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Updated: 09/28/2006 12:52
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Lately forums not only have become an irreplaceable part of living, but also gained much respect among investors, because they have no competitors in their ability of providing information. I.e. connecting investors.

However, as we have already written, there are a lot of pitfalls that can become an obstacle not only for newbies but also for experienced investors. And one of such huge obstacles is lying ahead of those people, watching program's everyday life on forum, once forums are getting more and more commercial every day!

Both leading forums, that are the most popular, and, accordingly, the most famous - MMG and TalkGold, have changed much within a few recent years. They haven't just grown, they even gained a range of new features that they used not to have before. And, of course, they are getting more and more commercial.

While investors used to say there were lots of ads on TalkGold, now they should say its amount is HUGE - big banners, pop-up banners etc. All these ads press upon the forum's visitors in such a large amount, that it started disturbing communication. Besides, a lot of context ads just cover the posts!

At the same time, it is profitable, so it won't stop. What investors get in the end? All the more, if we consider it, we will see that nobody can complain for a desire of free forums to earn - everybody wants to earn, and that's why we are here, aren't we?

And it goes different when forum administrators start chasing after extra money and violate those rules that cannot be violated according to the terms of forum functioning. We mean communication. I.e. when a user comes to forum, he comes to get information and communication. Communication with other investors and programs' admins. Or he may come for sharing his information.

And if ads prevent from investors' visual communication, covering a space, for instance - this is payment for free forum services. Administrator gives enough information, moderates posts correctly and generally gives the process right direction. What will you say if communication itself becomes not only moderated, what if it is corrected?

I.e. there are ads, there are some purposes, and there is communication broken or mixed due to some financial ambitions. It appears that all these things exist. And it is easily done. Robots are created on forums, gaining 'influence' with the help of votes, and then they vote for the program. Just automatically post a message saying that this or that program pays or something like this.

And s a forum's offer looks like the one, given below. Once you read it, DO NOT SAY that we never warned you!

1 Month ago, we started signing up several accounts each day, and chatting these accounts up to a respectable level, and we now have more than 50 accounts on ***, each with 500+ posts.

Using a proxy program, and a new program one of us made in Visual Basic, we can create as many of these accounts at one time as we like. This is unique feature of our *** advertising service and EXCEPTIONAL offer for your HYIP!

We keep chatting positive about your program in your *** thread, making at least 75 posts per day, and maintaining your thread so that it will never be moved beyond the first page in the HYIP section.

This will make your thread one of the most seen threads on ***, and for sure make you a lot of Real Investors! There are lot of new HYIP program come & fall short. We guarantee, with our service your HYIP will be successful & long term.

Special Offer ONLY $50 for 3 days Or $75 for 7 days!
After 7 days, we can promise, at this time, your thread will have its own life!

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