How to Fraud Scammers?

Updated: 09/20/2005 17:08
Hyip Monitor
Indeed lots it's possible to fraud many scammers... one just should stick to some simple rules. No, it's not just another list of the rules, familiar to everyone. It's a manual, where in details we are going to describe how to steal some money from under their nose. You don't believe it? Try it yourself!

So, to start with you need to take some certain amount and deposit it to your account. We have already told you about that many times in our basic articles (see Investors' Encyclopedia). Let's take 300 USD. Of course we are not going to steal this money from our kids, we won't also take it from our parents, we won't knock the piggy bank into pieces and we won't borrow it.

We will deposit the money, we are not going to feel sorry about. Today we wanted to buy some alcohol, thanks to which our appearance would have been not better than that old piggy bank, we are not going to break into pieces, though we DON'T PURCHASE this alcohol, we deposit this money. Let's think as if we don't have this money.

And of course we do have it, and it's deposited onto your account. :) And now we are going to use it, in order to fraud the scammers. We need money to present the commodity. What do scammers need? Right! They need money. They want our money. They want to swindle it out, and not use it properly (we would use it properly!), that's why we call them "bad guys".

So, these scammers want to swindle out our money and to make their dream come true they say, that they will give us much more money if we give them our own! Don't think, how absurdly it is. In the human world there are so many absurd things. So, they say they will give more money. And… they really give! That's because your money is not enough for them – they need more. And where do they get it? Right, new investors should be referred.

So, if we see more than 10% payouts – the client is ours. Typical scammer. We don't deal with the following categories of scammers:
1) located on a free hosting
2) with a free script
3) having insane offer

The first two points are clear we hope. And the final one needs to be given explanation. So we do not deal with those, offering… let's say 50% daily. You must agree with that, it's going to be a perversion, cause as early as tomorrow you will get your principal back! And we would prefer some difficulties.

Looking for some "good" guys with decent site. The ones who pay DAILY. Don't pay attention that some investors don't even trust such programs! They are doing right things… but we deal with HYIP, not the conservative banking representatives! Don't be like kids!

You can be sure, the minimum in this program is not more than 10 USD. And we invest 10 USD, it's going to be our minimum amount which will be spread between programs. Don't forget to do that. Remember the order: find a number of programs, test them at least to see not to deal with barefaced scammers, where the check shows: Argentina, and they write USA on the site, those having free script, we don't need them, we respect ourselves!)

So, having a number of such programs on hand, we can start to fraud the scammers. Please, don't forget, the programs should be as much newer as possible. I.e. 1 day, 2 days – this is for us. Though if a program has been working for 1 day and managed to pay somebody, the sign is not bad at all.

Let's move on. First of all, we allocate our funds, then, deposit small amounts. In such a way, the program will obviously pay to us as a small investor, cause we are the basic capital. Then we work extremely fast. Right after we invest and receive the first payout, we ask for the money withdrawal.

And as soon as we see that money is received – we go on playing. If not, we go to, other forums and inform that this or that program is scam. Next thing, we act in sequence. Make the withdrawal request every day, right after the profit is calculated. Otherwise they may escape with your money!

Don't leave the money on your account and don't reinvest! No way! Otherwise, you jeopardize the total amount. As soon as you get your 10 USD back from all the funds invested, invest them to another suitable scam, where you could earn some money. Of course you will lose something in some projects, though total return will certainly cover all the losses, taking into account the total turnover. Be sure about that…

That's all actually. Now sit and wait for the income to come. If you are not lucky, which is rather doubtful, you shouldn't be disappointed, because this money is not absolutely important. And if you are lucky – then start again.

P.S. And if you wish to lower the risk, and hence – the income, just do the same moves, but only with programs, offering less then 10% payouts. This strategy is rather universal, believe it! And we will both expose them and be able to get something from them. :)

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