All time Greatest HYIP (october 2005)

Updated: 10/10/2005 19:10
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Among all the programs there are those, staying above or below taking into account their lifetime, investments volume and audience number. Though all the time there`s a group of programs on the top that goes beyond comparison without any doubts. This ``team`` has no equals and there`s no doubt why they are on the top.

So today we are going to name these particular programs. And bringing you in the world of the Greatest, we must admit that we will not only talk about the modern ones, we`ll take a look back to the history, in order to remember those, who became sign for many people despite their essence, scam or collapse.

First of all we warn you that we won`t give any detailed information about any of the programs we mention. The aim of this material is to define from the information we have and name, better than to describe. Another thing - we are not going to give any controversial points concerning what is more important, number of people or investments.

Especially, since this info can be really disputable, cause the admins try to exaggerate their importance, however they can`t deny the real fact: investors` number, value and importance of a program gives rise to the public online resonance which we are going to catch. :)

So, first of all, among those who are gone investors name NovaLights (they tell about 80 millions!), EzBucks (by the way the last ones disappeared after they offered their 30 day 300% plan, learn the lesson from it, than it was like a big surprise and opening)... of course they can be added to the pages of HYIP history with the title Great Scams, though today, we keep records to their common achievements, not the purposes of those achievements.

Older programs: Privacy Gold, Osopps. Here are the terms of the last program for example, still available in one of the ad mailing lists: Currently Paying 45% Per Month, 1-Time Membership Fee $85, Guaranteed Investments, Backed by One Group, International, You Can't Lose! Sounds rather funny, when everything is done...

Now we can proceed to some digits. So nearly 35 000 investors and $9 million investments had the program E-Biz Ventures, as well the two previous it was rather famous in the very beginning of online investments in the year 2001. To be exact, before the year 2001. And it was originated as early as in the previous century.

Absolutely, on 31 January 2001 the SEC obtained temporary restraining orders and asset freezes against Donald A. English and his businesses, E-Biz Ventures and EE-Biz Ventures. This program was classified as ``ponzi`` and it was closed with court. That time triumphed. Though many people obviously lost their savings.

FreeLandOpps is closer to us and familiar to many of you. It was called as the ``high yield investment program with a high degree of protection``. It was originated in the year 2003 and finished in the year 2004. the system was totally automatic, they had 4 plans: Weekly - 25/5000$ at 110%, Weekly - 25/10000$ at 125%, Weekly - 25/10000$ at 150%, Weekly - 25/10000$ at 190%. Everything is simple and logical. That`s why possibly the program left leaving the huge number of its investors without money.

Another program called by investors, Pegasus that had about $50 million in assets according to what the admin was saying. Though it isn`t proven yet that the numbers are true, of course here many investors remember Omega.

Pure Investor Profit System (PIPS), appeared in 2002 as the program registered in Malaysia, offering 2% daily compounding. Minimum: $450. The system is so large that it has their own currency (PicPay) associating with banks and exchangers. The program is noted for its popularity, wide coverage network and high-quality work. It secures its stable and successful growth till now. Looks like indeed no one can be compared to this program.

However, another present-day ``star`` is close - FeederFund (FF) designed as a simple pool. It invests money to high yield, though low-risk investment companies that bring stable monthly income from 8% to 15%. And if the minimum in these programs starts from $1000 to $5000, you can participate in FF for $50 only.

Namely this as well as profitable referral system, quality of work and reliability allows saying, this company operates solid incomes and has a large number of investors, waiting to receive their part of the profit.

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