Is Autosurfing Safe?

Updated: 01/29/2006 19:52
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If you watch the sphere of autosurfing, you may often notice the messages about complaints that appear here and there, stating that this or that program shows the pages with viruses, loading harmful pages and about other problems that make investors worry and lead to wrong results. Today we decided to get these myths and resolve them with the help of a single article, that is to say.

I think, you got used to the style of our journal and to the analysis of the problem that is placed at the beginning of the article.:) The question is - to what degree autosurfing is safe or dangerous.

What is autosurfing? This is web browsing. It’s automatic. You just start your browser, connect to the Internet, get into your account and start “showing the pages”. As a rule, a window appears at the top, where you can see the number of the pages and definite info about the pages that are looked through, sometimes banners.

This thing is made basing on the principle of “frames”, where one piece of info is loaded in one frame, and another piece is loaded in the second frame. Here in one frame you see the pages that are loaded from the catalog of the autosurfing program (as if they are automatically put into your browser and requested), the other frame represents statistics. You must have faced the problem when the top narrow frame loads irrelevant site or the title page of autosurfing. That’s it.:) Now you know what’s this.

Let’s not be wordy and start speaking about the problem. What can be dangerous in such noble earning online? The pages that are looked through. Nothing more. One may assume that you have dealt with dishonest program, which may be collecting info about you or something like this. But this will be an exception. We’ll speak about reality.

The most real situation is when you are attacked; loading the pages from the Internet, and this may have harmful consequences. This may be infecting your PC with a virus (any kind of viruses that exist) or this will be any kind of damage. While speaking about the viruses, we primarily mean collecting the data from your computer.

How does it go? We won’t go into technical details and terminology; we’ll just say that your computer (with the help of browser) exchanges information with the server while requesting info from server or page. The information is marking of the page, pictures etc. This information may contain the unwanted info, that does not the things that are to be done, but it does what the hackers want to do, and they may not just damage your computer, but also control it. After all, nothing is always simple and plain.

Thus, now you clearly understand that while earning the money with the help of autosurfing you run the danger in the process of looking through the pages. The danger is that it’s not you who surf the net and choose wanted or unwanted site, you are ruled. And you don’t choose what to be shown. This is the key issue allows regarding autosurfing as quite dangerous activity, if the means of protection are not applied.

The ways out of the problem are known to experienced investors. I will mention them and the details are available in the section of HOW TO AVOID PROBLEMS. The first one is browser. This is your major tool, so you are to care about its correct functioning. The main problem of the browsers is their bugs. Not all the things can be done on the page requested from the server. Sometimes it’s necessary to find a key to browser. That’s why the browsers that are not widespread will be mostly suitable for the users that make e-business, as the bugs in these servers are less known and they are less numerous. Opera and Firefox are OK.

But that’s not all. You also need to care about safety settings in the browser. Examine browser settings and set them according to your personal needs. These settings will be special in every special case. But the most common and important rule is minimal usage of self playing scripts. The language of these scripts is Java, which is better to be disabled. But you need to remember that some modern sites will work incorrectly and will be restricted in usage. JavaScript is also dangerous.

Often you are offered to load info from the sites. Never agree to this. There were the cases when a pop-up window loaded with such amount of text that the system froze and anything could be done with it. We describe the information as it is, and it’s rough, but all is possible. So such windows should be blocked, because despite the sites with such windows are banned by autosurfings, some appear.

Firewall and antivirus will be helpful in such situation, they are faithful companions of investors.:) at the end I want to advice you to choose quality autosurfings. All of them have abuse report button, which you must use in case of any kind of problems or after loading an empty site. In general, the programs are usually checked before the show, so hackers appear most often (or always) in programs of poor quality. Report all problems to the audience. This will help you as well as your colleagues.

At the end I want to add that it’s necessary to have just a keenness of observation. Watch what’s going on with your computer in particular, and what you look through in the windows of autosurfings in general. Sometimes empty pages are loading there, as well as the pages with forbidden content and other trash. Dangers are frequent in such trash. At first, don’t deal with whoever, when you want to go in autosurfing. At the second, do not watch open-mouthed, when your mouse moves on the monitor independently, and the money from your golden account disappear.:)

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