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Updated: 01/29/2006 19:56
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As a rule, a dispute appears when there are two various viewpoints minimum, concerning one problem. This is normal, when we do not mean money. Because when it goes about the money, the purpose justifies the methods of achieving it. The purpose here is earning the money. It becomes much harder to judge who is right or wrong, if it is possible.

The forums, and discussions related to various problems of HYIP are inevitable part of investor's everyday life. So, I decided to observe this question without delays to show our readers all the hidden dangers that exist in the harmless chatting on forums, as it may seem at first glance, and to explain how one may escape losing the money.

Probably, each done anyway faced the situations then the accusation addressed to definite problem was opposed by assured disapproval, when all this leads to negative results. Now we have literally 5 topics on forums when the contradictions of info and opinions is not just tense, it is has a single meaning. Some say – It pays. The other say – It doesn't pay, so it's scam.

Here breadth of views, of one look more attentively, is extreme. Some say: we received 10 000 an hour ago, a courier brought it to our home with flowers. The others say – these scammers disconnected their site and sent us a letter that they were not worried with our problems. This situation must be well-known to many people. And it doesn't always mean mere words.

At first, surely, that do not fight for just proving that the program is paying. It would be ridiculous to see such Samaritans, wishing to reveal nobility. They fight for the money that they have or for the money they might get. On the other side, saboteurs and provocateurs frequently appear among rebels, starting a crusade against definite program – they are competitors, ill-wishers or so-called "scam-fighters". They are to be equally avoided.

Do you remember how let's say Benson Union has been discussed and still is discussed now? It is hard to say who are the defenders. Anonymity is one of the most remarkable and negative features of the Internet, and it allows administration themselves, or program staff praise the prefect work of the program, proving the comments with the pictures, detailed info and everything that was created by their imagination.

Aggressiveness, tendency to mock at the opponents' opinions and arguments, as well as attempts to escape direct answers, neglecting direct arguments and other masterly strategies of experienced scammers are inherent to such position.

From the other side, there are more experienced investors that are sick of listening to those who operate high-flown words: "scam", "stole my money" etc. here the authors of various resources can be seen here, and the competitors as well. These do not use tactics of persuasion. But the resources that are promoting themselves by such means may care that their position be persuasive. Their claims should be judged from this point of view, and the questions are to be asked.

All of us know that many programs are pyramids, and they often disappear without brining the profit to anyone. So it's astonishing that some investors in the disputes (being on the side of those who are defended) start crying and do not think over it, and try to shut down those who provided the facts about scam. Reasonable position looks different. Reasonable investor would rather say – yeah, it's good, it's interesting, and take these facts into account, rather than cry aloud.

Dear friends, when you see such disputes, pay attention to this moment. It's important, because normal, serious and honest investor, above all, that doesn't want to keep the work of a pyramid or impose you referral links, won't play against you. He is the same as you, and he shouldn't oppose you. If he cries back opposite notion, he may be not so honest.

All the investors are brothers, and discussing the topic of fight against scam is normal. When the dispute starts – moreover, if it has such signs, something is wrong. Or the matter is in selective payments that often separate the colleagues, or in stool pigeons, but it's abnormal.

There are also those who wish to support the work of the program, not to disgrace oneself, but they fight for being cheated in fact. Because they fight to defend the life of a pyramid, that is scam by origin. This is silly and unreasonable. There are many persons like this, unfortunately.

I hope, after reading this article you won't so calmly watch or participate in such disputes, the forums and discussions are a good source of information. But rumors and something other are to be differently judged, filtering useful info and useless data. At any rate, I advice you you to set aside and keep your nerves healthy.:)

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