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Updated: 12/08/2005 15:20
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The term offshore must be one of the most frequently used words in the field of HYIP (after "SCAM" of course). There are the programs that include the term into the title, and when the investor reads the description, he can understand that often the matter concerns some kind of offshore activity. What this word means, why programs use it and how it must be taken in we are going to explain in this article.

In the end of 50s the term "offshore" firstly appeared in one of the newspapers of the Eastern Coast of the USA. The subject was a financial company that managed to escape state control by the means of "geographical selectivity". The company transferred the sphere of activity, which was to be controlled and regulated by the state government, to the territory with favorable tax climate.

Since that time "offshore" (an English word, determining something that is situated far from the shore) turned to be one of the most effective and famous methods of tax programming. This method is based upon the legislation of many countries, fully or partially absolving foreign companies from the taxation.

HYIP, being a sphere of extremely profitable economic tools, cannot escape paying attention to the methods of offshore business, as offshore business is the most convenient, legal, and, of course, effective method to decrease taxation. Of course, in order to provide for high benefit one must be professional in making huge profits in the proclaimed sphere of activity. But, decreasing the costs, which derive from the business, is of no less importance under the terms of legal business.

Legality is the primary foundation of offshore activity. This way or another, the company must be registered. But if you are a swindler, why should you register something? There is one sticking point in this matter. The situations in definite countries allow huge profit due to decreased taxation (which often includes only annual fixed tax), as long as providing for more simple and (mind that!) "closed" registration. In other words, registration is carried out without checking out the documents that are considered to be necessary in other places. Roughly speaking, registration may occur just after paying necessary taxation! Here is the reverse of the medal.

Anyone may establish offshore company. The main demands to be satisfied are to pay necessary duties, and that the person going to register offshore company must be a foreign resident. The benefit of the company also must be provided by the activity outside the country. Internet, of course, falls under the terms of infinity.

What's the sense of registering offshore company except for above-mentioned? The most widespread functioning mechanism of registration (and usage) is as follows. Let's assume that you have put by certain amount of money and you want to have it at secure place, have the opportunity to access the money at any moment, transfer it throughout the world, save the money from the political instability of the state you currently live in. Mind that the companies that use HYIP, just put by and persistently use that sort of money.

This demands a bank in a stable and reliable country. But if you establish the account under your name, there is a high probability of breaking confidence (personal credit card with your name reveals that you have an account abroad etc). Besides, it restricts usage of your account. There is a way to settle down the matter – you need to establish an offshore company, where you will be a chief executor, commanding the account of the company, which is not forbidden by the law. No one is supposed to know that you are the owner of the company, and in case of choosing the right jurisdiction, you have all of your problems solved.

Besides, this also solves the problem of confidence and possibilities of account usage, which is relevant for internet-connected activity, especially in case if the title of the program includes the word "bank" and the following geographical regions:
Bahama Islands, Panama, British Isles, Virginia Isles, Belize are the most popular territories of the offshore company registration.

If lots of other mechanisms of using offshore activity are not taken into account (for instance, trade made by offshore company, using of legislation advantages, escape of double taxation, import of basic funds), this is the essence of the notion "offshore".

At present there are more than 60 countries, where the legislation presupposes tax preferences for the offshore companies. The most famous states are as follows: Panama, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Bahama Islands, Ireland, Liechtenstein, and the US Delaware.

Thus, if you come across something from mentioned above in the program description, do not be lazy to find out why company uses offshore and what the way of using it is. If these were just mere words, and you have paid attention to this writing, you will have the possibility to get much useful info. In case you get no response, this text will be useful to you twice as much. Good luck :)

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