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Updated: 06/07/2006 13:03
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hyip psychology
The importance of knowing about the psychology and human interrelations in the HYIP sphere.
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Various sciences have more or less relation to various spheres of human activity, providing help. At any rate, this is what they exist for. :) In each separate case it appears to be true. Once we deal with a human (human-to-human relations), then the knowledge of the force that directs our opponent (or partner) is useful for investment, because information allows ruling the world, not to mention investments.

Of course, when we speak about psychology and human interrelations, and mean HYIP, we mind HYIP administrator, investor, and, probably, `mass investor` (i.e. psychology of all investors in general). That's because the audience of the program includes crowds of investors, rather than one person, and these crowds act according to some patterns. This is what we are going to analyze in our article.

Let's start from afar. Almost every administrator of the program used to be an investor. Maybe this was the start of his `revenge path`, maybe he understood how to earn. Generally, those who organize the programs (I mean pyramids and other shady constructions) most often know what it means to be investor.

Another important issue is as follows: this is the investor who decided whether to invest or not. Unfortunately, it happens very seldom when investor has the possibility to withdraw his money. If you reinvested, you may only wait until you receive your interests. However, the fact of investing is important, because the program itself is made for you. This is the focus. You should mind it.

All these important issues influence the construction of relations between investor and administrator, where administrator does his best to make investor create a deposit. Be it honest or dishonest administrator, it doesn't matter. He should known investor's psychology to motivate him and achieve a positive result. Investor should know the psychology of other investors to foresee if they invest in this or that program or not. Ad, at last, you need to know the psychology of a scammer.

Why do we say that it is important to know all these psychological issue instead of just making investments? Just because the success of the most successful program depends upon the level of its popularity. I.e. upon the number of the users in the net. If you guess the right variant you probably win. I don't mention the programs where psychology knowledge will prevent you from being cheated.

Well, what else can we say about it to our dear investors? Of course, there's no such science as `HYIP psychology`, but HYIP investors are investors, so the algorithm of their actions is clear enough to foresee it.;)

Investors are scared by bright colors. Despite the idea the bright and beautiful sites attract investors' attention, the real situation is quite different. Such sites little by little disappear, and if you see such offer, stay far from it – most probably, nobody invests in it. Beware the opposite side as well.

Some administrators try to create a `stylish` site with the help of usual methods – they place beautiful, stylish buttons, post the images of businessmen etc. however, if you push one or two buttons, you see that the program is cheap, and the design was most probably taken from the site of free templates, or maybe purchased, but doesn't have anything in it as well. On the other site, free or purchased template with worthy content is much more appreciated.

By the way, let's speak about values. Administrators adroitly use various methods to calm down their investors. They do it via their network, sending lots of mails, reporting about their problems every hour and about how they resolve them. Don't pay attention to it.

The programs divide into those that have a standard support service, that have active, and those that live without feedback. The first type sends newsletters (informational), and don't reply mails, the second type does both things, and the third type neither send mails nor replies yours. What can we think of they if they start doing it? That they want to reach some purpose, and these purpose are most probably dirty.

One of the popular methods is `coming back after having problems`. This is a method, actually. And it was used for a long time. It seems that if the program is back, it is sure to be online for a long time and you may securely invest in it. This often appears to be a wrong opinion, and then the program disappears, appears and again disappears in some days or hours after coming back. Be afraid of such turns.

Of course, we have just drawn a sphere for you, where investor may find definite ways to define algorithms. And these few examples cannot be a full guideline and they are not complete. But they will probably allow you thinking a bit and find some use for you.

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