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Updated: 08/14/2006 05:09
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Such exclamations have been recently addressed to a program, that have been working at the market for about a half a year and that have brought profit to several dozens of investors. Why "biggest" is still unknown, because SolidInvestment (SI) is not the first program to stop functioning on a peak of its popularity. However, something touched the investors and this investment opportunity which has already become a part of history is a good chance to learn a good lesson.

Nobody can tell now when SI appeared. According to their official information, they started to work in 1998 and then, about 2004 year they appeared online. A few investors state that they started investing in January, 2005. The only thing is clear - their activity became evident in October, 2005, because many important events occurred during this period - for instance, they appeared on the forum, started to promote the program actively and so on.

Having appeared at that moment, the program really attracted everyone by their minimalist design and a pleasant ROI (1.8%). All information was as clear as possible. Having announced that they started to work in 1998, they confirmed this information with domain purchase that occurred in 1999.

But this wasn't really true, it was repurchased, and we will discuss it below. More than 25000 investors, various DDoS protection types, and other usual information, that allowed regarding them as the best program. We have heard a lot of this. But some other interesting things happened later.

In their official information administration stated the following: " or Jungle Ventures Ltd. We are a Belize-based company Jungle Ventures Ltd, acting as fully authorized representatives of a large and well-established internatinal investment bank (group) offering a wide range of investment and merchant services. We possess first-hand direct contacts with numerous financial institutions." At the same time, according to official version SI appeared in the following way.

During the period from 1998 up t 2004 the program Jungle Ventures Ltd. existed offline, and starting from 2004 SI site appeared (in December). This site finally became the reason of multiple problems. Sam Colins was the site administrator, actively providing feedback and providing advertising campaign. Their official phone number indicated on their site is +18144140264?

And all this could possibly be true, if it were not for a few issues. At first, Jungle Ventures Ltd program really functioned in about 2004, but it successfully disappeared with some money. It is difficult to say how one may refer to such program.

During this period it was also listed in Hyipinvestments, and in his interview (, administrator said: "Jungle Ventures launched on the 6th day of March, 2005". As you see, it is possible to see an evident contradiction between dates (according to official information, SI site was functioning since December, 2004, but it was supposedly unavailable for investors; while this interview informs that Jungle Ventures Ltd program existed and was developing actively at the beginning and in the middle of 2005).

Moreover, this name was listed even in spam lists, where some citizen of ex-USSR state was sending spam, i.e. used a known domain for sending spam.

At that moment it was registered with the following data:

owner: Ryan Kelly
organization: Jungle Ventures inc.
email: [email protected]
address: 99 Albert Street
city: Belize City

As you see, this is still the same Belize City, mentioned in SI information. But this is not all. It turned out that information that the program (site of the program) has been working since 2004 is not true. Since 2004 the site of the program belonged to another company, and even if there are references to it (this domain was supposedly purchased by SI officially), it is still unclear how the site remained the same within 3 years, up to 2005, when, according to information provided by SI, they had to work actively?

Moreover, if we look at the site in 2002, we will see that it belonged to Netcera company, specialized in hosting services and web design ( If we had checked the site in 2004 and 2005, we would have found that it belonged to the same owner - Netcera (! If you follow this link you will see that the program has never been located on this address during this period:*/

Should we say that these programs appeared in black lists of many monitorings? Moreover, Jungle Ventures Ltd appeared there the last year. Moreover, Jungle Ventures Ltd / Solid Investment Castillo Estate #B15 13 Miles Northern Highway, Belize Cit Central America BZ were located on some third address.. are some other commentaries needed?

On the other side, it is important to note the following feature inherent to this program. All information given above was available for a wide circle of investors since the start of their work, because it didn't require any special knowledge or skills. Moreover, SI themselves wrote about Jungle Ventures Ltd! At the same time they remained popular and famous up to the middle of June 2006, and the latest comments-funerals refer to this period.

Practically, within 10 (TEN) months a program, which was suspected of all sins since the very beginning (because this info was available, and published on many forums), was working and functioning without any problems. And only after the site had disappeared, investors finally understood that they had been cheated and they started to cry that this is "biggest scam in the world".

And the reason is not that someone has mesmerized them or something like that. The reason is that this program PAID. Successively and in time. And investors trusted them, and created a pyramid, which brought profit to some of them. What is more important in HYIP? Nothing.

However that may be and whoever caused this chain of scams and mess, this program doesn't exist anymore and it will hardly appear the same again. Most probably, its clones are working at the market now, attracting new investors - nobody may say it for sure.

But the only thing is evident: SI was a program to dint, and many existing programs still base upon SI name. Investors, in their turn, should abandon it, to penetrate into HYIP investigation and investing in general to achieve better results.

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