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Updated: 03/27/2006 18:10
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Investors are divided into two various categories. One is those who play with investments,. Another is those who ENGAGE in investments. This difference is fundamental, and almost everybody may define what group he may be referred to.

It is just enough to ask in what programs he invested the last month, what sums and what the result was. Those who cannot answer are playing, those who can, are engaged. And when you try to ENGAGE in it (i.e. work on HYIP), or not, in case you are more interested in simple playing, you need to realize what approach is YOURS.

At first, any workplace demands discipline, It is hard to achieve some results without discipline. So pay attention to your degree of discipline. If HYIP is your hobby, but you anyway are sitting in an arm-chair, drinking beer and push the buttons lazily, you don't probably participate in the process seriously. Sooner, you are a person enjoying disorderly money wasting. :)

You're the boss in investment sphere, and your success depends upon you. So come to your PC as if you come to your workplace, and you may be sure that you're not playing. And if, in addition, you don't want to prolong your working day with your personal investment, but nevertheless you don't stay in bed reading the books in the evening, I think, you start to relate to it seriously. :)

Statistics, calculations - these words may be used to describe a man of action. There's also a "man-hazard", who is primarily led by attempts to win. Discipline and fine calculations are inherent to serious members, unlike those who are not serious, who work "by touch", or "at random", when everything depends upon fortune.

Studying is the verb used in everyday life only by those participants who value each cent and think over their actions. They read HyipNews, they examine strategies, experience of other investors and try to act according to the circumstances. They try to face it fully armed, that is to say. Those who "play investments" probably don't know the ways to the forums, although one may communicate with the friends and colleagues in topics discussing weather, news and other important events. :)

At the same time, forums, exactly forums, allow collecting most detailed information about the program. Forum is a universal source of information, and if you don't know it, you will hardly ever get more than your fortune gives you. ;)

Persistence and knowledge on technology are features of real professionals. If you write to the program's administrator, write him twice or three times. Write him until he answers! Don't give up and you'll succeed. If you try to get some information, you won't get it unless you STRIVE for it.

You need Internet experience to receive it. At any rate, you should know how to use search engines to invest successfully. And even you fail finding something; you need to have persistence enough to pick up all scintilla of truth to stay afloat.

Now it is probably clear who you are. If yes, then think - do you want to stay who you are? May be you want to try it more seriously? Or on the contrary - if it turns out that you do it more seriously, you need to get back to chill-out and not take it all to heart. Maybe you don't need it at all? HYIP is good for you can make profit - seriously or lightly. :) We wish you luck.

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