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Updated: 03/17/2006 09:29
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During the last time Ads by Google is regarded as the source of mysterious HYIP profits, which are considered to be impossible by many (but they are possible). This is a popular way of making money, which became a symbol of profitability, actively used in program, descriptions, and I noticed that the programs making the profit with the help of Ads by Google (ABG) only appear more and more often.

This relatively young type of advertising deserved popularity at first due to its effectiveness. Advertising, collected in one place (on Google) than is showed everywhere (in all places where special modules freely spread by Google are installed). Besides, it is not only shown, it is demonstrated in accordance with the search request or page content. I.e. user sees what he wants to see.

Of course, degree of the advertising efficiency is higher compared to banner ads, and I is much more profitable. So the price is high as well. Having the possibility of precise targeting, choosing topic, and detailed planning of advertising campaigns even at such high price, advertiser doesn't waste the money.

Accordingly, such high cost allows the members of the system receive high profit. Google probably don't take high commissions, because it is interested in spreading the network – the more members install ABG modules on their sites, the more advertisers and money are rotated in the system. And the money is REALLY good, indeed. ABG is a real alternative to ALL types of advertising, because even banners are shown according to the same principle. It's genius, simple and perfect.

It's good for advertiser, it's good for system member (he receives a high profit, which he'd never have selling banners, here it is enough to install a module and even he has 20 visitors, he may earn something, while nobody will purchase ads on the site with 20 visitors), and it ‘s good for Google. Even user has a profit, he is offered all that he needs, briefly and unobtrusively. It is doomed to success. It's doomed to development.

As a result, profit received by some popular sites, visited by 4000 persons, may achieve $10 000 monthly! It borders with the profits received by more serious businesses. Blogs, blog networks, various informational resources are involved into struggle with ABG, moreover Google does everything to promote the system in the Internet and attract more and more people to this net… and the bait here is money.

Such amount of money can't go unnoticed. And this money is REAL. These two facts turned out to be similar to H-bomb, which exploded in the net, with the pieces of ABG spreading everywhere together with the rumors of FABULOUS profits. OF THE PROFITS THAT MAKE UNTOLD WEALTH. A kind of science studying how to earn with Ads by Google appeared.

And it turned out that it's possible to earn here… books appeared together with the manuals, both e-manuals and printed editions! This was skillfully promoted by Goggle administration, and it couldn't go beyond HYIP leaders. No way. :) And then, ABG came to HYIP. At first, on monitoring sites, informational sites etc. Then on the sites of the programs.

These are sites as well, and hardly any person may reject from additional source of profit. Autosurfings were soon involved into this game, they showed ABG not only on title page, but with site rotation. And, at last, the programs that "make profit on ABG". This is the highest point, and here I will start to explain in details what it's all about.

Pledge of ABG success is visitors. If there are visitors, we add here experienced advertising. If there's experienced advertising, the profit will follow. This formula is shorter than you may imagine. But there's one important element in it. VISITORS. This key element comprises many unclear questions that admins are to be asked, who bravely write that they make ads with Google.

Having 300-400 visitors a day, you may have about $800 per month. As time goes by. Of course, autosurfings may say that they have many visitors, making high profits. I could believe. But how simple program with one advertising on the title page may have such income? :) It's ridiculous. And this is the thing that should come to your mind when you read such descriptions.

Then the final stage…Goggle probably couldn't allow the net develop so fast, letting everyone make wealth without any efforts. Such terms as "price of click", "price of show" etc are relevant for the system. And this price changes each month. It's different.

In January, 2006 it became 4 times less. What will l you say about it? Great fabulous incomes decreased. Super-profitable income became just profitable. If not take into consideration all above-mentioned.

Do you still state that your profit comes from Google? How many visitors do you have? Where is your advertising placed? Do you know this may be not so profitable now? Answer these questions and I will probably listen to you…

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