2006 Spring Strategies.

Updated: 06/07/2006 13:06
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A strategy and tactics of investing are the key elements of successive work. If you want to succeed, you need to know these basics. You are hardly supposed to get your jack-pot, if you don`t plan your future steps and if you just look down on your foot. You have already seen our section of the most popular strategies observation, and now we are back again with it, investigating those strategies that were popular among investors during the spring of this year.

One of the most interesting questions asked by investors in the end of April was the question for how long investors stay with the program without withdrawals. It turned out that investors' reflections are much more complicated than 'a month' or 'two months'. They do not depend upon the term.

In particular, most investors express a wise opinion that the funds should be withdrawn as soon as the first posts about problems appear on the forums. But sometimes it is late. It is necessary to foresee or to watch many forums at once. By the way, trust to investors' opinion is also important here.

Other investors confess that their strategies don't include withdrawal. They just make a deposit in those program that could allow returning of 100%, and thus they needn't to care about withdrawals. All the more, most HYIPs at present don't allow such operations with accounts.

It is also possible to find an interesting issue in the information concerning the start of investing. The start of newbies' investing. A newbie has appeared on one of the forums we have observed in April and asked experienced investors where to invest, how to invest and how to start. We won't expand on how one needs to educate and who shouldn't be listened to, we will quote a couple of quotations from useful advice.

"However, if you do a lot of reading in this forum, as well as others, you will gradually get a feel for where you are more likely to make money. But one thing I would tell you is to avoid hype. Hype is meant to get you caught up in the excitement of future projections and current payouts, thus distracting potential members from the lack of real information available on the program. tulasu"

What, do you think other readers do? Of course, published examples of their decisions, which may probably not be corresponding to what the author needs. He would probably not wish to trust someone's decision. Reading forums and education (reading articles) - this is a brief description of the most successful strategy under these circumstances!

The following question looks very attractive: "how to make $1 million in 5 years". If I knew a strategy of such investing, I'd learn much about it to know. And the topic itself, published in May, includes unpleasant information. At first, this was an interesting but useless calculation, made by some DriverDan:

"All you need to do is invest $25,000 for 5 years and earn 6.35% per month (76.2% per year). Compound your earnings monthly and you'll have $1,005,054.62, assuming you pay taxes on it separately. If you start with $50,000 you have to make 5.12% per month instead (61.8% per year)"

Then go sceptical and partly accurate remarks of investors, who are sober and experienced enough to disagree. For instance, in the issue that this is not a strategy, these are calculations, that are may be correct, but they are useless, because it is difficult to find such programs, once these scheme doesn't include the fact that the programs wouldn't probably be long running, and you WON'T LOSE a cent.

There are some of the typical commentaries: " 25k for 5 years! hehehehe!! hahaha! I'd rather put that money in my own trading at Forex or into some stocks that are going to blow out within the end of this year. Allsportsmarket";

"Specially once you have big amounts of money. Must be really determined once you are in the 6 digits to put it all into high risk to get that 6.35% (as opposed to when it's just a few hundreds or thousands, when one can take much better the risk). Shandil."

The topic devoted to how to use the services of private programs and how profitable such type of investing is has been widely discussed and highlighted by us. We, in particular, gave our rather sceptical view, but investors also ask questions about such way of making money on TalkGold.

This is a topic which is old enough: how to work out a strategy of investing in private program, and now it reincarnated, but the focus is only WHERE to find such programs, and no attention is paid to tactics of investing. It 's a pity, because private program are not more secure or profitable.

They are the same HYIP programs as the rest, and we don't think you should try a fortune while working with private programs. We don't recommend it, as well as investors, who visited this topic. This will probably be the most honest and reasonable addition to serve as a basis for a strategy of working with private programs.

These were the latest 'strategic' workings of 2006 spring. Unfortunately, we couldn't highlight ALL strategies and discussions, that were most popular during this period. That's why we divided this article into two parts and it will be continued in the next issue, we will tell you about other no less attractive possibilities of moneymaking. See the sequel.

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