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Updated: 09/20/2005 18:31
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"One of the most widespread ways of transferring e-valuables online is StormPay. Of course as well as the integral part of e-commerce? StormPay is the integral part of the investment activity, and we simply can't miss telling about this payment system. Of course it's not so popular way of transferring money with HYIP, as, let's say PayPal, though nevertheless every respectful investor should know what it is all about, when we talk about StormPay. So, that's why we recommend you to read things, given below.

StormPay appeared on the market comparatively recently. In 2002. Though, for the time being, it managed to achieve a lot, coming close to the titans like PayPal. There are several reasons for them to be successful: comfort, safety and... infallibility. If the system had discredited its good name at least once, people would hardly pay attention to it. Good name in e-business is more than half way to success.

StormPay uses the system of e-payments, on the e-mail basis. I.e. in order to transfer money to somebody, you just enter the recipient's e-mail in the system. It looks very much like PayPal and possibly due to this StormPay is called like the system that replaced PayPal. Of course it's far from the final replacement, though apparently PayPal monster experiences serious troubles not just in the countries, where this service is simply unavailable (prohibited).

The system's advantages are - signing up to the system, you won't be asked for any special confirmations of your identity (in PayPal it is either your credit card or mobile phone #). Besides, StormPay provides the 6-level referral system (all levels - 2.5%).

To sign up to StormPay you need to fill in small form and accept all the system's rules. Afterwards you get the e-mail with the link for account activation to your mailbox. You click the link and you are welcome to use the system.

The interface for setting up on a web site is also implied in StormPay, that makes the system attractive for the web-masters.
And now we are going to talk about the drawbacks. The main of them in StormPay are as follows: minimum transaction amount is $1. Despite the fact you pay nothing when you receive money, some certain % is deducted from you when money is transferred from your account. For instance

StormPay - E-Gold transaction will cost you 2.5% of the transaction. Though, this rate is constantly changing, and it's not growing, it's decreasing, apparently depending on the number of the transactions completed.

StormPay (just like E-Gold and other systems) uses 128 bit SSL certificates, due to that the highest security level is achieved. Besides, paying via StormPay the money recipient doesn't get any confidential information about you - your credit card or bank account.

Opening an account in this system is absolutely free of charge from anywhere in the world. The system is absolutely international.
You can start accepting or transferring money right after you register to the system. So that to be able to transfer money to some person, he (she) should also be registered to StormPay with his e-mail - and you should know this e-mail. Enter your account, go to the Spend page, in the box appeared type in the address of the recipient, then enter the amount you want to transfer. Click on

Go. That's it. This person will get the e-mail, with link to confirm reception of the money.
Many people, dealing with e-commerce are attracted with the fact StormPay has its partnership program. Enter your account; follow the link Affiliate Program - there you will see the partnership link. There's a 6 (!) level system of the referrals active, every level - 2.5% from the transfer fee.

You pay nothing when you send money, though fee is taken from you when you receive money. The commission amount is 2.9% + $0.39. It's a little bit much, of course. For instance, the commission will be $0.53 if the transfer is $5.

The system is developing every day and is gaining more and more new admirers. You can get acquainted with the details of its work on their official site:, and we have to say good-bye.

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