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Updated: 11/15/2006 05:16
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Everyone who looks around in investment sphere, paying the same attention to audience as to programs and administrators, knows that there is a range of programs that evoke absolutely opposite comments. These programs are functioning, accepting deposits and seem to be quite successful, but for some reason there are a lot of investors accusing them and identifying them as scam.

One of such programs, or rather notorious administrator of this program and his activity will become a main character of this article. We mean 15hitsdaily program, its admin Robert Krimm, and his recent purchase of a monitoring site E-BusinessOnline.Com.

At first, we should say that this administrator is one of those characters that were heavily discussed, and are heavily discussed now. Of course, you may ask - how may it happen that someone says that this or that program is scam while it is online and seemingly paying?

It turns out, that it's possible and even more - such discussions do not stop, and even new topics and points for confrontation are added with any new action of this admin. One of the most actively discussed events was a purchase of e-businessonline monitoring site.

Before speaking about it, a few necessary details should be mentioned. When this monitoring site was announced for purchase, the following elements were included:
Monitoring Site (, Podcast & Journal (, BenefactorOffers.Com Classifieds (, E-Biz Store (

A previous owner didn't provide any special reason for selling it, just described it as if he needed time for something more important. But we can't but say that this monitoring didn't have really positive image and a reputation of a reliable service with worthy recommendations. On the contrary, many investors, especially Robert`s opponents, described it as passing the monitoring site from one scammer to another.

Of course, any accusation cannot be justified until it is proved, but even rumours are enough in such situation to spoil a reputation and set people against the project.
At the same time, Robert has released an update, announcing his purchase and explaining details: "We will utilize this venture to it's maximum potential, and we will focus on bringing you the most accurate and up to date information to assist you in your decisions as to what programs are worthy of your time and effort. We will also work toward bringing you financial opportunities that we feel are worthy of your consideration.'

In the same update he promised that the sites belonging to the same company won't be monitored by this service, because it could produce a conflict of interests. "However we will be providing links through out E-Business Online referencing our website's along with clear instruction that these sites and all future sites are owned and operated by Tri-Star Media Group.'

The situation looks really interesting, and it seem to be a real conflict of interests between the monitoring service on one side, and the program (or programs, as we'll se below), on the other side. Of course, it is a big temptation for administrator to use monitoring service income to support his own project, or at least use it as a reserve fund, and recommending his programs.

But, accordingly, in case of the slightest problem all investors` audience will attentively watch how monitoring site reflects a real program's status. And in case any really serious problem appears, administrator will evidently be forced to choose between the monitoring and his program.

So, Robert probably decided not to risk and didn't add his programs to the list of monitored sites. By the way, why programs? Because smart and inquisitive investors have found a lot of details that make evident that Robert may run four programs at once. Here is information that was published on the forums by one of visitors ip addresses: -, -, 15HitsDaily -, -

One of the details most frequently mentioned by Robert`s opponents is the following accusation: Robert must have purchased his monitoring site on investors` money, collected in his four programs (of course, if these programs belong to him). And this is what disturbs his opponents much, even in case if they are not Robert`s clients. At the same time, forum discussions make evident that this monitoring has its audience regardless of all rumours and accusations.

And the last news which has produced a new wave of discussions and even indignation, was Robert `s intention to launch his own payment processor. We can't but mention that Robert`s opponents here assure that this is a real sign of scam, referring to such examples as E-profit, Compact surf, Studio Traffic. It is said that processor will be finished by Christmas.

Of course, it is difficult to define exactly which of opposite parties is exactly right. Both of them have their own truth, and there are a lot of investors supporting Robert regardless of all rumours and suspicions, because the program that pays shouldn't be accused, whatever it is said about it. And of course, unless these discussions remain just discussions and do not produce any effect, Robert may be patient, because nothing threatens him.

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