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Updated: 10/10/2005 18:00
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Many programs in the marketing haste, reach truly virtuosity. Some install one security facilities, others - another. AntiDDOS, AntiSPAM and the wntire heaps of other computer terms sound usual for investors already, they are often unknown to the wide circle of investors. Among the rest, SSL (secure socket layer) is used most often, it even exists on some cards of programs on some monitorings. And id the words referral and min/max is clear for many people, in this article we are going to talk about SSL and what it gives to investors.

We'll say frankly. Investing to programs, whose sites are SSL secured are more preferable than those having no such connection type. Now we'll tell you in a few words, what SSL is and you will understand why.

Every time when you enter any site of a program, there's an information exchange between your computer and server. Your computer sends a request (when you enter address in the field of the browser), and server sends the response. Everything is rather simple. Typical communication. And everything would be great if this communication would not be easily tapped. HOW? You may ask... very simply, very simply for the professional hacker, though every willing person is actually not able to tap anything he wants, though this is rather widespread, there's even a special term for that - ''sniffer''.

As the e-commerce developed (online investment, whatever you may call it), there arouse a question of keeping the data transmitted. That's because, if earlier you could be stolen the e-mail address, you enter in the browser field, then now you can be stolen... right. The number of your credit card, PIN, password, anything. Of course these data can be encrypted now, though they are more easily to be hacked than SSL.

SSL - is a special connection between your computer and server that goes not usually, when computer sends information, and server gives it back, the connection is encrypted. This protocol was designed by the Netscape company as well as the protocol that provides protection of the data between service protocols (such as HTTP, NNTP, FTP etc.) and transport protocols (TCP/IP).

Thanks to SSL all the messages you exchange with the server, where the site of the program is located, are encrypted. By the way, if you wish to check, whether the site of your program supports SSL you can even do it via Whois, usually this information is mentioned there. And of course, HTTPS - that's exactly the SSL protected protocol.

Now, we'll tell you some theory, so that you would remember forever what it's all about the SSL. First about the keys. There are public and private keys. Private keys are stored by the owners of the site - public ones are spread in public accordingly. So, encrypting usually goes like that: when you enter a site and your computer, requesting the information from the site, gets it in the form of encrypted private key.

When you first visit the site you usually get the message from the browser saying that you enter the secured area and you are offered to accept the certificate (''Certificate authority (CA)'')... here is the public key, spread by HYIP. If you enter the settings of your browser, you will see the keys received, the keys spread by the so-called Authority. By default your browser trusts particularly this group of Authority.

Geo Trust - is one of them. Now more often one may see the sign of Geo Trust on the pages of most HYIP. It says: Secured BY... and of you click this sign, you will see what key is the site equipped. By the way, one may see the following button: Secured BY RapidSSL... which means that site is secured by the 128 bit's certificate of this company. The number of bits is the ''length'' of the key and the more bits there are, the more reliable key is. For instance, it's not so hard to decrypt the 40 bit's key.

The proof of ''communicating'' with the server in an encrypted way is for instance the following message from your browser: Security Warning: You have requested an encrypted page. The web site has identifies itself correctly, and information you see or enter on this page can't easily be read by third party.

Why easily? That's because, as a matter of fact, SSL key can be decrypted. Though very powerful engines are needed for that, not everyone has them, and they are rather expensive. Especially it depends what you are hunting for...

As you can see, SSL - is a very positive characteristic of a program. That's why if there are two programs you can't choose from and the only difference is SSL, think twice, whether you want to feel yourself quieter?

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