Selective Payouts - Effective Weapon of Fraud

Updated: 10/20/2005 19:57
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We all know not a single method of how scammers promote their programs and scam their investors. Both professionals and newbies. The skill to scam in HYIP is worth writing many pages of the fat volumes. Of course, in the outward appearance everything looks very simple. Though if you act very simple, in a clumsy way, the benefit from such a scam will be corresponding.

As well as investment is a hard work, the scam, high-skilled scam is also a hard work. And if we, investors, go into particulars of the scam methods the same way as scammers go into particulars of investment processes and if we don`t neglect all the profundity of the possible scam variants, we will definitely succeed. :) Today we will tell you about one of the most dangerous and guileful methods - the selective payouts.

The efficiency of any program is actually evaluated in one parameter only – payouts. In case there are payouts, the program is working, if not – it isn't. everything is quite simple. There are two sources of the information. One is actually investors, another is monitorings – investors as well, though ''specialized'' ones.

Of course we don't mention the admins of programs, or the e-currency systems that also have such information. It isn't significant. In practice investors and monitorings inform whether a program is paying or not. When everything is good – admins as well, though it happens seldom.

However investors are extremely irresponsible and inconsistent people, as the history of HYIP development shows. Only a few are investors surfing forums, informing about the payment statuses etc. Maximum is voting. And the ''disturbance wave'' concerning the missed payouts consists maximum of two-three warnings, although every program has at least 100 (!) investors.

Thanks God, there are such resources as ours that collects these two-three votes in one place and spreads them. :) Hence, it's not worth hoping for investors. We have monitorings left. Monitoring button and program card with the actual status. Namely these are the main objects of the selective payouts.

If there was a situation when all catalogues would show the positive status, it can give new investors to a program and despite the fact admin hasn't paid money long time ago to its investors! In such terms when every investor is in oneself it makes no difficulties. Very few people find time to report SOMEWHERE about the delays, not even speaking about something more. And providing monitors showing the positive status is not so hard at all.

To start with you can give up with non-popular listing sites. They won't refer many investors. Besides, quite often the monitoring system itself is working so clumsy that one can even find programs listed, whose site is off for about 2 weeks, and their status is still paid. Then, one should choose automatic listings, who mostly care about payouts transfer.

Later they will tell: ''We are a private automatic catalogue, what claims you may have? We reflect money intake to OURS!'' We don't care about objectivity. It's enough just to pay money to the catalogue and the status of the program will be ''PAYING''. So, quite often on the rating page of the programs, you can see that some catalogues assign it with one status and others – with another. In such a way you may figure out what monitors are worth dealing with and what – are not.

We were talking about direct palm-oil, which certainly take place in the life of ours. Unfortunately many monitors work in order to earn money first of all, and then for the sake of the work.
How to fight it? Very easy. First of all, don't trust automatic catalogues, test them. Very few catalogues of that kind are serviced MANUALLY in workmanlike manner. GoldPoll, HotHYIPs – these are possibly one of the most popular ones, being REALLY serviced and watched.

But taking into account such a flow of programs, one can find anything, though it's the topic for another discussion. Best of all is testing via the manual catalogues, you are sure about. for instance, despite all the payouts received we always take control of the situation on the market. Our informational department gathers it and analyzes. If there's an alert concerning the program listed in our catalogue we immediately send it to the monitoring department of ours in order top avoid delays.

Unfortunately we don't know what other catalogues do, and how the take control of the situation, though it's clear that without specialized activity, aimed at collecting and controlling information one may watch only the most popular programs that are in full view. Physically is not real to watch all 200 programs if there is no special department. Please, pay attention to that. That is the main point about monitoring quality.

Secondly, never use the unknown catalogue not famous worldwide among the investors. Such catalogues often start being manual ones, though no one watches them, and the payout status falls behind the real one at SOME weeks.

Thirdly, try to talk on forums and have LIVE witnesses, saying that this or that program working or not, whether the payouts are completed. As a last resort enter our forum and ask a question, if visitors don't reply to you, the high skilled staff of ours certainly will.

Fourth, of course verify the information in the catalogues. Even if it is the question of the automatic ones. If program resorts to selective payouts, it cannot pay some monitorings and it's easy to catch it here.

Though there's one more thing meant by this notion. Sometimes programs resort to the selective payouts at the beginning of their life (but more often at the end) due to the fact they just don't have any money to pay interests on large deposits. I.e. if it's a pyramid, deposit 100 000 to it and the next day they will close.

They won't be able to give you the interest promised. It's like the deliberate selective payouts. In some cases it's done deliberately, because the number of investors with a high deposit is much less and missing payouts – is not so noticeably as for small investors and at the same time, as we mentioned before, saving from this misses is very significant.

If you come across such selective payouts, you just have to post your message somewhere there. On our resource desirably. :) And if you wish to avoid program that makes excessive use of the selective payouts, you need to rely upon your own analytical skills and knowledge of the informational market. If you are not sure about any program, you should check the information about it via google, and then – on the most popular HYIP sites.

Today we told you practically everything about selective payouts and everything connected with them. Hope, it will save you from the irrevocable losses and make your investing more successful. The main is – be very careful and watch the situation.

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