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Updated: 05/11/2006 05:45
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We didn????t use interview for a long time. However, we don????t want to miss this remarkable genre, all the more we have many friends and outstanding persons, and our key purpose is to introduce them to YOU, dear readers. And it would be honor, of course. We have an interview not just with a person, who is well-known in the market, but with a Person well-known almost to everyone, and he is included into five leaders due to his significant status. So, meet Paul, administrator of GoldenTalk and the most `mass`monitoring GoldPool.

Hello, Paul. We are glad that we managed to connect to you and you give us some time to provide our readers with many pleasant minutes. They will surely read your answers with great pleasure.

Hey, Todd, let me in turn appreciate your time :) I'll be glad to answer your questions.

Before you introduce yourself, we want to note that you are administrator of one of the biggest forums (GoldenTalk) and the biggest monitoring (GoldPoll). Today you will be interesting for us as GoldenTalk administrator. :) That's because we cannot escape asking a maximal number of questions to such outstanding person, but if they will all concern our both projects, we won`t place it all in the journal. So we promise the readers and try to enlist your promise to talk once again later about GoldPoll. Agree?

Thank you for your kind words about us. I am very glad to talk about GoldenTalk, for it is an absolutely non-profit project, and we make no earnings on it.

Well, introduce yourself, please. What are you from, what`s your name, what are you?

My name is Paul, I am 28 years old and I live in Czechia. I have a master's degree in management. I deal with HYIP for almost five years.

What is your forum admin function now? Is your team big? Could you introduce it? WE tried to reach some of its members, but they rejected to make interview. We are now aware of the modesty of your team.

Our team is really big, but amongst all of us only I deal with our forum. We would never create such a great and friendly climate unless we had chief GoldenTalk Moderators - Jim, Adam, Dorothy and Peter. Enjoying the opportunity, I want to thank them all for all they do for the forum and wish them all the best. My role in the forum life is quite common - I am not to meddle with the life of the forum :) GoldenTalk was created for people, and may the people decide what kind of forum it must be.

How did GoldenTalk forum appeared - this is probably the most relevant question. :) Surely, I suspect that it appeared in the limits of GoldPoll, but initially it had its own history? Was it a separate idea or common project?

We created GoldenTalk a bit later than GoldPoll. GoldenTalk is a kind of project that is absolutely non-profit. It was meant to make you obtain relevant information about HYIPs in a warm and friendly company, without those annoying banners - above and below, left and right :)

What was the KEY purpose while creating your forum?

To collect in one place the best and the most competent people. To create homely atmosphere and respectful attitude of all forum members towards each other. I think we have achieved our purpose.

Why "GoldenTalk"? Does it expresses the forum concept? What`s its concept? In other words, What concept did you mean for it and what concept do you mean for it now?

Because those talks we carry on are really golden, and sometimes they may even bring the gold.

Paul, why HYIP? This question may sound strange, but you might have created beekeeping forum or something like this. Or is beekeeping forum absent just because you don't do it? By the way, don't you do it?

Maybe, because it is more interesting, exciting and a bit more predictable than Casino and Gambling. You shouldn't ever view HYIP as means of earning, take this activity just for fun, and you will never end up losing.

Actually, it`s evident, but I won`t express my consumer perception and ask – what`s the difference between you and other forums, other SIMILAR forums? Are there any similar forums?

The main difference is that we do not earn money on forum. Not a penny. Everyone can decide for himself all the ensuing things.

What are the latest relevant events for the forum?

Some of our members got together to create GIG - Goldentalk Investment Group. Frankly speaking, I don't know what will come of it, but we are glad to provide informational support to such undertakings. One great event more - Adam, one of our moderators, became father of a boy :)

Usually we offer your interlocutors, professional investors give advice to young investors… we ask you to give advice to the young users of our forum. :) Where is it better to start from and how is it possible to find maximum useful info? Well, you may give your own advice. :)

My advice is simple - think the game strategy thoroughly, emerge with your style, draw information from as many sources as possible. Here, like anywhere else, only unique schemes will work. Remember, no one will ever give you a step-by-step guide to money earning. Learn to
feel this business. And you will achieve much success. And - read, read, read and once again read.

You should never forget that HYIPs are not long-term investing programs, they are just a game. Try to invest small amounts of money into as many worthy programs as possible. And
you will become successful. I'll be delighted if our projects help you.

Do you use some forums? Are you interested in it? Or are you occupied with your forum only?

I try to look through other forums as regular as it is possible. In fact, I am more a Reader than a Writer. That's why, my presence is almost invisible there.

Paul, how do you see an ideal forum? :) What's the most important for you and how should it look like?

I think our forum is a kind of :)

Can you share forum statistics? I mean not only those that is available for everyone on the title page, but also unavailable or unknown – how many users registered the last week, a week in December or February, 2005?

We do not keep strict statistics because we have nobody to show it to. Only advertisers need statistics, but we don't communicate with them :)

I don't know how many guests come to us every day, but about 20-30 of them do register. Let's not dodge, most of them do it just to receive their referral link. We are tough about any hints of advertising on our forum, and we are ruthless to delete everything that resembles commercials and may confuse the newbie.

What do you see in future? :) what are the plans of development (not secret)? What are the development ideas, concrete steps to make them true?

We have really big plans, just tremendous plans. I won't tell you now what we are preparing. Keep up with announcements :)

What do you want to add from yourself? That`s the time to do it. We give you a ward to say all that you want. :)

Never invest in HYIPs - just play with them.

Dear Paul, we see how busy you are and how it was hard to give some time to us. Nevertheless, you did it and we appreciate your attention, as well as our readers, that, I`m sure, share our gratitude, and wish you luck in work and private life! Good luck.

Thank you once again for your warm words about us. From my part, I want to apologize for my belated answers, I've been very busy lately. Best wishes!

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