A Theory of a Global Pyramid

Updated: 05/11/2006 05:38
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The purpose of our e-zine is provide you with the material that will make you THINK, and THINKING will help you to earn. Before preparing the article, the author (me in this case) also thinks over basing on its experience in investing and knowledge about the market, which he has.

Of course someone may find unnecessary to reveal the reverse side of a journalism, but being aware of motivation you'd better understand the sense, I'm sure of it. I came to an interesting conclusion after reflecting of a pyramids essence, pyramid theory, after inventing a universal method of money making on pyramids (not limited to a banal rule – the first one is the person who earns). So, is it possible that each pyramid is an element of one huge pyramid?

Of course, almost every journalist will feel pleasure while penetrating into a sphere of geopolitic reflections. But we won't discuss politics here, and those who rule the world as well (although Masonic pyramid on a dollar banknote is doubtless, and it encourages one's fantasy). We will speak about our small and narrow world, which is, however, rather densely populated.

But the rules that define it are so schematic and direct, that it is impossible to distinguish between a pyramid and real life – inveterate investor seeks for the same grounds here as in virtual life. I tried to do it as well. And here what I got.

At first, it is necessary to note that, in principle, everything in our life looks like a pyramid. Companies are usually managed by a small group of people, and thousands obey them. One military man rules dozens of other people, needless to say of a commander-in-chief.

Many legal companies, for instance, Oriflame, are also pyramids. State itself is a pyramid, where 'subordinates' (people) elect 'managers' - a group of people, which is narrower layer of society, and this process goes on to one person – a President. Thanks God, a President, but not a King, as it used to be. We won't think when these pyramids will be destroyed. We want to know if they constitute one global pyramid?

Since the remote times logic is the most powerful and single correct arm of a human being. I will use it. In our opinion, pyramid is not just a construction with narrowing infrastructure, when the money move from the top to bottom. The main difference between it and army is that the money is invested by the participants. Taxes are not taken into account, there are many peculiarities.

Now let us proceed to the theory. I think, it is possible that each of the pyramids we see in HYIP market (I don't mean successful projects brining a real profit and not stealing the money) is a link of a global huge pyramid, which in the end reduces to one of the first HYIP programs and falls down sooner or later. I.e. the whole HYIP market in the end will see a global and total crash – death. And it will take all members of the system with it. :)

To make this theory reasonable, i.e. to make it true, some factors are necessary. At first, it is a growing number of participants. I.e. if the program is included into our pyramid, it is the same as investor in an average pyramid, and more participants (or pyramids) are needed on each next stage. If it is true, it means that the pyramid grows, and looks like a pyramid (in its principle).

If this will be so, we may say that this idea can exist. Is it true? Yes, it is true. The market develops. Now we have a wider range of offers compared to the past. There were a few working programs before, while now more than 30 programs appear each day, and many monitorings make their terms more severe just because it is impossible to get oriented in such a mess.

The first stage of providing evidence passed. HYIP, being nothing more than a pyramid, grow more and more numerous. And it looks like they Grow starting from one which appeared successful at the very beginning. Then successful programs became more frequent, and now they are numerous. :)

The second important issue is transferring the money. Hope, you remember that investors should deposit and administrator of the pyramid passes it to new investors, thus attracting more investors. Guess, what I mean?

The more market develops, the more messages, stating that this or that program is one of the products in a range belonging to ONE person, appear. Exactly, not the person, but 'consequences of some program'. Programs burn programs, hosted on the same server, having the same IP address. Boss cannot be caught. This is important.

As the result, it looks like many pyramids that we see coming and coming in the market (almost progressively and proportionally) come from the same source. Let's assume that many similar programs appeared after Benson Union, and it is said that they belong to one and the same author.

The same Felmina. The former and the latter were followed by dozens of programs that are referred to the authors of these programs. And suddenly it appears that the author of Benson Union and Felmina may be THE SAME PERSON. For instance, the author of Prime Fund, and threads gather into a knot.

If we go deeper into the history, we may come to some forefather. Well, are we just puppets in a great matrix of a powerful forefather? In financial matrix, of course. If the programs really come from the same hands, the money earned by the first members is spent to a payout of initial interests and so long and so forth. Thus, the programs not only burn, but also feed one another, providing more efficiency.

What's then? Then you need to think what to do if it is true. Let it be not one god who created such structure, but many gods, creating one pyramid after another, spoiling HYIP name and perverting it with cheating schemes! In any case we deal with a global pyramid (probably). It is also possible that a global decay of the market, its finish and dead end is waiting for us? I.e. that the market will stop its existence?

And don't think it will be. Remember the main terms of pyramid existence. They are few of them. The first is a constant supply of funds. A pledge is constant investor reinforcement, and this term is carried out successfully – more and more investors come. And the programs as well. So we may say that nothing bad will happen, we go forward and develop, and we will see a growth and enlarging of the marker in future (if we assume that it is a pyramid).

Another and last issue is the attitude to what goes on. If it is a pyramid, a tool for fleecing etc (if it is not a high-yielded profit program, but a pyramid)? Nothing :) just the matter is quite another category of business, and even if this business borders with absurd, nothing prevents it from bringing the profit! So, risk… and success is waiting for you, and pyramid (if we are in it) will crash down not very soon ;)

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