Studiotraffic - a Decline or a New Development Level?

Updated: 12/08/2005 15:24
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When it is spoken about StudioTraffic, the most frequently autosurfing is meant and vice versa. This formulation appears to be true. And the formula of Studio Traffic (ST) company development as well. It became a prototype for various projects of the same type, and when one speaks about autosurfing, he often adds "like ST". That is why the meaning of Studio Traffic for sphere of highly yield investment programs may perfectly be regarded as standard. However, it appeared to be not at all positive.

Studio Traffic appeared on a basis of StudioWalker conception - this title is less familiar in HYIP sphere. It constitutes a set of services for various business decisions in Internet. The case in point is developing various tools allowing profit online (including complex site design, marketing programs, attendant support etc.).

ST itself became an integral part of the project as a conceptual solution for one of the most essential elements of promoting the project of Internet Traffic. This notion includes the flow of site visitors, and it is also a basis for such essential values as rank, popularity and many others. It is evident that hardly any site may avoid need for traffic. It is always relevant and precious product as far as Internet is concerned. But how it appears?

It is quite simple. One just needs to make people look through indicated pages. It is provided with the help of long existing Internet technology of "autosurfing". This technology lies in user's allowance to run the pages in the monitor refreshing them with the definite frequency. It is carried out under certain conditions and on account of definite concessions that user is provided for. For StudioWalker this solution appeared to be not just a business direction, but also an essential integral part, included into service set, allowing attraction of new funds and providing for funds circulation.

This is an official version of the story. There are two names - Lorraine (a General Manager of Studio Programs) and John Horan, that are appear at the top of the list. They are the persons that created a "paid for surf" conception prototype, with huge audience, that includes more than 300В 000 of direct users, being a witness of project creation. Why is it necessary to speak about any special conception?

Initially Studio Traffic was based upon the principle of creation traffic flood for the users of Studio Walker. That is to say, each client ordering site or marketing software for his business, received also traffic included into the pack. This traffic was made by surfers that were paid for their work. This would sound quite simple and brief, but for human's tendency for development :)

Thus, idea went on developing. At first each surfer received an opportunity to run his pages. Then the possibility to promote each site separately via ST, including banner advertising and other means was added. And, at last, administration arrived at the scheme of interrelation with users, including also INVESTMENT constituent.

Each sort of business needs funds for development. The funds may be attracted from various sources, but the most profitable in scale is an average investor. So, the investments in ST were realized according to "purchasing goods" model. Goods here stand for upgrade. You purchase upgrade and receive 1% of the cost of upgrade per day, under the condition you have looked through 200-50 sites.

Let us not penetrate into details of this economic model, but the fact that it is fully functional cannot be argued. At first, the first three months you just get your money back, as long as you watch sites and your money is used for developing StudioWalker business. Secondly, you really generate profit, looking through sites and carrying out another activity, which actually brings profit.

The following passage from official info concerning ST:
"In order to ensure that we could increase our advertising fees and to ensure a growing membership base of surfers, the income that was generated from members upgrading their account level was not sufficient. We had to use revenues from our other businesses to contribute to StudioTraffic in order for it to grow.

This is why we are now building up our other businesses as big as possible, so that we can continue to finance and payout to our members at StudioTraffic. We strongly recommend that surfers use the services of our other businesses so we can continue to finance the payouts of our members." But, after two years of blameless functioning, program appeared to fail.

Almost each month during payment process, the lads appeared on forums, speculating on delays, difficulties and hints. And then in October delay really occurred. It was a pause of few days, when the most part of investors couldn't receive payment. This was a bolt from the blue. On TalkGold five topics where studio traffic appeared near "scam" term were created the same day! All the forums are hardly be counted.

But payments were at last being carried out. October passed as usual, but the atmosphere has become very heated. The New Year is at hand, GCISurf is passing away, the programs fail every now and then - and at last Hyipinvestment places StudioTraffic in NOT PAID status!

