How to Start Your Own Strategy?

Updated: 10/31/2005 05:42
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How to find for the key to the constant earnings. Ultimate creation of a personal strategy used for getting revenue from HYIP investing.
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Many investors searching for the key to the constant earnings look through many sites and forums, reading thoroughly different strategies by different people, different groups and informative resources. Of course all of them are good in their own way, they have their integrity, though practically in each of them investor comes across lots of referral links and ad messages and in 80% with absolutely insane, non-actual action plan that can not only help in getting the profit, though even do some harm!

Hardly ever one may find the variants suitable for two different people, spread by let`s say one week time. Only one week and such a strategy is like a spoilt medicine that becomes illegal... and there`s only one way out here. to have your OWN strategy...

Actually, every investor has his strategy, even if he hasn`t though about it. IAE, but everyone acts in accordance with some worked out rules which are the best and the most successful. Undoubtedly, not many people attach such a meaning, scientific approach to this process. All these boring comprehension get people down and many investors invest just for the sake of joke.

Though, believe it, everything is not so bad. The fact I am writing this material doesn`t mean that it will be very dull and boring, and its principles will only be attached for experienced investors, old ones, wearing glasses. :)

Everything may be rather simple and funny. One has just think of his actions. So, for instance, what are you guiding with, not investing to program with a high percent? Right… you are afraid that if they are paying high percent, they will immediately stop their work. Right you are… Sometimes, the other way round, you deposit to t his program, not the one, giving let`s say 0.1% daily… that`s because it seems not much to you, though you understand that such program will pay you for years, no matter ponzi it is or not… this moment you maybe just hope to receive two payouts at once and find yourself in profit before the program closes.

Everything is quite simple. If you listen to you aims and striving you will easily make up the strategy that would strike your internal aims. I.e., you will just do what you like, though making some for it… BUT WHY? You may ask. The thing is that success is more probable when you work CONSTANTLY. Yes, tactics should be changed sometimes, though one should be self-possessed at the same time.

Otherwise you may suffer the same fate with the fisherman, changing the place for fishing all the time, in such a way changing the place where the fish has just moved. You just have to calculate and start acting. Yes, if you invest just for the sake of a joke, you cannot even listen to the thoughts, without being bothered by the analysis.

You won`t need that, cause your move doesn`t provide for the checking two steps ahead, but if you invest regularly, during let`s say one month you just need the plan of the chess campaign.

Earlier we have already demonstrated how one can set the main direction of the strategy reasoning from the simple common sense. Whether it`s the impetuous achievement or slower one, though reliable – it depends on you only. In both cases, the aim is the profit. It`s just not the less important is your calmness and balance. What`s the sense in HYIP, if it doesn`t bring you anything but troubles and bad feelings.

We are through with the first point – the direction. Now think how much long strategy you are planning to choose. How deep it is going to be? There are two aspects here. One is purely theoretical. This is what I adore – talks, analysis and theory, which is I think the basics to everything. The second – practical, here we are talking about the names and namely about what income you will get.

Physically you may calculate your strategy for the half of year in case you invest to programs more than 30%. It`s nonsense. For yourself you may tell like that: ``I only invest to programs, paying more than 30% within half of a year, such an amount no matter what may happen``. Here is the really working strategy… that`s why if your intentions mean only short term mentioning the programs, investments ``on the move``, you should resort to the variant with exact programs, if not – with the theory and percents.

Any strategy should be written. It can be tested on small deposits. Most often the most important constituent part is not taken into account in HYIP strategies – risk degree. If it exceeds the limits possible, investor may lose everything. And then you won`t catch up with. That`s why best of all is to strive for having this factor recovered by stability.

So, making up the strategy on the high yield programs, you can recover risk, investing LARGE amount to programs with low income, though stable ones. You can activate doubler or gamble with a pyramid, though on the other hand you may start serious work with the referrals, or something like that.

So, these factors will become the key ones, when making your own strategy. And then everything is usually. You choose programs, excluding risk, invest into them, and make test verification. Then you estimate the potential and results – draw a lesson.

Of course our discussion of the strategies is not over yet. We are going to discuss them more than once, every time in different aspects, alternating the theory with the practice. Hope you could make yourself read up to this very place, and draw the important lessons and valuable ideas. :).

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