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Updated: 10/31/2005 06:27
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Today there's hardly any Internet user, who would know nothing about blog. It`s a unique and very convenient means of communication, appeared let's say around 1997 that gained fantastic popularity, thanks to the convenience, simplicity, creating and using.

Of course in the upshot this technique hasn't avoided HYIP. Now it's quite a widespread phenomenon for the sphere given, and we would like you to know it closer. :)

Blog combines the opportunities of a personal diary and a rather strong both in its functionality and opportunities mass media. Besides being initially optimized to the maximum, blog is meant for promotion. "Blogging tools allow easy integration and customization for a CMS, thus its neat to readers and easy to manage for users themselves", thinks the author of one of the most popular and interesting HYIP blogs (Nobullshit).

And if the Yahoo! Groups or MSN are a kind of a watering-can turned upside down, where information from many investors, guests, members of groups throng? to the mailbox of ours or to your site, the communication scheme in the blog looks quite the contrary. The information here is concentrated in one place and many people come to make use of it or get it, with the help of different settings.

Such means of communication is certainly most suitable for the bold and simple HYIP enthusiasts, experienced investors as well as people to whom the sphere of HYIP is not alien, those willing to share own experience, important information. Who are these people? For instance the author of the famous blog, Nobullshit HYIP Blog is 25-year old American currently residing in Singapore as an expatriate.

And the author of Private Funds Blog, KB is 34 years old. As far as we know other blogs' authors are also rather young, though experienced people, who passed through a good "investment" school. :) To tell the truth it's worth mentioning that the field of activity of these authors we managed to contact with starts in the sphere of rather serious investments, options, FOREX, stocks.

However on the pages of their blogs there are really lots of HYIP. Ken, for instance (Hyip Daily Blog) is fond of autosurfing, that's why this particular information abound in its pages in the various aspects.

Of course the main motive for appearing of these blogs is enthusiasm. Investment enthusiasm and then - gambling on a higher level, posting the reports, getting the insiders' information and other ways more useful and interesting to the wide circle of investors.

Now the audience for these blogs consists of the same enthusiasts as well as those, knowing the market well and knowing where to search for the information. More often particularly from these "diaries" one can gather lots of really useful and online information, which are simply useless. By the way the number of such readers is rather high and is fluctuating on the level of 3-digit numbers.

Especially since many authors are not 't concentrated only on those programs, they invest themselves, and the powerful means of communication can significantly broaden the self-descriptiveness of such a resource.

As for the future of these programs, here, they will enjoy wide popularity and high-quality richness except for the technical aspect. Many blogs enter the browsers' favorites getting popular, also they become reliable companions in achieving the wanted "financial freedom". KB, the author of Private Fund shared his plans:
"I do plan and am adding now a ton of more information and diligence. The DD access page is always being updated. If you are a paid member, always be sure to come back and check for updates.

Soon, the access will be for a certain number of months then a renewal letter will go to subscribers. I will also be raising the DD access price. So, it would be advantageous to get in now before this is done.
I currently send out newsletters and updates regarding certain programs depending on who makes their next move and when. I also list some programs that are not on the main page in the DD section because of it's privacy."

So, what is there for investors in this blogs, why is this type of the means of communication unique? It's open. Of course it's open. The author of the blog - one investor, or the group of them, rarely pursues any mercenary objects. These are people, hard to affect upon, in view of their simple independence. Not everyone publishes information about himself openly.

Blogs are more often used for free, so, here it won't go. As for the referrals and other "income" matters. There's a simple rule here: the lack of trust is proportionate to the opportunity to earn. So, if anybody uses this blog (or any other available tool) with selfish ends, it will come to the end very fast.

The author of the Nobullshit, mentioned above is giving the following aim of creating the blog: "The first place when I started Nobullshit HYIP Blog Journal Community, I've visioned it as a resource where HYIP speculators/ investors can use for daily logging of HYIP activities so that they can share information freely and express themselves in their own style of writing". And this aim is really the main one for many-many authors, making their blogs.

For instance, the same is the story of the blog Private Fund: "This blog was started by accident. I have been investing in some of these funds and I have had some of my friends and families ask me questions that I could not answer. When I realized my knowledge of these companies were faint, I had to do something. Why am I going to invest in something I don't know much about?

So, I started working on gathering evidence (pics, ids, licenses, ect .) along with track records, ect. Now, I provide a service to new and existing investors that enjoy high yield but choose to use wisdom before throwing away their hard earned money."

Besides, form the technological point of view, except for the convenience every blog is equipped with RSS Feed, which is extremely popular nowadays. Some authors send out the newsletters.
As you can see, blogs really affect very positively on the market and can easily become rather strong. Even in the kaleidoscope of ours there's also a special section. :)

As usually, we couldn't include to the only one article all the opinions, the results of interesting communication, the comments of the blogs' authors, these tireless informants of our storming area. Well then, we will definitely tell about it in some another issue, we'll make a selection of the answers to the questions of the blogs' authors. See you soon again! :)

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