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Updated: 10/20/2005 19:38
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Not many people among those dealing with HYIP investments don`t know about Capitalex. Nearly everyone knows them. Very many investors made use of their services, and nearly everywhere there`s an ambiguous estimation of what they are.

Are they fraudsters or honest guys, who are always under attacks? It`s hard to say. Anyway, if you do not know whom you are talking with. So we decided to acquaint you with ``scandal famous`` Capitalex and finally we got the interview from them, for the first time in the HYIP history! Meet them: Capitalex!

First of all, introduce yourself. We'd like to know who we are talking with. What is your post in the company, what's your name?

- Nice to meet you, I'm Daniel from the security department, my job is to analyze orders to make sure that our services aren't abused by scammers. Everyone else is busy right now so I have been assigned to answer your questions. :)

Please, tell us about the concept of Capitalex in general, about the spectrum of services you are offering.

- has become pretty well known for its fast and reliable Western Union and Moneygram exchanges. If you quickly need e-gold, e-bullion, BE-Cash, 1MDC, or cash in your hands, is the place to go.

Is your company a registered one or it's the virtual enterprise, working on-line only?

- is a fully registered company with its own head office. We also have employees and agents in several different countries and are growing quite rapidly.

Do you have any documents or official guarantees, which is the guarantee of honesty for all the transactions realized through your service?

- I believe that the best guarantee is our innate honesty and ambition. We want to be the best and most popular exchanger, and we're working very hard seven days a week so that each client is fully satisfied with our service.

Please, tell us the story of your work. When did you start, have you always been like this, in this format?

- Yes, we have always been like this, please check out the "About Us" page at our site for more details. The page also contains some great testimonials from our clients:

Please, comment officially on the events happened one year ago with INTGold. What is your estimation of this situation, why did it happen and how did you find the way out of the situation. Cause the resource is working OK now and there are no problems at all.

- We posted all these details at
INTGold never refunded our money, we continue receiving massive complaints against them, and we haven't had reason to change our opinion about them in any way.

How can you explain the fact investors constantly post accusations on different forums concerning your program? Maybe there are some terms in the activity of your program that are simply unknown to investors? For instance any delays before receiving the funds requested or something like that. Please, tell about these moments?

- All large exchangers will see some complaints posted against them, many of them unfounded, and others with good reason. If you process hundreds of orders each week there will always be some clients whose orders are delayed without any wrongdoing on their part.

We do strive for perfection and we're getting closer every week... but we're not quite there yet! In September we processed more than 92% of orders on time, and while that's not too bad, we work very hard for every improvement we can make. Our regular clients know that if they experience a delay we usually process their order free of charge.

Please, share your thoughts concerning any possible problems that may happen while working with your service from the point of view of your experience? Where should investors be more attentive?

- New clients who use our service to buy e-currencies should use a land line phone number so we can easily verify them. Some clients submit a cellphone number, but we don't accept that as it is too easy to obtain cellphones anonymously.

Does it always happen that your rivals come out against you, using black PR?

- Not really, we consider ourselves to be pretty agreeable and we're actually good friends with many fellow exchangers. In fact, we frequently use each others' services to process orders in times of high demand. (Exchangers and other online businesses, feel free to contact [email protected], we can process your WU/MG orders at a very competitive rate, and/or we can cooperate in some other mutually beneficial way.)

How do you solve problems occurred? Where should investors appeal to have an opportunity to solve his/her problem?

- Investors who have a problem, no matter if it's related to or to e-currencies in general, are welcome to contact us at
Problems that are specifically related to INTGold should be brought to the attention of [email protected]

Please, tell your viewing of the HYIP. What is the opinion of the management of the company about this investment sphere, what do YOU think of it? It's not a secret, many HYIP investors use your exchange service.

- Unfortunately, most HYIPs are scams. There are a few legitimate investments out there that pay quite attractive returns, but it's not always easy to find them.

What is your opinion about virtual currencies' development? What new services may become available for you? Which is the most secure, profitable and easy to use? What exchange service is the most popular with you?

- We love all the e-currencies we work with... e-gold, e-bullion, BE-Cash and 1MDC.
We love e-gold because they are the most popular and usable service. We love e-bullion because they are both responsive and responsible, which is a rare combination in the e-currency world. We love BE-Cash because they offer a great way to use e-currencies without being subject to gold price fluctuations. And we love 1MDC because they allow you to effectively store your e-gold without any fees.

Please, tell what plans do you have or the nearest future? What new services will be available, what should investors expect form your work?

- We prefer not to announce our plans before they are actually realized. ;)

At the end of our interview, you can always add something from you.

- Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to contact us at and to subscribe to our free newsletter at

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