handling them helps many people to earn on poker – the game of chance, which is absolutely unpredictable.

And even if you couldn't build up the strategy that would suit you, reasoning from these advices, don't despair! We are sure you made the great move in your development after reading this article. In the nearest time we will go on telling the secrets and together we'll think what should we undertake.

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