A Black December 2006

Updated: 12/17/2006 09:13
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Those who started investing this year may be unaware of what these words mean for investment sphere. Experienced and professional investors know what it means and what to expect from this period, but it doesn't mean that they are more protected and safe.
Everybody should be more attentive during this period than during any other period of the year. This month before New Year and Christmas holidays all of us should be extremely attentive and careful, to win but not to lose.

Of course, scammers appear every season of the year, and every day, regardless of holidays, weekends, vacation etc. And members are being cheated in winter the same as in spring or summer. Programs appear and disappear, and this process goes on without breaks.

Some people want to earn and some people want to make easy money on someone's lack of experience or attention. This is how this market functions. But there is a special period when all processes get more intensive than in any other period of the year. I mean the end of the year.

Why is it so? Because long and merry Christmas holidays and New Year promise a lot of fun, interesting parties, celebrations, meetings with friends and relatives etc. Of course, the need of money grows, and it is higher than in any other time of the year, it seems to me, even higher than during summer vacation. That's why investors are intensively seeking for new investment opportunities and administrators are seeking for all possible ways of making money before holidays.

And, of course, scammers are as well industrious during this period, willing to pick up some profit using investors' lack of attention and experience. People are looking around and focus on more profitable variants, rather than on more secure offers, and, respectively, very few investors care about investment strategies.

This time of a year is marked with a rush and mess not only in this sphere, but in the real life as well - sales, discounts, festivals - and this holiday atmosphere influences investors' minds here, making them forget about security.

A lot of special Christmas offers and discounts are offered in the shops. These offers become invalid as soon as holidays pass. The same happens with those programs with their names containing News Year and Christmas related words. Such names say it all. The program which is going to work the next year won't restrict itself with the word Christmas which will become irrelevant in a month and a half. Mind it.

It is necessary to remember that accents shift a little during this period. While usually investors wait until they are paid a definite sum to withdraw to see a real profit, during this period investors are focused on making as much profit as possible and cashing it out before the holidays.

The same refers to administrators of scam projects. Usually they wait until they have some significant amount of money to escape, but now they try to finish their activity before holidays to celebrate with their pockets full. Full of what? Of investors' money, of course, and you should be very careful not to get into this crowd of unlucky investors.

The best strategy during this time of the year is to double potential risk of new programs with high ROI and divide probability of regular rules that are valid here, by two. Of course, if you want to make money fast and earn a significant sum, these new programs will be most attractive for you, because new programs are regarded as less risky. But please take into account that it may well be possible that administration escape with all deposits without paying out at all.

We'd advise you to keep cool and patient and remain in old and time-proved investment offers. To help you in that we list here those variants that seem to be most stable now (is something can be regarded as stable here at all). We have also used forum discussions, devoted to top ten programs by the end of the current year. So we list them, and you choose for yourself.

1. Europe Trade
3. The Finer Thing
4. JP-Daily.com

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