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Updated: 01/18/2006 03:17
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The year of 2006 started. More than a half of the month passed, and the main holidays passed as well. The worst period, that scares investors so much, and that is to be scared, seems to have passed also. Now it is time to have some programs reviewed and to continue our traditional answering the most frequently asked questions. As in last year, the articles of such content will be released at the middle of each month. Of course, it is hard to decide now where to invest, but we will try to do it, basing upon the climate that appeared at the first days of a new year.


Where are we to invest now? It is the most complicated question. Our good friend, Pecuniae-Collocator, decided to invest everywhere, up to the programs of high income, that pay more than 20% a day (a short period) in general. As his experience shows, they are paying at the moment. So if you want to have some risk, the following info is for you: it is possible to risk with programs that provide a high profit during a short period. During first 10 days of this month they must show good results.

Some old programs survived in the new year period and go on working. For instance, BestSafe Invest, but they stopped promotion and nothing is heard from them. But they are paying and they work as stable as they did it before.

At the beginning of the last year SolidInvestments program started to work. They started to take money via e-Bullion. It is a good sign - they suggest a large service, and they seem to stay at the market for some time. PrivateOpps acts the same way, and only positive encouraging comments can be found on the forums.

Just yesterday some investors stated about regular arrival of the money from ABCash, that were remarkable for their excellent work the last year. Such programs as ActiveMoney appeared but when we tried to contact with them we received no feedback.

Generally, we advice you to take a look at our catalogue


At first, taking into account the first part of today's articles, it is worth investing if you are a risky person. We want to assure you with all certainty that this is not the most fortunate moment, if you are not a professional. In general, all the programs are on the edge now, but professional investors may try to play on short stakes.

Moods Smooth Investments disappeared with no explanations, so if they come back to work again, they should answer for their absence. They used to communicate with their investors, so the fact that there is no sound heard from their now is unfortunate.

Two large programs appeared to be on the edge at the beginning of this year: StudioTraffic and FastMarket. Both of them look like working, and there are the people who protect them, reporting about processed payouts. But it is not clear who is protected. They may grasp the possibility to attract new investors to prolong program's functioning to receive the money from it. So be careful. It is dangerous today, as nothing is clear with these programs.

A negative information about Individual Fund appeared. They used to work well, but now they seem to have problems. Watch our news releases, we will publish refutation if we find one, as soon as it will be possible.


What are the tendencies that are to be brought by a new year? The first of them is an update. Here it would be necessary to remember what was going on at the beginning of the last year. Of course, at the beginning we are to have the same status quo - when it is impossible to rely on anyone, and the old programs cannot cross, when very few investors invest the money and very many users withdraw them.

Now again very few people have the money, and this is the most significant factor. There will be no deposits without the money. All that was earned during the last month was spent on holidays, and if we think reasonably, we see that the will be no a flow of investors.

This will affect the whole January, although we see a flow of programs started to work at the beginning of the year, and this flow looks big. Some of the "scam experts" must have started pick up the money actively, as they have run out of money as well. Thus, the next peak of scams is about to come. The time of short-term programs is approaching, so we haven't wait for long-term deposits. It would be better to play short stakes. Here, if you are able to define the authors (by script, content, terms and conditions) you may try to invest during the first days of their working.

P.S. A few of words about F.A.A. principles.
We don`t promote or harm deliberately any of the programs, mentioned in this material. It`s not an ad section. We express absolutely independent, neutral opinion of the site editorial staff, based upon our own analytical information.

The purpose of publishing the material is securing investors or helping them to gain profit. Our conclusions don't claim to be called genuine, readers make their decisions independently and administration is not reliable for them. The readers interested, the admins of the programs have right to dispute the opinions, given in the article

P.P.S. Other specialized information sources are used for getting this material ready, reviews, overviews, as well as experts' conclusion.

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