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Updated: 11/23/2005 16:26
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2005 is nearing its end. Right in front of you there is next to the last issue of our monthly review of the programs, the analysis of best and worst proposals and assessment of general market development tendencies. Each time the work is fraught with a certain suddenness and a great difficulty - recently I have made certain more and more that one should be partly a prophet to be able to specify exact dates and names ... Well, for the time being we coped with this role quite well. Those who followed our advices do NOT suffer damages. Let`s continue!


FastMarket, big and steadfast, FastMarket got broken! The program got in the dumps. Now they`re fixing the data base, and the investors are waiting. Some of them are panic-stricken. Is it possible to name somebody where it`s WORTH to invest in? If you are still in doubts, read this article till the end and you will understand my mood.

ABCash effected our first payouts. The investors` report: PAYING. Everything looks impressive, regardless the approaching period. One wants to believe that they will stand up. The same with PrivateOpps - a wonderful, confident, interesting program with a high referral percentage is a dead certain to have circulation that will transfer it to the next year. Anyway now it looks like it. That`s what we want to estimate the program for. Its comparative freshness takes a vote 'for'.

Now BestSafe Invest and Moods Smooth Investments refer to the `hot` category by right. The former is very active at the market, the latter is specially noticeable, having published already second interview in this issue, supporting supereffective public, and of course working... without failure.. They`re very perspective programs with name, and quality, and grounds to keep on gaining profit.

Vertex Traders and VAOL Investments are the programs with a lower status. But they have not worked for so long so even with a low percentage many have a profit. Hope, it`s for a long time.

Even Feeder Fund had troubles, but again with data base. One cannot be sure even about them. Let alone others then. At our own risk it is. Anyway only really approved guys are named here who proved their justifiability and ability to make profit. There is a month left till the New Year, so plan to get the payout percentage at least before the hottest period. However, everything will be clear even before then.


In no circumstances invest in any `Christmas and New Year offers` for any percentage.Of course one cannot argue that many programs really let its investors earn something but it looks as much dangerous now as gambling without any rules.

The deceiving administrations and those who gave birth to ponzi will try to take away money and not to return them as soon as possible, and investors will try to earn at least something to buy presents ...

Do you want to know exactly who you should not invest in under such conditions? In fact, the answer is below. If you want some specific answers, we recommend you to visit on a daily basis: and Now we watch closely the events to notice even most distant signs. If you decide to play at this time, you just have to have your finger on the pulse.


The most important moment that should be named is Christmas holidays (Christmas and New Year). You can even forget about other moments concerned a rise in gold prices (that should last right up to 2006), and oil getting cheaper quickly (that anyway can rise in price with fall of temperature).

Nothing undermines and moves the market so much as these two holidays. Why? Because in most cases it`s a kind of sum total that everybody including investors and administrators reckons up. Because HYIP, unlike many other investment fields, depends on a Man, on the masses` mood. Nobody can argue that many programs use ponzi schemes. Even if they are not pure deceivers and work at the markets, such programs can`t live without new investors. An economic effect, which depends on new funds flow, is out of the question here. The pyramid instantly turns into a heap of debris.

So, a few moments - the investors try to take back money, the administrator try not to give them back. And few will invest. Of course, the trade doesn`t stop but the income flow to the program is definitely reduced, and the flow-out (withdrawal) is consequently increased.

As a result, after New Year`s many programs working today will be on that side of the trust line. The clever programs will possibly make a pause referring to DDoS and other possible problems. But the unpleasant time is on arrival. To invest during that time is like gambling `black and white`. Probably, the most valuable piece of advice is to take away as much as you can and wait, of course, if you don`t pursue a fast and dangerous profit and you don`t care a straw.

I suppose even titans won`t survive. There is a hope for autosurfings but they have the same problems. The field even seems to be in a decay. Almost each noticeable autosurfing is having problems now. Please be cautious three times and don`t be in a hurry. A law is active for a couple of months - `multiply all dangers by 10`.

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