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Updated: 10/24/2006 08:25
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On one side, living in HYIP sphere doesn't bring something new very often. Still the same programs or at least, programs that are very much alike, the same promises, the same way the story goes, and the same end in most cases. It might seem that people around should learn, accept some non-changing rules and act accordingly.

In fact, despite of seeming dynamics of online investment sphere, these are just programs that quickly replace each other, while the background and the rules of functioning remain the same. Thus, each newcomer just needs to learn a few simple rules and then he will have success. But the problem is - what rules are true and what should be regarded as occasional and non-significant trifles? Discussions on this topic never end.

What are the most important aspects necessary to be controlled by investor while choosing a program or working with it? Of course, everybody understands that watching program's work in order not to miss possible red flags or signs of decay is of no less importance than choosing the right program to invest in. So, let's try to define what is really important and what just seems to be.

At first, investor should clearly understand where he goes and what result he may have. And of course, definitely realize possible loss, which is not so rare as most of us hope. Besides, one should understand that everything here obeys to specific rules, that are often different from person's value system. So it is necessary to estimate objectively what really means and what may be omitted, even in comparison to the same activity in the real life.

Many investors still pay much attention to the information provided by administrators. They make their choice basing on their conception of this information as of true or not. But let's stop for a moment and think a little: what real meaning authenticity of this information has?

Do you remember those cases when true and reliable information was provided by administrators for public attention? Did it rescue those programs when they faced problems? No. And if we take a few projects that are still working now and try to check – are you sure that all their data are well OK? Of course, not. Does it disturb them in working and paying? It seems to me, no.

Of course, even if you are sure that all projects here are outright scam and all of them disappear, you'd rather believe administrator who tells you a beautiful fairytale, then someone who honestly tells you since the very beginning that the program will close sooner or later. This is human. You want to have your conscience peaceful.

So what does it mean? That you prefer to hear lie to be patient. And now think a little and you will understand who are right – those admins who tell everything thus making themselves more vulnerable and unprotected, even from those impatient and emotional investors who are likely to panic before trying to find out if the problem really exists, or those who prefer to hide something to keep you patient and assured, and work successfully without any unreasonable obstacles and possible attacks.

Proceeding from the above detail to the next one, I want to make the following conclusion. Honesty is not always useful and necessary here, let these words seem blasphemous. The first reason why was provided you above. The next one will be given you now.

How do you think, should honesty be important and necessary, and be of primary importance for administrator to create a successful project? It is important, of course, but by no means experience, technical skills, communication skills, and far-sight are much more important.

I don't mean that admin should necessary be engaged into some illegal business to a make a successful project and pay, but law is such a flexible thing that a person sometimes should be flexible enough to walk on the edge to make a real and a stable profit. Have I convinced you?

And, of course, extraneous factors should always be taken into consideration. Be it the most stable and solid program with the most experienced and even honest admin – it may suffer from numerous dangers from the outside, like hackers or DDoS attacks, like any other program, although with less probability in case its security system has an appropriate level.

That's why I insist that it is necessary for the person to estimate the situation, taking into account all possible objective elements that may also affect program's work. Security level and support service are sometimes much more important to be aware of then some other things that may seem important at the first glance.

Of course, the elements mentioned above do not compose a complete list of points necessary to be taken into consideration, and you may complete it for your personal use. But there is one more important advice - try not to rely on someone's opinion. It is always subjective, and you may never define what produces this opinion and for what purpose, and I mean both negative and positive attitude.

Try to use some sources of information that are difficult to be faked, like, for instance, rating provided by search engines, like Alexa. And, of course, first think, then do and do not get upset if you lose somewhere, this is just a game and you can quit it any moment ;)

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