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Updated: 09/20/2005 19:03
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Each investor with a serious approach to his (her) work finds lots of time to organizing the workplace IAE. The most important in the process of organizing are the questions of security and... analyzing. You should agree that any lesson, no matter how valuable it is, can't be taught properly, if it's not of a high-quality and logical. We have already talked some times that the most important capital for investors is always his EXPERIENCE. And experience is not ephemeral, it can be measured and tangible. How? Very easy! Documentary!

Of course the aim of the "documentary" approach does not only lie in the analysis and saving the history. It is the question of an elementary order, convenience and accuracy, which should be peculiar to ever businessmen after all. Frederic Begbeder has written some time ago in his novel "99 cents" that the desk of a creative person should be crystal-clear as an alp, only then creation is possible.

Very likely it is applicable to investor as well. In the mess of papers and with the mess that easily appears in our heads it is impossible to trace our actions, check whether this or that strategy works, notice the mistakes and so on. Yes, it is applicable even for such a "reckless" investment as HYIP is.

So, in the articles titled like that we are going to talk namely about the documents implied, the work that should be done with them. We don't know so far how many parts will we have, maybe some of your, dear readers, will share own experience and we'll continue this section, though now we will share our own experience which is not claimed to be the only one genuine, though believe us it's really well-taken, we tried it. We hope you will achieve still better results, and you will certainly share them, we just want to induce you to searching, to turn you to the right track. So, investors' documents.

The most important and the most substantial document, which is the basis of the entire business is "INVESTMENT HISTORY", though speaking computer language it should be called: "INVESTMENT LOG". Let's define this document. Programs, we invest into. This is the document, where you should indicate programs, you invest into. This document will always be of great value to you. The most convenient and suitable in our opinion is tabular form. It simplifies searching and studying.

Of course, here and further one we will communicate with you as the average PC users, and we won't offer the solutions that would possibly be much better, though above the strength of many people. So, in our case, the most suitable is possibly Excel, available practically to every PC user. Actually, the same data can be stored in a simple text document, or in the alternative commanders. But the main are the data, we are going to store.

Top line is certainly the title. No other people will possibly use your document, though you'd better name the columns so that not to be confused yourself, just in case. The date should be the first one. It can be either the first or any other column. In such a way you will see, what programs you invested into and when.

The next column - name of the program. It's one of the most important elements, that's going to be the main guiding line. Of course you can name the programs just as you like them to be, though we recommend using the link as the name. First, this information will never be repeated, second, it's convenient for the direct jump to the program's page. It is also good to sort the programs and search for them, when you remember the link, though you don't always remember some possibly difficult and a little bit "unpredictable" name.

It would be great to add a brief overview. Excel particularly gives this opportunity. Making comments, you can always express your opinion about this or that program, making links to any resources, some remarks and so on. If you do it in the text format, you may write a review right after the name if you need one.

If you don't use one and the same login and password, and change them all the time (both first and second - IS RATHER ADVISABLE), then in the column close to the name it would be great to write them down. Though we strongly recommend you to store this document on the removable drive, and being encrypted, at least with the help of PGP. If you don't use real names or any other information of that kind, you simply have to create proper columns that will not allow you to become confused.

And then goes everything, which seems important to you. Of course you may follow the example of catalogues, ours for instance, giving the main characteristics of programs: interests, terms of payouts, referrals, minimum interest. But why do you need such bulky and complex information? It's enough to write the interest you deposit, the term of investment (by the terms of the plan or agreement).

The rest information can be placed for the statistics if you want, it's better to be mentioned in the overview. After that, mark "losing" programs with one color and those you could earn with - with another color, it will allow you analyzing what terms are worse. And here to the overview you'd better write down the admins' contact information, so that you wouldn't go to the site every time you need, looking for the feedback contact form. We also recommend you marking somehow the programs according to the level of YOUR trust, for instance those that answer your e-mails or those, having good site as for you. Then you will really be able to evaluate your knowledge and experience.

The thing that should really be borrowed from catalogues is payout statistics. First of all, remember our rule: withdraw the first profit. Then you will know how fast and how professionally the program given works. This info should certainly be in the table. For instance, under the "withdrawals" column, another one should "reflect" the payouts.

Name it, let's say "payouts". How would you store this info in one box? Very easy. Bring it to the form: x/y, where x - number of the payouts completed, y - total number of payouts program should complete. The same should be done with withdrawals, and you exact data can be typed in the commentaries.

It's very convenient to watch for the "interests" paid by program in one column. So you may see at once what the status of your program is, what is the status of the "staff" of your programs. And if there's a total return %, you get from your "bank" in the title, you will always be in the know how profitable your game is today, how much in benefit you are, how much y6ou are losing.

In the same way you may watch for your referral successes. Some (not to mention - many) programs abuse not paying the referral fees or delaying them greatly! It's an important part of your agreement with a program, so it's important to control it. Don't miss your incomes!

Per se, you make your own monitoring. The only thing is that it's far from being automated and is on your computer. When the time comes you will understand what did you miss, what programs turn out to be losing and what - winning due to some regularities.

Here the table is the most suitable for analysis, the table where every program you are going to work with is described in details: payout interests, referrals, various plans, term of work of your program, location etc. then each of these data will take its own column in the table and you will easily sort and watch them, watching what is the more and less profitable, hence you will work out your own strategy.

If you decide that you wish to keep that history, it will be useful for you to divide our "log" into two parts: MONITOR and HISTORY. The essence seems clear form the names. The first one will watch the specific programs; the second one will watch the "essence" of these programs following their basic features.

As you can see, describing the first point took much time from us. We can't find place for everything in one issue, so we will continue in the next ones. Moreover, the offers and opinions we hope to get from you are not included here. We will certainly publish them in a special section, not waiting for the next article of this section. Well then, see you soon. Stay with us.

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