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Updated: 11/15/2006 05:12
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A 'real' high-yield program became a topic for discussion on one of the most popular forums. Its inherent features and requirements it should satisfy were discussed. In general, this discussion didn't come to a definite result, and some exact image of an ideal infinite HYIP wasn't created, because most investors treated it like a joke, but this topic seemed us interesting.

We decided to carry out our own independent investigation to find out what HYIP features seem investors necessary for a real program. As the result, we have found an image of a "real" HYIP, rather than an "ideal" HYIP. In general, results didn't become a surprise, and we confirmed our initial assumptions.

Initially, the answer to this question seemed quite concrete, once investors evaluated and discussed only outward parameters. And it is fair, because such aspects as, for instance, authenticity of registration or discharge of tax are quite difficult to estimate adequately.

We will mean and discuss a real program and real conditions in which this concrete site is evaluated, when investors have just come to the site of the program, having heard nothing about it before. It seems to us, observing the problem from such angle of vision is correct, because it includes those factors that can be estimated with a relative probability.

In spite of impossibility to check out registration authenticity, investors suppose that the site of the real program should display copies of registration documents, with addresses and company location included. Most probably, investors find this feature necessary to satisfy their subconscious strive for patience.

People are ready to believe what they want to believe, and they sometimes even don't try to check out if they are told the truth, because their main purpose is achieved, as if they shift responsibility on someone else.

Very few of them reflect upon the real importance of this feature. Experience shows that availability or deficiency of registration documents and other information related to the company location and its physical functioning do not influence program's success at all. Moreover, administrators of a few programs insist that hiding such information is not only preferable but also necessary to keep up protection and security on a high level.

Another desired feature is the possibility to contact administration at any time of the day and night, or, at least, timely support. As far as this item is concerned, we fully agree to investors' opinion. This feature is inherent and necessary for any project of a high quality. The most respected and popular programs offer various types of contacting them, usually by phonefax, livechat, forums, e-mail etc.

Experienced investors advise, and we'd like to repeat it again here, to check out the work of support service before investing in this or that program. This should be a necessary second step before making a deposit after you have evaluated the site of the program and its terms.

The most advanced programs reply you at once, reporting that your request has been received. But in general, receiving reply within 24 hours means that support service is good enough to try this program.

A possibility of visiting a physical program's office is discussed separately. Usually such visit is desired to check out if the company really exists or if it provides an adequate information, rather than to seek for additional information or help.

It seems to us that this possibility doesn't play a really significant role, because all of us know a successful company, which doesn't hide that it exists online only. It is important that the program pays, and such details seems us to be less significant in comparison to other features.

Interest rates are a special point of discussion. Of course, all of us want to receive the highest possible profit, but all of us also realize that the higher interest rates are, the higher risk level is. Of course, payout period is also important, and I hope, all investors will agree that an hourly program, offering high interests, is less likely to become a real long-living HYIP, than, for instance, the one that pays 2% daily.

So a real (or ideal) HYIP should represent a system keeping its balance between risk level and interest rates paid to investors. Of course, the sphere of making profit, declared by the company, is significant for this aspect. Some conditions that are natural for one investment sphere, won't go for some another variant.

Thus, you may assume that the program is real, if it states in makes profit on Forex market, setting a high amount of minimum deposit in comparison to other popular types of HYIP programs, and paying you about 10% monthly. In case with a real estate the program will be forced to make a minimum sum much more higher, and you will receive about 30% yearly.

Thus, we conclude that the terms of the program should correlate to its sphere of making a profit, and this aspect is no less significant than the amount of ROI or payout period. Of course, you may occasionally earn on an hourly program, promising to pay 800% every hour, but this program cannot be regarded as a real HYIP, primarily because such type of program closes within a few days from the start.

Of course, each investor has his own viewpoint and his priorities. But those items described above are the most frequently mentioned and mostly discussed by investors. Of course, there are secondary features that also comprise an image of the real HYIP, but all of us should remember that fortune is also important for all of us in this business, and we wish you to be lucky in everything you try!

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