But why? It is simple. Official cause was usage of Surf4other function (when someone looks through the sites from the country that is not listed as allowed country instead of you). Hyipinvestment account with $3500 on it was just closed. This situation has its circumstances and its peculiarities. The fact that this monitoring attracted more than 1000 users didn't help. The threats and persuasions didn't help either. Account was closed and the program appeared in NOT PAID status.

Formally the accusation may be justified. That is to say, officially it is possible to accuse anyone and say it was done by right. But if we argue logically and try to find the reasons and the grounds for such a step? One of the biggest accounts was closed. It was closed due to cause. A cause but not the reason. Why? Because technically carrying out operations from IP that is not listed as allowed is possible. But blocking may be easily turned on as well. Nothing is said about it officially. Looking through the pages is possible from any IP! And it appeared to be not a single issue to have investors.

StudioPay is payment processor of the software, and a single tool for taking out the money from the program. And indicating user's login is necessary in ST. How do you think, is it hard to correlate these data? Is it hard to have your participation in StudioPay from prohibited countries as a reason to close your account? Sure, it is.

Is it possible to avoid using StudioPay? Of course, not. Not again. You register in StudioTraffic and easily invest any sum in any e-currence. Then (if you were not attentive enough) you receive the following message: money may be taken off only via StudioPay, but it is possible to take it off from the StudioPay only after verifying your account, which demands a range of DOCUMENTS! Real documents. Can you rank E-gold and providing for all documents? But money is already in ST and the only alternative is to reject it...

It creates a feeling that something is dishonest here, rather than just unpleasant. It is unclear. What are these ambivalent registrations for? Are they for providing the "cleanness" of your IP? In case if closing one of the biggest accounts is not a sign of half-decay, but a casual economy, could it justify such severe measure that attack average investors?

Average investors with account starting from $10, which is blocked without doubts. Lady Jennefer Cullinan, "cruel and narrow-minded", neatly discharges her obligations. Struggle against spam is reduced to "holding" users accounts, and it often is completed far after the term of punishment is run out (there are the precedents). Mail replies often "do not come", "miss" etc. Support service sometimes is prompt, sometimes do not answer. This surely scares investors away, and it happens as Steve, Hyipinvestment manager, said: "ST lives from people referring people.. Cutting out members that referr people, means shooting into STs own legs"

StudioPay is another story altogether. Problems with account verifying, long-lasting registration, "missing documents" became habitual and long ago appeared to look like swindler's tricks. If an investor is not aware of all details, he may find ST to be a heaven, where everyone id paid $3000 per month. But it is a severe and complex mechanism, where high salary cannot prevent from loosing the money on "legitime" bases. But you would never be able to appeal against any decision and rescue your money. Never.

The mechanism have merged your money and you need to be extremely neat as not to lose them for foolery. You need to read the rules twice and more, otherwise you can be had for any small mistake. In case you are in and want to risk - there is the only way out. The program is functioning actually! And it gives you money! But the situation turns to be ambivalent and indignant investors, inexperienced users and provocateurs make the situation worse. It is hard to say what would be the result, but it cannot be concealed as well.

And we do not want to worsen status quo at all. On the contrary, we would like that any reader of this article better understand the problems and the reasons for the situation to occur, and recognize that similar time history is predictable. Moreover, such tendency may occur in future, because whatever one may say, ST became a prototype and sample for many programs, and his future destiny may also appear to be a sample for all autosurfing software. We hope that this article will help you to watch the development of the situation and understand the essence of the programs and the reasons.

Today, in the day when this volume is released, the month is summed up. Studio Traffic is not available, they are processing payouts. A new year will come in a month - and it will be a hard time for investors and unpredictable sphere of HYIP. These two data will answer many questions, and the question about the future of Studio Traffic in particular, together with the question if the branch of autosurfing will exist with great and unique ST or not.

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