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Updated: 09/07/2006 07:51
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Vary many programs and various investment opportunities choose among many tactics the very type of advertising which we users call SPAM. They purchase databases of electronic addresses to send undesired mails. Naturally, they do not let users choose if he wants to receive such mail or not. Everybody receives it. We want to tell you in this article why such programs do not deserve your interest.

Spam is illegal.
There were a lot of court examinations accusing criminals of sending spam. More than a million mails a day is not something extraordinary. And a two-year imprisonment, huge fines are not something extraordinary as well, but just think how much spam is sent throughout the Net each minute and how much it takes from your life – a few years. And you will understand how negatively spam is treated from the point of view of legislation.

Can you trust the program using illegal methods of promotion? It's quite rashly, I suppose. Why not just throw them into a garbage box and forget about people who stained their good name.

Spam is obtrusive.
This is because the law protects internet users – why should they receive such mails if they do not want to? Spam has a mass character among other inherent features. It may happen that someone sent you a mail which you didn't want to receive. But if someone sends you such mails regularly, it's quite another matter.

Let it happen a few times. You ask him not to do it. The matter is resolved. But as far as spam is concerned, the situation is different. Many investors receive some information which they do not want to receive, and it is impossible to stop this flow, once mails are sent from fake addresses and it is impossible to reach them.

Spam is not honest.
You understand at once that such program is cheating you. It says that it's the best, using at the same time such obtrusive and illegal method of promotion. It says it all. Would you like someone to do some actions against you, while you do not want it to be done? For instance, not to pay? Why so you agree to such actions since the very beginning? To my mind, this is wrong.

It represents the program using spam unambiguously – illegal, obtrusive, and dishonest! It's loathsome, after all. Stay away, that's our advice.

The last alternative remains. The program getting into your mail box in spam letter is promoted by their investors, and administrator doesn't know how it happens. But there were a few cases when administrators didn't take such information into account, and they remain silent even after spam reports. On the other side, it is necessary to notice what programs are promoted this way.

But it is easy to stop such actions of careless investors. It is enough to say that any link sent in undesired mails is blocked, and investor loses his accounts and his referrals. A dead program Studio Traffic used such method. They blocked accounts of those users who sent spam. And no problem. Have you seen a lot of spam mentioning this program?

And investors themselves may contribute their share. It is enough to ignore such newsletters and disregard programs mentioned there. This cannot be the beginning of a good and honest business. So just do not use services of programs sending spam and your mailbox will become cleaner.

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